Sunday, December 17, 2017

"We The People", Declared The Elite...

“What oligarchs are to democracy, protestants are to Christianity.”
                                                       -paraphrased from a friend.

A friend of mine made a point in defending christianity that the deranged version of Christianity now popular in America is the bastard offspring of protestantism -which is humanism/mercantilism masquerading as “spirituality”.

His point went,

Oligarchs (aka, merchants) tell us that we should be allowed to have a say in how government is run, aka democracy, which in practice means the oligarchs actually rule via the influence they can buy by bribing politicians, owning media (propaganda) machines  and controlling courts -by having their politicians appoint their picks for judges.

Democracy de-facto allows oligarchs to rule.

Protestant ministers function the same way as oligarchs. They tell us all we need is the bible and that we are all able to read and understand it ourselves. Even the Holy Ghost will help us out.

In reality, every single protestant minister nurtures a cult of personality that empowers and enriches them. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

What are Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Albert Mohler, et al  if not religious oligarchs?

They are de-facto religious leaders but I’ll be damned if I can find evidence of a heavenly dove descending down upon them from above and personally anointing them.

What I do see is that their status is solely social/political. Their leadership position is via running successful businesses, aka churches -having the right contacts and kissing the right asses and not offending the wrong people.

As I’ve said before, Protestants are the most prolific writers among all religious types. Which is strange because they simultaneously insist that all we need is the bible.

All we need is the bible?

And their universities.
And their seminaries.
And their magazines.
And their books.
And their articles.
And their lecture series.
And their radio programs.
And their debate series.
And their exegesis works, vol 1-50.
And their podcasts.
And their.....
Etc, ad infinitum.

Protestants are absolutely obsessed with controlling how people read and understand the bible.

Which means that sola Scriptura has, in practice, meant the ascendancy of religious oligarchs.

Mega churches are just one overt symptom of that reality.

Where platitudes rain down freely, deception and self-delusion flourish in abundance.

Democracy and Bible Alone both massage the ego of the individual.