Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Deep State Ain't That Deep...

Lawyers, doctors, journalists, politicians, businessmen, historians, theologians, etc attend universities. Universities that are given legal status and other support, by the state.

TV stations and radio stations need FCC licences and other legal paperwork provided by the state. Ditto churches, businesses, medical practises and so on. They all need legal acknowledgment and protection of the state.

And the state is then run by those who benefited from its patronage.

A common political and social vision is then held by all - a few differences in managerial style not-with-standing.

The illusion is that all of these institutions align to this common vision via the gravity of history -a natural selection that allowed the best and most rational ideas to arise and be objectively recognized by all.

The reality is that it is a closed system of irrational ideology, self-perpetuating itself by virtue of its ability to subjugate, dominate and exploit other states via raw power. It can intimidate or it can relegate through its ability to reduce anyone or anything that opposes it to the status of a non-entity.

In other words, American Civilization, and its deep state,  is Hollywood writ large.