Thursday, December 14, 2017

Victims Should Be Ashamed...

Imagine a man telling everyone he meets that he got his ass kicked at a bar last weekend.

Is this really something to boast about?

Would he not be heaping shame upon himself and his family?

Yes, he would.

There is another word for victim........loser.

This “praise the loser” evolutionary cul-de-sac goes right back to Jesus Christ.

Remember Jesus?

He’s the guy who’s sole claim to fame is that he shit his pants and went to his death like a neutered f*@king puppy.

And then his followers went around telling everybody about it!

“Hey everybody! Our god was ass-raped by Roman soldiers and then put to death on a stick, in public!”

“Oh, but he came back to life. Sure, it’s perverted and unnatural to come back from the dead, but he came back anyway. But yeah, he did get the ever loving shit beat out of him by some dudes before that."

See that’s the thing with being a victim. Once it’s done it can’t be undone. It’s forever.

“Justice” is a jello-y concept in the first place. But justice is also something that tends to come after the fact.

“Justice” can not undo the act. In fact, it only memorializes the shame.

In conclusion,

If you can’t take care of yourself, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

Oh, and Happy Yule!