Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maybe He Was Napoleon!...

In the old days if your neighbor suddenly began dressing up in 18 century French military garb and claimed he was Napoleon it was widely held that he was insane and he would be carted off by the men in white coats.

But today a man can begin dressing in women’s clothes and proclaim himself a woman and everybody goes along with it.

Granted, if you don’t go along with it you can be persecuted and prosecuted, but still.

So this begs the question: If some 30 year old dude in Idaho suddenly claims he’s Elvis Presley, does he get access to the King’s bank account?

Of if some guy in 2017 France claims he’s Charlemagne, is he? Are we allowed to say he’s not Charlemagne? Or would that be intolerant?

The really bizarre part of all this is that the liberal elite don’t believe that men can become women or in same sex marriage or any of the other insane crap they shovel.

They’re just using it to attack and dislodge the declining White majority. Once that’s achieved they’ll turn positively puritanical on sexual morality issues and re-establish laws that would be considered harsh by even the standards of Jonathan Edwards.

So it’s truly tragic to see how the crazies are being paraded around as king for a day, while the conservatives are bending over backwards to accommodate a paradigm that everybody, including the Marxists who promote it, know is crazy and indefensible.