Friday, December 22, 2017


The alt-right continues to make the very stupid mistake of arguing with leftists on leftist terms.

A quick refresher,

Your position is not an ideology. It’s a belief. It’s a faith, you might say (tis the season).

You don’t have to justify your preference or, in the language of our times, your racial orientation.


LEFTY: “That’s racist.”

YOU: “There’s no such thing as racism.” Or “I don’t believe racism exists.” Ditto sexism, anti-semitism, etc.

Remember the leftist empire is entirely linguistic and thus predicated on the verbal shuffle. If you don’t engage with them, they shut up and go away or they break down into bat-shit crazy rants.

Don’t give the leftists the validation of their world-view and then expect to get anywhere arguing with them.

You don’t have to convince anybody of anything. Nobody changes their minds because everybody is driven by primal instinct.

Some people lie about what they claim to believe and others are devout.

The chips will ultimately fall where they may.

You either recognize reality and nature or you don’t. If you do then “just because” is a valid response to any challenge.

So if anyone asks you to explain your beliefs, just answer: “Gut instinct. I always trust my gut and I never regret my instincts, right or wrong.”

Nature doesn't argue or debate. Your enemies do.