Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Liberal Leads A Pirate's Life...

The universal standard of living (equality) that the left agitate for can only be built on conquest, exploitation, genocide and empire.

Nice parks. Electricity. Clean, running water. Hospitals. Schools. Supply-line grocery stores. Garbage pick-up. And all the rest.

These things only exist temporarily on the coattails of conquest and colonialism.

And they never last.

Because all the niceties of civilized society are purchased.

Just look at a any number of towns scattered across the USA that were once pristine and modern cities of industry, progress and technology and are now abandoned to gangs, rats, feral dogs and being taken back by nature.

What happened?

The money went away. No money, no modern civilization.

Money and the impetuous of the merchants who build the temporary cities are needed.

And as we can see with our own eyes, the modern city/civilization burns its fuel quickly. A burst of energy purchased by money will always lose momentum quickly.

To reiterate,

Civilization is built on blood and death and terror, because it is driven by economy. And it never lasts.

There are stages and then there is collapse and then there is the next one.

In every age the most advanced culture and technological society is ALWAYS the apex predator empire.

Or put it this way: the most successful pirates have the ships with the most luxury -for the duration of the  voyage.

America is, on this raiding party, the most successful pirate ship. Liberals are on board looking around at the gold, the damsels and the debauchery and saying to themselves, “everybody should have this standard of living.”