Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In Reply To A Friend II...

Yeah I know the, “if it’s true” brand of apologetics.

But we’re not talking about objective truth. We’re talking about an interpretation of truth and the application of that interpretation.

The trouble this runs into with monotheism is the claim that the objective truth has personality and speaks. Although some of what you say about logos seems a bit close to pantheism.

A personality is not objective. A personality is subjective. Even a perfect person is particular and thus subjective. The monotheistic god has things he likes and things he does not like. No?

And even allowing that that were not the case, interpreting that perfect person is going to be subjective.

And all we can do is interpret.

So what you and other Christians are calling objective, divine, truth is, in reality, just a pursuit of a broad consensus among yourselves.