Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Classical Education Is Their Tool...

Some people are despondent over universities dropping classical subjects that were once considered foundational to a quality education: Greek and Latin languages and works, etc.

But the fact is classical education was never about education.

Education is never about education.

It’s about enculturation and assimilation into the ruling elite’s paradigm.

To put it bluntly, education is about stealing children from a conquered people as part of their continuing humiliation and subjugation.

Rarely does a young man taken from a farm and given a prestigious education return to the farm to live a life of milking cows, slopping the hogs and stacking hay.

No, he goes on to serve the interests of that particular society (the elite’s project) who created the university system and its educational end-goals.

Again, step back and think,

Everything you teach your children is to the purpose of them fulfilling established roles of obligation, duties, responsibilities and so on within your home and within your family.

Schools and universities do the same thing towards the same ends -but for their social system.

Classical “Western Civilization” was built by the Christianized Roman Empire.

The “good news” was not embraced outside of the educated urban centers. Outside of the cities Christianity, and Roman law/civilization, was basically told to f*@k off by the country bumpkins who made up around half of the empire and the vast majority of those living in northern Europe.

After centuries of attempted forced conversions and mass slaughters of the stubborn hicks, it was the founding of monasteries/universities that eventually broke the back of resistance and led the way to subjugation, aka the Romano-Christian civilization.

The way to truly and permanently conquer a people is through assimilating their children, who will then go on to rule as faithful stewards for the hostile elite.

And please, don’t go off on the whole “you need an education to get a job” mantra.
I’ve dealt with this before, but “jobs” is a post-industrial construct.

You only need a job to live the lifestyle your masters have concocted for you. And yeah, I do it too. It’s the system we are compelled to participate it, whether we like it or not.

But there was a time, not to long ago, when people, right here in Murica, didn’t go to the grocery store for their food! Where did they get their food?

They didn’t buy their clothes! Where did they get their clothes?

They didn’t pay heating and water bills! How did they stay warm and what did they drink?

They survived and thrived, without a classical education or even the ability to read and write in many cases.

But we’ve advanced since then, right?


Technology is tools. Expensive tools. When it’s needed, it’s used. When it ain’t, it ain’t.

So yeah, technology is advanced by empire’s looting. When empire slips and the money declines, technology goes bye-bye.

But has modern technology helped us or helped the elite rule over us?

Again, think.

The slightest hickup in Big Brother’s supply-line food delivery system to your town’s stores and you and your neighbors are faced with the prospects of starvation in just 48 hours. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the battle-field style supply line set up of Murica’s BASIC NEEDS must be kept going to sustain your ass.

Your BASIC NEEDS OF FOOD is an issue taken from your consideration. You think only of having money to buy it. But what if, one day, it’s not even there to buy?

On that day you might find yourself wondering what great great-grandpa did, rather than what Cicero said or Augustine thought.

The point: Your family, both near and extended, is your university, your society, your culture and your nation.

Any education outside of that is there to attack, exploit and destroy your society, culture and nation.