Saturday, September 30, 2017

You, Marx & The End Of History...

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it.”-Karl Marx

And therein is the world-view that has set the whole world ablaze.

The two camps: those who try to preserve the the world that was handed down to them and those who seek to change the world handed down to them. The former assumes  a position of steward while the latter assumes a position of master. One preserves, the other usurps. The one wishes to serve, the other desires to rule.

How many conservatives now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many Christians now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many of you now agree with Marx about changing the world?

There is no end of history. There is no progress.

And it’s clear that none of us have the right to attempt to change the world. It’s insane to think we do. Because our lives are transient and leave no permanent mark upon the world. Build a glorious house or city and time WILL raze it down. Pour concrete upon the ground and grass will inevitably burst through it and break it apart. Break the moral order of one generation today and a future generation will restore it. It's just natural. You cannot change or alter the world.

We can only ever struggle to preserve what is handed down to us, and even that is a task which is ultimately doomed to fail, because the reality is that we all, in the end, must submit to decay and death. But life goes on and nature will have its way and always return to balance and restore what was "changed".

Again, it’s not mere arrogance to believe in changing the world. It’s madness to the point of tragic-comedy.