Friday, December 15, 2017

The Mirror Is Backwards...

It’s interesting that the pop stars that express the most concern for propaganda and political use of image are the ones most likely to cultivate cults of personality.

Consider a couple of equally terrible 80's bands :Motley Crue and U2. Yeah, yeah I know they each have their sycophants who insist they were great. But let’s be honest here, both groups had comically terrible guitarists and bass players and both groups had lead singers who sounded like a cow being strangled to death.
The Motley Crue drummer was okay while the U2 drummer apparently only had a snare drum!

Motely Crue were KISS wannabes. Lots up makeup. Ridiculous clothes. Lots of fireworks, dry ice and lasers. You might call them ‘image conscience’.

U2 were, supposedly, the opposite. They were Joy Division wannabes. Yes, they too aspired to be a big arena rock band, but they were more “serious”, you see. Their 80's stages were bare-bones and they eschewed over the top stage show effects, though they did wear mullets loud and proud.

Motely Crue sang about partying.
U2 sung about causes.

Motely Crue’s image screamed “look at me!”

U2's image screamed, “think about the children!”


Which of these bands cultivated a Stalinesque cult of personality through the media?

Which band posed for the press in Africa with starving kids?

Who had the messianic complex? Motley Crue’s lead singer, Vince Neil? Or U2's lead singer, Bono?

Again, which one actively cultivated an image of wannabe-savior?

Take a look at those old propaganda posters of Stalin or Mao and then take a look at magazine and newspaper periodicals/profiles of pop stars who are “activists”.

Pop stars are pop stars because the media and press give them that status...and their image.

Think for a moment: In the absence of media propaganda there are neither dictators nor democracies.