Saturday, November 18, 2017

Did TV Make Snowflakes?...

I’ve wondered if the impact of ubiquitous mass media creating a generic world in which tens of millions of people grew up immersed in is the reason for the psychologically fragile twenty-some things we see today.

From commercials to “reality” tv to movies and so on, far too many people believed that the theatrical performance they were watching was representative of reality.

And of course whenever they find themselves in the real world, they go into shock and either scream and yell at the heavens or withdrawal into safe spaces where reality can’t reach them.

Education has played a role in this as well. Schooling was always more about indoctrination/enculturation than it was about teaching facts, but in a post-industrial democracy the emphasis became more overtly ideological, as the goal was to create voters rather  than workers. So we saw the rise of gender studies and race relation studies, the re-writing of history to support the current narrative and so on.
In other words the resources went from coal, oil and timber to voter/consumer -and the fight for and control thereof.

But the real world is always lurking beyond the fantasy world of “a better tomorrow”.

And the fantasy world is far more fragile than the snowflakes it created.

It's not a matter of if, but when it will come crashing down