Monday, December 25, 2017

Perverts & Refugees...

Parades and forced legal (public) recognition is a way for the tormented mind to try and soothe it’s self.

You’ve seen this too. People who do things they ought not to do, tend to try to validate their behavior by having others participate in it too, either directly or on the sidelines cheering.

Stable minded people do not need validation.

Men with a clear conscience never feel the need to recruit or convert others to their cause or convictions.

But degenerates are always looking for acceptance and validation.

Which brings us to the so called refugee crisis,

The “drive” behind some people embracing mass invasion -migration/refugees- is a desire on their part to bring in others to participate in the debauchery, believing it will validate the lifestyle.

America, and The West, are a sinking ship. It is riddled with every form of perversion imaginable and every unnatural act -from family planning, to feminism, to homosexuality, to mixed race marriages, to transgenderism to crass materialism, etc, America revels in everything that is debauched and perverse and reviles anything, and everything, that is normal and natural.

And there is no exception to this. Be it conservative evangelicals or libertarian liberals, they all fully embrace the decadence and decry any restraint as tyranny.

Personal, not collective, freedom, is their battle cry.

But deep down they know it is all decadent and dying. They fear it will end and what comes after. So they take in immigrants and refugees and lost puppy dogs and stray cats in a vain attempt to validate their diseased and dying culture of individualism and personal freedom.

I saw this growing up in church were every dipshit who claimed to be an ex-satanist turned bible believer was treated like a rock star, because the very idea of the convert acted to validate the good church folk’s notions of their sub-culture’s value. And the greater the distance of the purported conversion (in that case, all the way from Satan to Jesus) the greater the validation of the sub-culture.

So if a non-European foreigner embraces Murican society, then Murica is validated. God fearing Murican patriots strut and smile and chant “U-S-A!”, feeling all warm and gooey inside.

But if the non-white foreigner rejects America and American values then you will hear the same God fearing patriotic Muricans weeping and gnashing their teeth and their calls for carpet bombing of said forienger’s village or oppose the threat of tyranny.

Just like if you don’t accept gay marriage or transgenderism you will hear its proponents weeping and gnashing of teeth and calls for oppose the threat of tyranny.

America is fundamentally dysfunctional and unnatural.

We all know this.

This is why so many American Christians obsess over “the end times” and Armageddon. Or why so many liberals salivate at the prospects of a White minority or the destruction of the working class and small town America.

We know it.  But we won’t acknowledge that we know it.

We enjoy the decadence too much. We’re just too comfortable.

So on the one extreme we fantasize about WWIII and at the other extreme we seek out foreigners to seduce into our decadent “first world” in order to validate the anti-culture and believe it must, IT MUST, be the best, aka the goodest!

It Must!!!