Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Yeah, The Market Is Rigged...

Increasingly you see and hear the man behind the curtain mumbling,  "f*ck the curtain".

The show is over.

For about 300 years THEY have been trying to re-engineer reality to fit their ideology.

But THEIR project has been an utter failure.

It’s falling apart and any pretense to keep up the illusion is being tossed aside in increasing desperation to maintain the belief system.

Everybody knows this. They know it. We know it. But like Baghdad Bob-ism, why not keep up the denial to the last moment?

So yeah, the stock market, like every other driver in the modern world, is rigged. Big time.

Because the ride is quickly ending, so why the hell not do a Major Kong on the way down?

note: THEY being the merchant class who rose to power between the 14th and 19th Century.