Friday, November 24, 2017

Conservatives Still Dumb. News At Eleven...

I see conservatives are all puffed up now as “Hollywood is imploding” just as they knew it would.


Just like when the AIDs epidemic burst forth in the 1980‘s and conservatives were certain that would be the end to the sexual revolution and “free love”.


And certainly homosexuality would be pushed back into the shadows with the horrible deaths related to HIV. No doubt by 1995 traditional morals will be back and celebrated by even the radical left and the media.


And then there was the September terror attacks of 2001 by immigrants who were also muslims.
Conservatives were just certain that that would be the end of open borders and would, obviously,
discredit islam.



Conservatives never learn.

The left have no morality. They have no ethics. They have no notions of right and wrong. All they know is their revolution of death and destruction.

And they control the media, the culture, academia, the courts and even the churches now.

Lest you forget, “sexual harassment” was a term and concept created by.......leftists.

So even if you pile on the current attack of Hollywood, you are doing so within the paradigm the left created and sustain. Making you one of them.

If the left get caught stealing, they turn it into a “cause” to understand, tolerate and then celebrate thieves. And anyone who objects will be labeled a bigot.

Think about that for a minute.

Unless you're a conservative. If so, just go back to watching "reality" shows.