Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We're All Hustlers Now?...

Murican Eonomy + Media are turning everybody into shameless hustlers.

What won’t people do to attract views to their blogs or youtube channel?

I just saw a youtube channel self-described as a “vocal academy” and all the videos were either “how to sing famous song #4,871" or some hot chick singing. *

Yeah, we all get it. It’s what gets the views.

But still, does everybody need to do this? Are we all going to be reduced to plotting and planning ways to exploit the vulgar crowds to get their dollars?

This kind of thing (crass exploitation married to entertainment) used to be called vaudeville and was relegated to the sleazy back-streets populated by prostitutes, drug dens and other such classy things.

It’s the place the people who have a relatively low price go to advertise that they have a low price.

I see the alt-media going in this direction a bit too. Labeling their daily or weekly shows/podcasts with sensationalistic (“topical") titles to draw the biggest crowd possible or going the conspiracy/Illuminati route every so often to titillate the possible random passerby.


People who are looking for something worth looking for are looking for something rare, and thus unfashionable.

Think of it this way,

If you were a crafter of exquisite, hand-made furniture of a Edwardian era aesthetic, don’t you imagine your customers would be looking for you as much as you would be looking for them, because of the specific nature of your work?

Would you really think it necessary to advertise your classical and rare furniture shop by adding, “also do  tattoos on Wednesdays”?

Seriously, does anyone stop to wonder where this wide-scale intentional pandering to populist  human impulse style scheming for a few quick bucks will lead?

* note: I continue my quest to figure out what constitutes good singing. People keep telling me you know it when you hear it, but none of them can actually describe the qualities they are hearing. They keep telling me about youtube videos I can listen to for examples. Apparently, good singing is indiscriminately hitting high and/or low notes or dragging out a note with a goat baaing-style quiver for dramatic effect.