Monday, October 15, 2018

About Optics...

“Optics are important

Have you been to your local Walmart lately?

Forget the fact that it's 50% mexican, I mean how are the White people dressed?


This “soceity” is 50% thirdworlders who’ve never taken a bath and who don’t speak English and the rest are obese narcissists who un-ironically don’t care how they look to others.

And the ones that do have “good optics” are bat-shit crazy.

‘Optics are important. Meet our transgendered daughter-son.’

"Optics" in Murica are nothing more than than an ironic projection of perceived stereotypes.

That's why New England Yalie cheerleader Dubya Bush could go to Texas and put on a plaid shirt and bluejeans and wield a chainsaw for the cameras and secure a certain demographic vote.

It's also why Ted Bundy could have been elected to public office by carrying the female vote.

He had great optics, but was, well, you know, a mass murderer.

It's also why you could go into any evangelical church as a former drug dealer/pimp/Satan worshiper.....and be treated like a rock star for giving your testimony.

Worrying about optics in Murica, aka, McBabylon, makes about as much sense as wearing a tuxedo to a funeral.

Oh wait, that might actually some places.

Edit: You're missing the point K. Look at the examples again. Bush betrayed the very demographic his optics represented. Bundy killed the very women he charmed and attracted. Evangelicals make idols out of converts. Optics is market-based. And it can never be anything more than a niche. And it has a decidedly dark and seedy history.

People naturally respond to their own kind. Are drawn to their own kind. Optics be damned.

A little Kipling seems appropriate here,

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;
And whatever I think of them and their likes
They think of the likes of me.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Friend, Please...

You say,

“Trump has made the left go crazy”.

In reality some of the far left have gone crazy.

The rest of the far left (aka, the GOP) have remained calm and in control.

That’s the situation. There are two factions in the US: the Calm-left and the Crazy-left.

The calm faction of the far left just got one of their own a seat on the Supreme Court.

On November 6th either the crazy-leftwing radicals or the calm-leftwing radicals will win the House and Senate.

And “jobs not mobs” is the sort of slogan you might see in Brazil or Venezuela or the former Soviet Union.

It’s a leftist style rhetoric as motto.

Remember Lenin’s rallying call:  Land, Bread, Peace?

Or how about Workers Of The World, Unite! from the Communist Manifesto?

Focus on the economy and the promise of “jobs” were always the focus of the communist paradigm.

America, under Trump, is rushing headlong into full blown communism.

And the people, the good God loving, red state, patriots, are embracing it and proclaiming it like a fanatical convert.

It’s stunning to watch unfold.

Unbelievable really.


Pessimistic About Optimism...

“If a lame man mounted a horse and rode to the highest mountain in the world, he would, when he dismounted, still limp.”

“Optimism is cowardice.”

Why am I so down on Trump? Hasn’t he kept a bunch of his campaign promises?”

There are three key issues of our time: Immigration, immigration and immigration.

Immigration has done, in real time, what nuclear Armageddon threatened to do during the cold war.

Since Reagan’s treacherous amnesty in the 1980‘s the flow of illegals has turned into a tsunami.

Since Trump has taken office illegal immigration has jumped 200%. 50,000 to 100,000 illegals cross the border EVERY MONTH.

1.2 million per year.

And on top of that, another million come legally every year.

On top of that are tens of thousands of refugees being “resettled” across the US every year.

What is drawing them is America’s monstrous welfare state.

What keeps the welfare state going?  21 trillion dollars of debt. Aka, “muh jobs”.

Trump could have let the economy crash, which should have happened back in 2008, but instead he chose to blow up the bubble even more. As a result, a US dollar today is worth just 3 cents of its value 50 years ago.

Propping up the economy means propping up the welfare state, which means the flood of illegals continues.

And as for bringing manufacturing back, why did they leave to begin with?

Answer that by asking where they went?

China and India have been the top destinations for outsourcing manufacturing jobs.

What do China and India have in common? I’ll give you a billion guesses.

What do corporations want? Lots of cheap labor.

The US has about 360 million people compared to Europe’s 600 million, India’s 1.2 billion and China’s 1.5 billion.

For the US to regain its status as a base for major manufacturing it will need to quickly add another 500 million people to compete with China and India.

Hey, don’t look at what’s happening in Venezuela!

Ignore the military buildup.

Ignore all of the refugees pouring out of that country and into Columbia.

And whatever you do, don’t notice that Columbia is the gateway to North America and a NATO partner. So if a major mass exodus of migrants were to start out from South America, Columbia would be the gate through which they would pass.

Good thing America’s jobs market is booming! We’ll have lots of jobs, jobs, jobs waiting for them!

Let the economy correct itself and crash and the welfare state will shut down and the flow of illegals and legals and refugees will come to a screeching halt. And most of them will actually go back to their home countries.

Prop up the economy and keep the welfare state going, and watch as every square inch of the United States becomes a giant, crime-riddled, Babylonian slum.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Leftist Censorship...

In considering the ongoing purge of non-leftist persons and groups from social media it might be pertinent to ask yourself just how long has this sort of institutional suppression of dissenting voices been going on.

The tv journalists you’ve seen all your life -did they rise to the top due to sheer talent and hard work?

What about the actors and rock stars who have dominated film and radio all of your life -again, was it because they were the most talented and hard working?

What about the experts quoted in media and magazines and who land the book deals?

What about the psychiatrists and economists?

What about senators and governors?

The entire political, cultural and social establishment in the democratic, merit-based, United States over the past 70 + years has just coincidentally had a completely different set of morals than the rest of the population and a completely different world view than the rest of the population.

Odd, that everyone who reaches the zenith of success in the good ol’(democratic, merit-based) USofA tends to have a rather radical liberal outlook.

I’m sure its not because their conservative counterparts were forcibly pushed into obscurity.


No, the purge and suppression of conservative voices has been a decades long project. Aided and abetted by official establishment “conservatives” like the National Review, and by William F. Buckley, George Will and Glenn Beck types.

So for those of you just discovering the extent to which the establishment of the US goes to crush the voice of the common man......welcome to the party.

Now ask yourself: was Mick Jagger actually talented?

Was Brando?

Or any pop Icon?

How and why was 'Elvis the Pelvis' given non-stop national exposure in a country that was 95% staunchly conservative and Christian?

Out of 180 million traditionalist, conservative, Christian Americans of 1950's American society, rebellious and sexually provocative characters like Elvis and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were the greatest artistic talents?


How inexplicable is it that in a country that was 95% Christian, the only time radio featured quasi-Christian songs was on Christmas. The rest of the time it was 100% secular godlessness. And this was in the 1950s.

And we are shocked by the bias of companies like google today?

Was Reagan, who granted amnesty to millions of illegals and allowed un-constitutional “hate crime” laws to be put into effect, really the epitome of conservatism?

How did these people rise to such lofty positions?

Why did far more talented, harder working and worthy individuals  not succeed?

We have, for decades, been held hostage by a hostile elite.

Or perhaps better stated,

we have been a captive audience.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Stick To The House-Church Model...

It’s the only option going forward.

Small, local, social groups who gather for support is the model of the future for us.

Extended family is an obvious way of doing this, but some people don’t have that option so forming groups along the house-church model is the way to go.

A tribe, in other words. Because the nation-state has went the way of the dodo.

We’re in a new era of history.

And don’t do outreach.

If people ask, tell them. Otherwise leave them alone about it. People can see what is happening around them. They either want to survive or they don’t. You don’t have to try to convince people to want to survive. That’s ridiculous.

Tribalization is happening anyway.

And increasingly the ability to migrate from place to place in search of jobs is diminishing due to mass migration and its destabilizing effect.

Stay in one location and form a tribe.

Inevitably you’re not going to be able to move around safely anyway, so you might as well start fixing yourself to one location with a local support group now.

Think local. Because, increasingly, that will be the whole world for you.


The Alt-Right As White Nationalist Fifth Column...

If you go to the official US census website,, you will find that,

the US population is currently 328 million.....officially.

And that of that (official) 328 million, 60% are “non-hispanic white”.

Or, 196 million “white" people.

But you need to keep in mind that the census insists on using the 20 year old estimate of 11 million illegals to reach their 328 million  tally.

Most every other estimate puts the number of illegals at 40 to 50 million.

So in reality the US population is somewhere around 360 million.

Now, what is “white”?

According to the census, non-hispanic white is anyone from Europe, North Africa and the middle-East. But also from central-Asian counties like Pakistan too, depending on how the person views themselves -Caucasian or Asian.

So arabs, jews, turks, pakistanis, egyptians, morrocans, etc... are all classified as non-hispanic white by the census.

And there are around 15 to 20 million such peoples.

So you can subtract 20 million from the 196 million White category, leaving 176 million Whites.

But there is also the question of whether southern-Europeans are White or not.

I myself (and most other people too) say that they are not White.

And as there are around 20 million Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese and various southern French and Balkan types in the US, you can take another 20 million off that 176 million number.

That means that actual White Americans number 156 million, in total.

156 million out of 360 million.

Or 43.6% of the population.

And a significant chunk of that is elderly and will die off in the next 10 years. And we know that non-White children outnumber White children in the US.

So if you deported all of the estimated 45 million illegals today and closed the borders and stopped all legal immigration too, Whites would still be just 50% of the population and set to drop fast over the next decade.

And yet,

according to the declarations of the alt-right mouthpieces who haunt every White Nationalist forum, you should support the zionist puppet Trump and the open borders, pro-Amnesty, party called the GOP, because, “it’s out best option for the time being”.

Here is the truth,

We are a minority NOW. And we will never be a majority again. Ever.

Our only option, “for the time being” is to separate ourselves off and build a wall between ourselves and the United States of America.


Maybe. But it is our only option.

Our only option. Period.

The alt-right and pro-Trump (and Qanon nutters) types who are blowing smoke up your ass about how things are getting better and we have to keep voting are literally, and intentionally,  luring you into a false sense of security to set you up for the slaughter.

The US has one party, not two. Vote for one and you get the other. It does not matter how you vote.

We are not going to vote our way out of this. And Trump and the GOP are actually accelerating our demise by encouraging us to remain calm and keep participating in a system that is, by design, our greatest enemy. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Martin Luther vs. The Alt-Right...

The alt-right has (it claims) a long term ambition of reforming the system, step-by-step, year by year, issue by issue.

This is the quintessential medieval Catholic approach. If there are problems within the Institution of the Church, then lets fix those problems and keep the Institution going.

Martin Luther, on the other hand had a decidedly different approach. Which was, to declare “fuck the Church, it’s the enemy -the anti-Christ”.

This was the Protestant Reformation. It was not an institutional reformation but a revolt against the Institution itself. A revolt in which various peoples threw off the shackles of the Institution and formed their own institutions that would best serve them and their preferences.

The United States Of America is to us what the Catholic Church was to our ancestors.

We don’t need “our Pope” in the Vatican.

We need to tell the “universal Church” to go to hell.

‘Revolt. Not Reform’ should, and will, be our rallying cry.

Because America today, like the Catholic Church then, is a large, bloated, all-encompassing monstrosity which sprouts a new head every time an old one is cut off.

Luther and the reformers ultimately built a wall around northern Europe to keep the Catholic Institution out.

Whites in America need a similar wall.

A wall between ourselves and the United States of America.

That is the only chance we have for survival. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Economic Crash After The Elections?...

Possible. Really though, the global economic reality is already in flux.

Look at what is happening,

The dollar is losing its place as the reserve currency.

A massive tidal wave of migrants from the south are pouring into the northern hemisphere -an event unprecedented in human history.

Debt, national and household, is at an all time high.

Social and political cohesion has, due to immigration and corporatism, failed.

Over population -yeah, yeah I know, the whole world could fit in Texas. But lets see how long it would take them to eat every animal and expunge every inch of arable soil for food. It’s not a question of space but of resources.

Decadence. We have a situation now where some people are so damn rich and privileged that they spend time and money on changing their gender, while other people languish without clean water or a warm place to sleep.

The World Is Changing.

Right Now.

The economy, as we’ve known it, is crashing/mutating.

But something always takes its place.

It too, is changing.

Will it be better? Will it be worse?

Like everything else in history, is will be neutral.

But yes, in the meantime you and I are in deep s*!t.

You can see the tidal wave of chaos, blood, war and terror rising on the horizon.


it’s already washing over us.

All we can do is try to grab hold of something and keep our heads above the water.

Those who are mapping strategies in the midst of a tsunami are........not people you want to take seriously.

So yeah,

hold on!


Red Wave Or Blue Wave?...

How will it go in November?

There hasn’t been this much uncertainty since the Stalinists battled the Trotskyists for power.

Because, after all, ideologies never have factions that war against each they?

You Are Being Had


Monday, October 8, 2018

Jordan Peterson? Rhetoric?....

Continuing in answering a friend’s (are we still friends?) counter points.

On Jordan Peterson.

You know, I’ve never heard the guy talk and I’ve never read anything he’s written. And you know what?  Neither have 99.9% of the rest of the population. Media (aka, pop culture) creates sub-cults that function as a feedback loop. People end up thinking that what’s relevant to them is important to everyone else too.

I’ve never watched an entire Star Wars movie and I’d bet about 70% of the rest of the population hasn’t either. No one knows who Jordan Peterson is, let alone cares what he thinks about this, that or the other. Get out of your little box.

On rhetoric.

Rhetoric is bunk. Circumstances trump all. Apply your rhetoric to a crowd that is starving, desperate and afraid and then apply it to the same group when they are fat, comfortable and safe and see if you get different results.

People are not moved by words. They are moved by necessity.

Speaking of which, you had better keep prepping. The world situation (social and economic) is crumbling and  getting worse by the minute.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

No, No And No...

You (you know who you are) asked and here it is,

1. You’re not considering the flank, which is the 100,000 illegals who cross the border every single month. Counting their offspring, they are 60-70 million and growing.  It’s total immersion. They have saturated all 50 states. And every strata of society -schools, churches, businesses, government, etc. And we’re one spark away from facing a mass exodus out of central and /or South America.

2. So what? Trump’s worldview (and that of his new right followers) is that of a 1960's leftist radical. That he sounds like a populist in the majority minority America of 2018 represents nothing more than a fundamental shift in the language of identity and place and culture. Trump is the voice of dystopian multicultural America calling for temporary stability for the population to absorb the future shock.

3. To your last point....the problem is NOT institutional. The problem is population, urbanization and technology. The world is turning into one giant city, both literally and metaphorically (communication). The city always feminizes mankind due to the need for dependency and compromise in closed spaces. And all that is a function of economy. As long as the global economy functions well enough, society keeps moving left. Politics is the craft of an urbanized, effeminate, liberal organism. Ditto the art of merchants. Now look who is President.


Friday, October 5, 2018

Trump’s War On The Alt-Right....

In case you missed it, the Trump Justice Department is now targeting White advocates, basically declaring them terrorists.
Because last year the GOP run congress and Trump himself signed a piece of legislation (S.J.Res.49) that specifically targets Whites, and only Whites under the guise of labeling them KKK, neo-Nazis, anti-immigrants, anti-semitic, etc.

So just know that if you oppose open borders you are now, thanks to Trump and the GOP, a domestic terrorist. If you advocate as White people, you will be persecuted by the Justice Department.

And now the Justice Department is going after those who’ve flown under the banner of Alt-Right, implicitly or explicitly.

This is why I’ve warned people about staying the hell away from alt-right blogs, youtube channels, forums, etc.

And, specifically, I’ve  warned against signing in to comment on those sites that identify themselves as alt-right or who are supportive of alt-right.  DO NOT DO IT!

I’ve been warning that for almost 2 years but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

And yes, I let pro-alt-right stuff be posted here for a time -when I was too busy doing other things, but I stopped it and made clear my objections.

The alt-right is an obvious honey trap.  And it’s no coincidence that it rose to its temporary preeminence with the rise of Trump, who is the ultimate ideological honey trap to lure Whites into the snare.

Trump is businessman in a world run by jewish merchants.

His campaign was designed to appeal to disaffected Whites.

Here is a prediction,

If Trump avoids impeachment he will, in the run up to the 2020 elections, begin to shift his appeal to the broader, multicultural, America and distance himself from working class and middle class Whites.

It’s the smart move, from a business point of view.

It’s also the move his puppeteers will make.

And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every single person who rode Trump’s coattails to notoriety under the banner of alt-right is, like Trump, a bullshit con artist.

How many alt-right people are selling something? Mugs, posters, t-shirts, comic books, books, etc?

The are all, every one of them, liars and con artists, exploiting a niche market to make a few bucks off of.

And I’ve yet to see an alt-righter who doesn’t communicate in simplistic, bombastic, vulgar and violent, emotionally unstable, assertions. Or using ironic humor, aka memes.

Just like Trump and his puppet masters.

We know who acts like that.

Trump Inc. is a jewish project.

So is the Alt-Right.

You Are Being Had

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trump Is Gorbachev...

Yes, times are going to get bad. Despite the BS Trump and his emotionally traumatized sycophants are shoveling, the economy is not better.

The “jobs” are the result of government stimulus and government interference into private business -playfully described as “incentives”, etc.

You know what that’s called?



Turns out Trump is not literally Hitler. No, he’s literally Gorbachev.

The US government is now, officially, bailing out farmers.

It’s also buying stocks to prop up the stock market.

And Trump is engineering “incentives” for business to “come back home”.

All the while diving further into astronomical debt.

Do you know who else did this?

Mike Gorbachev.

Trump is following Gorbachev’s playbook, almost, to a T.

Look around you.

Sky rocketing food prices.

Stagnating wages.

Out of control household debt.

An increasingly migratory population.

Porous borders.

An aging middle class.

A population of 350 million who are wholly dependent on a 24 hour a day military-style supple line to bring them food and goods and place it on store shelves for them so they can continue to eat and subsist.

It’s almost funny.

But it’s horribly tragic.

And to top it all off, the democratic party is now out in the open communist. So when the pendulum swings it will enthrone an overt, and violent, communist party into whatever is left of the pieces of the American empire.

What is so comical though, is that all of this is unfolding under a businessman who has enacted a Marxist-Leninist style economic policy, which is being championed by his working class supporters.......who think that they are rejecting socialism.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Politics Is Like...

Professional Wrestling.

If you think the staged theater you are seeing presented via the media represents real opposing factions in Washington D.C., then you probably display your old ticket stubs to WrestleMania.

While you’re watching a staged, WrestleMania style, struggle between the Republicans and the Democrats on the eve of midterm elections, another 100,000 illegals crossed the border.

They come, in those numbers, every single month.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Another Name For The Swamp...

Is, ‘The Ruling Class’.

It’s not D.C.

No, no.

It’s an entire class of people who exist as an isolated culture of their own.

It’s almost an ethnic group.

They are multi-generational. They intermarry. They attend the same schools, parties and speak with the same lilt.

This is why a judge nominated for the Supreme Court by the billionaire New Yorker just happens to be a friend of the Bush family -AND played a role in clearing the Clintons in the 90s AND happens to be accused of misconduct by a woman with family connected to the CIA.

Small world, at the top.

So you have a uni-party.

You have a “swamp”.

But really, the swamp has a “flyover country” which they divide into constituencies and then barter and buy and sell at the whim of their personal fortunes. You, the voter, are merchandise that is bought and sold amongst them.

And for this the lowly voter waxes passionately at the prospects of his master’s fickle desires.

What do you call your master? You call them your representative. And you think of them as your avatar.

How quaint.

How pathetic.

So go ahead, patriot. Burn hot and cold at the fortunes of those who make merchandise of you.

In America you can be anything?

A 10th century peasant stood a better chance of being elected a pope or crowned a king than a 21st century blue collar American has of being nominated to the Supreme Court or elected President.

It is not a swamp.

It is a large, multi-generational, ruling class.

Which is why America today represents THEIR values and morals and not those of the majority of Americans.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I Live Here...

I do not live in New York or Los Angeles or D. C. or Miami or London or Paris and so on.

Why should I care what happens in those places?

Why should I care if those places should fall into an abyss today?

The cult of globalism is not merely imposed from without but participated in from within.

The immediate world which impacts me directly extends no more than 10 miles in any direction.

This is my home. And these are my people. And you have no right to move here amongst my people. Be you from a foreign land or another state, you are a foreigner.

Far too many Americans are globalists with a mercantile mind-set.

They live to buy and sell. Consume. And towards that narrow, self-cannibalizing, end they will support and promote the gods of commerce and, subsequently (necessarily) mass migration, the break-up of the family and end of peoples.

For what greater god does modern man worship than Human Rights -which empowers, not a people, but the individual and his pursuit of material pleasure and convenience.

The globalist.

The cosmopolitan.

The monotheist.

So go. Go float out as an unattached individual amongst the atomized, nameless, raceless, genderless mass of universal consumers who worship at the alter of vague, gray progress.

I live here.

And here I will stay fixed and unmoved.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kavanaugh And The Crestfallen Grand Old Fellows...

Amongst the genteel upper echelons of conservative intelligentsia I’ve noticed a decidedly distraught string of thought in regards to this Kavanaugh dude and the circus de jour of Murica Inc.

From the jolly ol’ fellows at Chronicles Magazine to Rush Limbaugh, declarations of the “end of the Republic” are being heard.

It seems the final nail in Murica’s coffin guessed it, the slander of one of the pretty people!!!

Yeah, I know you’re not surprised.

It’s not like it’s the 45 million illegals who have invaded the country and are running rampant, terrorizing people from coast to coast.

It’s certainly not the judicial tyranny that has created law out of thin air to terrorize and oppress the citizenry -suppressing free speech and outlawing freedom of association.

It couldn’t be the legalization of cold blooded murder via ripping babies to bits, piece by piece, from their mother’s wombs.

It’s sure not the legalization and attempted normalization of degenerate depravity like sodomy.

It ain’t the Marxist style health system imposed on the country.

Heck, its not even the 2 year long, blatant, attempt at a soft coup to overthrow the elected president.

No, no, no, no...NO!

It’s that a refined gent is being called names in the public square and being declared guilty until proven innocent.

An educated gent!!!

A gent who has “served his community”.

What does that means? It means he acted as an agent of the bureaucracy (aka, the sky people) to suppress, oppress and terrorize the dirt people, aka, you and me.

And now he’s being called names by his fellow sky people.

This, according to the regal conservative elite, is the red line.

Not the verbal and physical attacks and censorship that the average American has been enduing every day for decades.

Cause we’re dirt people.

Let that sink in.

The above is the vantage point of the so-called traditional-conservative wing of rightwing American society.

No -no.

When one of the encrusted fellow-bureaucrats is called names, THEN it’s too far.


Monday, September 24, 2018

It's Not A War...

This terrible age we're in.

This is not a war.

It’s a season.

Winter, specifically.

On a timeline trajectory, we’re in December.

People who are trying to sell hope by claiming that we can ‘will to power’ July into existence -or that spring will actually begin any second now, are either deluded fools or lying snakes.

It’s December.

We have a long way to go before the thaw.

Dig in. Hunker down. And endure.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why The Alt-_________ Failed...

The following was two different articles by two different people that have been edited and spliced together -obviously not seamlessly. But with time constraints, etc, it nevertheless gets a point across. 

Everywhere you look there is alt-this and alt-that.

And it was all designed to alt-fail.

Who was behind it?

Who is putting money into it to finance the professional youtube channels, blogs, etc?

The alt-media/right/you-name-it, like conservatism, was designed to be a status quo enabler.

That’s where the funds come from. The usual suspects.

Because the one, and only, thing that will bring an end to the current crisis is a RADICAL departure from the status quo.

Notice how all those who cheered Trump’s moderate screw-you attitude to conventional standards of discourse in 2016 immediately turned around and started advocating for conventional standards of discourse after Trump won, because, “now we are the mainstream”?

Status quo.

The mainstream, aka, the system, is the problem. It does not matter who is running it. IT is the enemy.

Be it Marxists or Alt-Right, the desire to sit at the steering wheel of the system makes you the enemy.

And it also needs to be reiterated that the entire alt-universe subsists off of the internet. It can all be turned off in a matter of seconds. No more access to twitter, youtube, facebook, blogger, wordpress, amazon and so on.

And even if you do have your own website it can buried away and never found.

As I’ve said before, the problem is not the conditions within those dark satanic mills, it’s the mills themselves.

Who in the world would want to make the dark satanic mill great again?

You want to vote on it?

“Getting out to vote” is tantamount to saying, “I love you too, Big Brother!”

Worse still, being drawn into political drama and forming parties and going to rallies, etc, is a form of baptism into cosmopolitanism, aka Globalism.

Status Quo.

That’s why if you listen to the proponents of the “altists” you’ll find them defending “western civilization”  or “American values”.

Which begs the question:    Why?

Is it race (blood) that is worth fighting for, or is it a fashion?

Western civilization, via America, currently rules the world. Everything that is happening today is the NATURAL evolution of western civilization and American rule. It’s where it leads to.

Do we (those descended from north-western Europeans) have anything in common with brown skinned Greeks and Romans and Jews and their cosmopolitan west-Asian monotheistic desert religions?

Of course not.

In fact we hicks have spent the past 1,000 years living in defiance of “western civilization”. 

Which is why we are despised and derided as hicks and rednecks and heathens, etc.

Western Civilization has been a foreign occupational force that continually sticks its nose into our business.

Even our Christianity is riddled with unabashed hypocrisy -being mixed with blatant witchcraft and superstitions that openly oppose the purported faith.

Do we care? Not a whit.

We care not for reason or rules or facts or science or logic which stand in the way of our gut instincts.

So we oppose the system, aka western civilization, either explicitly or implicitly.

How?  We endure it.

It’s not a storm we’re in, but a season: winter.

The green things don’t fight the frost or gather to vote against the cold.

No, the green things simply endure until winter is past.

The United States is now melded into Mexico and the rest of latin America.

It happened. Past-tense.

Nothing is going to undo this as tens of millions of American citizens are now the children of illegals or legals.

Which means that there are tens of millions of American citizens that have extended family in Mexico and central and south America.

Again. This is a done deal.

The season has changed and no amount of voting is going to make January turn into July.

So we’re going to have to hunker down and endure.

Think post-America.

Learn to be tribal again and shut the system out.


Start preparing to,

Turn off the cable or satellite tv.

Turn off the internet.

Keep the kids out of the schools.

Give up the electricity too, eventually. 

Live off grid.

Learn to feed your family without dependency on the grocery store.


Leave the system. Defy it as much as you can by not participating in it.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Should Facts Matter?...

It might seem obvious.

Yet, in reality, we all -each of us- subjectively perceive and interpret what we believe are objective facts.

The person who argues in favor or using facts does so because he believes the facts will favor him.

.....because he believes they will favor him.



Ultimately what we want is a situation that best favors ourselves and our circumstances.

It’s how we go about it that is in question.

The use of “facts” is the use of blunt, crude, force just as much as a baseball bat is.

And the reality of a baseball bat to the knees is just as objective as facts.

So we make deals and alliances. Not based on ideas of right and wrong or of objective truths, but on the premise of better security and better fortunes for ourselves.

There is something inherently wrong with people who insist that “we must follow the truth” or “go by the facts”.

Because they would not make such assertions unless they thought truth and facts can be interpreted to support themselves and their positions.

A person with subjective (personal) agenda deferring to claims of objective truths is more than a little disingenuous.

The reality is, people want and need things.

What they want and need is not as important as how they go about acquiring those things because their wants and needs are almost always going to be the same, basic things: food, water, shelter, money, sex, security.

They can try to dress it up in posturing about facts and “the truth” but when push comes to shove they will always resort to blunt self-preservation to get what they want and need, the truth be damned.

It’s like people who defer to reason and rationality by going in for medical checkup once a year. They are quite reasonable and scientific about it all......

.............until the doctors find cancer or some other life threatening disease. Then Mr. Rational is willing to dance naked around a fire on a mountain during a full moon in Mexico if a witch doctor holds out the promise of a magical cure by doing so.

What we want is what we want.

What we need is what we need.

Be cautious about intellectualizing and morally justifying the scratching of an itch.

And definitely cast a suspicious eye upon others who do this. Especially when they are in competition with your wants and needs.


You Work Hard For Your Money...

Which is why you’re a fool.

You really shouldn’t boast about how you can’t go out to protests like the left because your side are “hard working Americans”.

99% of the people who wear the “I work hard and pay taxes” mantle are doing grunt work.

A trained fucking monkey could do what they do.

It’s why they are easily replaceable and are being replaced via mass migration.

So all of you “hard working Americans” out there -Kudos! Your dedication to being a slave to corporations and a bitch-milk-cow to Uncle Sam is certainly appreciated by your globalist Marxist overlords who have, and are, transforming society into a dystopian, totalitarian, leftwing police state, off of your labor and taxes.

So keep working hard and pay those taxes!

Until a trained monkey takes over for you.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Why The Democrats Will Win...

Either in this election or the one that follows in just 24 months.

The answer is demographics.

Whites are now a minority in the United States.

Yes, the Census Bureau has “white Americans” at 60.2%, but the census under counts illegals by tens of millions and defines “white” as anyone from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and central-Asia. There are around 20 million “white Americans” who are from north Africa,  the middle east and central Asia. All of those Muslim refugees being brought in to the US are classed as “non-Hispanic White”.

And since the election of Trump illegal immigration into the US has jumped 200%.

So the actual percentage of White Americans is at or below 50%. And since non-White children are ‘officially’ a majority now -and since a large percentage of Whites are elderly - Whites in America are set to drop to around 33% in just 20 years time.

And the fact is that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc, do not, as a rule, vote as individuals, but as herds. They don’t vote for what is best for themselves but for their groups as a whole.

Add to that that all of the above groups see Whites as their main competitor and enemy and it should become clear that a hard core, leftist dictatorship is inevitable in America.

It’s already here, in fact: “hate” speech laws. People getting fired for making an okay sign. Widespread censorship on the Internet. Taxes on everything from your property to your income to you-name-it. Big Brother surveillance on every public street. Forced “education” for children. Forced vaccinations, etc. The list goes on.

And even if the republicans manage to squeak out a victory in 2018, so what?

The left won victory in the immediate years after WW II and they have ruled, unchallenged, ever since.

From throwing prayer out of school, to legalized abortion to the civil rights act (which ended freedom of association) to throwing open our borders with the immigration act of 1965 to the creation of “hate crime” laws in the 80s to gay marriage and beyond,

conservatives/republicans have capitulated at every turn.

But if they win, THIS TIME, they’ll do things different?

The problem is systemic. ALL of the universities are leftwing mills that churn out either political radicals or go-along-to-get-along complacents.

But then so are all of the public schools.

So is Hollywood. The music industry. Television. Book Publishing. Seminaries and so on.

It’s a complete victory for the left.

They won post 1945. A long time ago.

And the real kicker is that all Trump has to boast about is a “booming economy”. The news of which is simply increasing the number of illegals pouring across the border to record numbers.

Which in turn speeds up the demographic change.

Which in turn assures a perpetual democratic/leftist government.

MAGA simply tightens the leftwing grip.

You better start thinking post-America.


Monday, September 17, 2018

How Your Grocery Store Rules Over You...

Forget centralized banking.

They just print the money with which you buy things.

They don’t make you buy the things.

And like it or not, you cooperate with them when you capitulate to the system they profit from.

Food, like breathing, is a necessity of living.

The acquisition of this absolute, life-sustaining, necessity (for you and your family) is something you have forfeited over to the state, via corporations.

Ditto water.

It’s all very convenient.

 Convenient in the sense that it makes life in your hamster cage all the more dependent.

But the door to the cage is always open. You choose to be there.

The system we have is a paradigm.

It’s not inevitable.

It’s not the only way.


Think of a way out.

There can be a problem with planning ahead too much.

Learning to cope  with changing circumstances is a necessary instinct.

Suppressing it leads not only to dependency, but also towards capitulation in the face of adversity.

Life is chaos.

Awake each day expecting an attack from all directions and you’ll get along just fine.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Most Dangerous Man In The World...

Is the man who neither needs nor wants anything. 

The opposite being a reliable and predictable slave.

Want a home?

Need a job.

Got a job?

Got a house.

Now what will you do to keep it?

What will you do, or not do, to keep that home and car and all of the nice little accessories that go along with their maintenance?

Besides crime.

The answer is, compromise.

You’ll compromise your vales, ethics, morals, faith and even your own family and the future of your people.

Just to stay fat and happy.

Yes, it’s hard to detach yourself from dependency on the system.

But it’s not THAT hard.

Especially when you consider that so much of modern man’s wants and needs are absolute non-essential junk.

Be dangerous again. Want nothing that the system has to offer.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Looters Vs. Lard-Asses...

That’s the reality, 99% of the time.

Looters tend to be thin, fit, agile and fast moving.

Property “owners” tend to be big and fat and slow.

It’s like watching hyenas encircle an obese, crippled elephant.

The real kicker is the way in which the lard asses like to boast of their having “prepared” for disasters.

By preparing, they mean they went to the grocery store and bought things.

Take the grocery stores and all other kinds of stores out of the equation and the line between the “prepared” and the looters completely disappears.

The modern American is in capable of taking care of himself.

You bought food?

Whoopty shit.

That food was created by corporations and brought in and put on shelves by corporations.

You did nothing.

You have a generator?

Again, whoopty shit.

Did you build the generator?

Do you extract oil and make your own gas?

You depend on the state, via corporations, to create the gas and then ship it into your area to gas stations you did not create.

You are 100% dependent upon the corporate welfare state to take care of your pampered, incompetent ass.

Face it.

You consider losing electricity an emergency.

If the nanny welfare state stops shipping in food to feed you, you and your family starve to death within a few weeks.

And by the way, you don't own the property or the house. You pay taxes on both which means you're just renting them from the state.

But keep shouting MAGA.


How You Win...

You win against the system by detaching yourself from the system.

Specifically, your dependency upon it.

No, it isn’t easy.

But nothing is. Life isn’t easy.

Life is struggle and conflict from your first breath to your last.

It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.

The desire for comfort, convenience and peace is a perversion of the reality of existence. And easily exploitable. 

Neither the rulers nor the ruled live without conflict.

There is no formula, ideology, religion or political platform that will absolve you from a lifetime of pain and suffering and struggle and conflict......all of which leading inevitably to death.

That’s life.

Defeatism is the belief that you can change the system by participating with it.

To hell with that!

You are a part of nature so look to nature for the example.

Defiance is rust corroding away steel until the steel crumbles.

Defiance is weeds and flowers breaking apart the concrete to emerge into the light. 

Defiance is a hurricane. Or a flood.

Nature does not work with the system to make it its own force.

Nature is the adversary of the system and wars against it -constantly and continually without cease,

because Nature and the System are two irreconcilable and opposing forces.

Stand in contrast to the system. See it as your competitor and an adversary who’s nature is in opposition to your very being.

Because it is.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why The System Wins...


Let’s say the state of Arkansas sets up a giant satanic temple and begins sacrificing children.

You, living in Indiana, object to this.

You object to this for two reasons,

1. Personal morality.

2. because Arkansas and its people are not bound to the borders of Arkansas.

They are citizens of....America. They can move out of Arkansas and right in next to you. And then vote and influence your local government and community.

There are no boundaries to protect you or your family, in America.

Segregation -racial, ethnic, cultural and religious -is strictly FORBIDDEN in America.

It is not permitted.

As an American you are (by force of law) a rootless, cosmopolitan, migratory individual. You have no people of your own, no culture and no fixed place in which to call the home of your people.

In fact, you can have no family of your own as the state reserves the right to intervene and interfere with your authority as a parent to raise your children.

So the satanic temple in Arkansas is not really in Arkansas. It’s in America. Where you are. What you are.

So you object to the temple and human sacrifice, there, even though you don’t live there. You want the federal government to step in and stop it.

But if the federal government can step in there, and prohibit customs and make laws counter to the will of the populace, there, it can step in where you live too.

And it does.

The system wins, because it sets itself up as an overarching mechanism, ruling over an atomized, deracinated collection of “free individuals” who have the right to move and live where and how they please -so long as they remain individuals and not a group.

Thus the system will always win when a man can be an Arkansan on Monday and a Hoosier on Tuesday.

The United States Of America is the cornerstone of not just global government, but of the globalist culture upon which globalism proliferates..... “personal liberty”.

 Physical borders are not enough. There must be regional, racial, ethnic, cultural and religious borders as well.

And for that to happen The System, America, must fall.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hurricane Update 2...

Florence is set to set a while on the North Carolina coast and then pull south along the South Carolina coast and then head inland in Georgia, where it will then turn and head north around Sunday, heading into the Ohio Valley.

So Virginia looks to be spared the worst.

North Carolina coastal areas could be hit with 130 mile an hour winds and 3+ feet of rain.

The South Carolina coast and parts of Georgia and even northern Florida could be hit hard as well, though not like North Carolina.

As the remnants of the storm head north it will bring heavy rains into eastern Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, eastern Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Roughly.

Where exactly it will go is not certain.

How much rain those areas will get is unknown, but I would guess around 1 inch in general and up to 4 inches in some places.

Some of those places are still recovering from heavy rain from last week.

At any rate, if you’re in the south-eastern and mid-Atlantic area of the US, prepare as best you can.

There will be gas and food shortages in places.

Wide spread power outages in at least 2 states (the Carolinas).

Though the forecast and track of the storm may change before landfall on Thursday.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

“What If The Leftists Win?”...


they did win.

They won when the Romans invaded Britain and when the Christians invaded Germania and Scandinavia.

They’ve been ruling ever since.

See, that’s the problem with conservatives and alt-right and Qanon and sundry.....their definition of leftist and liberalism is un-justifiably narrow.

Most Muricans believe in democracy, which is a leftist paradigm.

Most Muricans believe in personal freedom, which is a leftist paradigm.

Civilization (inorganic, planned and organized society) is liberal.

In fact it’s most telling that what White conservatives fear most about a hypothetical rule of  Islam is not violence, but an end to their decadent, liberal, lifestyle.

They actually fear a strict, family-oriented moral order and patriarchy......something that existed in America less than a hundred years ago.


It’s not the prospect that their own kind of people may be bred out of existence that they fear. No, what really keeps them up at night is the thought of no more vacations to Vegas or the beach for them, personally.

Of course that’s the 40 - 60+ crowd.

The 20 somethings are fantasizing about flying through outer space like Dr. Spock. That’s their “freedom” and their “hope”.

It’s all internal. And it revolves around personal, material comfort and the ability to indulge.

Personal liberty is the drug. And you can't "live your own life" without a giant corporate nanny state suppressing the natural authority of the family to order life, responsibility and obligations.

As I’ve said before, right-wing and left-wing are both wings of the same animal.

The average red-blooded, Trump-lovin, conservative Murian is a radical leftist in his primary world-view.

So no matter how you vote in the elections, the left wins.

Leave the system. Step out from it in any and every way you can.

The only way to defeat the left is to not participate in their system.

Which, by the way, upsets them far more than shouting neo-nazi slogans.

Ditto "the right".

Nothing sends them into fits of foaming-at-the-mouth rage like a refusal to participate in "civilization".

I once saw a video about people who try to live without money (living mostly as hobos and homeless, by choice) and the furious moral outrage in the comments was comical.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Hurricane Update...

As of now, Monday night 9/10/18,

the models are showing the hurricane may reach category 5 -in the next 24 hours  -but would likely go back to category 4 before landfall as category 5's are unusual that far north.

Rainfall accumulations are adjusted down to an expected 1 to 2 feet in some areas of North Carolina and Virginia.

Outlying areas in North and South Carolina, south-east West Virginia and, perhaps, far eastern Kentucky and Tennessee could get 4 to 6 inches of rain -with locally higher amounts possible.

It's still early. And the models and projections will change again, up or down.

These amounts of rainfall, plus the coastal damage from the hurricane, spread out over multiple states, are likely to bring recording breaking destruction to those areas.

If you are in or near that region,

Prepare now while you have the luxury of time. It won't hit land until Thursday into Friday of this week.



3 to 4 FEET OF RAIN!


Models are now showing Hurricane Florence hitting the coast of the Carolinas as a Category 3 or 4 hurricane Thursday-Friday of this week.

It will slow and meander around.

That’s bad!

That will do a lot of damage.


It will then track north and dump as much as 3 to 4 feet of rain onto parts of inland North Carolina and Virginia


6 inches to over a foot of rain on parts of South Carolina, south West Virginia and perhaps eastern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee.

This would be an almost unprecedented catastrophe.

As of now this is a preliminary forecast. 

Its track may alter a bit over the next few days.


at this point, if you live in or around the areas mentioned above you might want to prepare ahead.


This would be a disaster that would take place not just in the short term, but over weeks.

There would be widespread power outages. Water shortages. Gas shortages. Food shortages, highway closures, hospital closures,  etc.

For days and weeks and perhaps months.

And also it could lead to a sharp rise in gas prices in areas near and around the affected states -not just those states hit.

We can hope it will not be that bad.

But if you are in or near that area, I’d recommend you prepare.

Extra water. Canned food. Candles. Matches. Batteries. First Aid. Radio. Toilet paper. Etc.

Pack a bag of extra clothes. Shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, socks. Keep them dry!

If you need medications, get them now if you can.



Force Vs. Ballots...


Forced integration (at gunpoint)
Forced sexual perversity (under threat of prosecution)
Planned and Funded Mass Migrations
Judicial Fiat (Tyranny)
Media Censorship

Everywhere the future of the world (including America) is being decided by raw, violent force.

Not by voting.


they’re telling you, the little people, how important it is for you to vote.

Honestly, it is funny.

You ARE being had.

The system is the problem.

Not how it is managed.

Ironically (or perhaps not) the only real revolutionaries are the homeless.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Patriots Are Leftists...

In America, anyway.

I’ve explained before how the word Nation derives from the Latin Nationem (natio), which means breed or stock or race of people. 

Nation literally means race or ethnicity. It’s not a place or form of government.

I’ve also explained how Patriot derives from the Greek patrios, which means ‘of your father’. Blood, in other words. Tribe, ethnicity, race.

And by the way, the Greeks applied the word patriot in a derogatory manner against the barbarian tribes because their identity was based upon a common ancestry, as opposed to themselves, who shared a common Polis (City) physical/ideological identity.

In other words, The Greeks had an identity based on their status as civilized city-dwellers, as opposed to the Patriots who had an identity based on blood kindred, aka race.

Patriot and Nation are both racial terms.

The Greek city-states were mixed-race ghettos that resembled modern day Mexico City or Beirut or Tel-Aviv or Rio De Janeiro or any major American city.

They were sophisticated, though. Urban. Urbane. Intellectuals. Culturally aware. Homosexuals. Pederasts. BIG into the arts. Etc.

Just like America!

And the Greeks detested those outside their city-states. They called them barbarians and patriots because they were not race-mixed, were blunt in manner, rejected “education", executed homosexuals and pederasts and, worst of all, were not big on the arts.

So it’s interesting to see how the word patriot is now descriptive of the mongrelized universal citizen of Murica.

Why not. We've changed the definition of marriage and everything else.

Why not invert patriot?

The liberals show their neo-patriotism by promoting open borders.

And why not?

You conservatives who object to open borders answer me this: does New York City or Los Angeles, or Nashville or Seattle have borders? Not boundaries. Borders.

Do you need a passport to visit Cincinnati?

Do you need a green card to live and work in Portland?

Do you believe that if better jobs are available in another state that you should have the right to migrate there for that job?

See, you don’t really believe in borders do you?

And don’t tell me that all those places are in America and so that makes a difference.

Your home is in America. Can I barge in?

This is an issue of identity. Of what makes us “we”. Who are we and how are we different from them?

What is an American?

Someone with a piece of paper? Legal status?

Is it a belief in certain principles?

If it is then we are right back to the city-dwelling Greeks and their nemesis, the Patriots -who had no common set of principles as a basis of identity, but blood alone.

See, this is why America is not opposed to the One World Order.

In fact, this is why America is the cornerstone of the One World Order.

And all of you neo-Patriots are the foot soldiers of globalism.

Because the opposite of globalism and one-worldism is tribalism and racialism and segregation and lots and lots of borders.

None of it based on “sharing a common belief in liberty” or “a set of ideas”.


All of it based on blood.

On kindred.

America is one big giant city-state. Literally, politically and philosophically.

That's why it is fundamentally liberal.

And that's why it wages wars on race-based identity and the family -which is the center point of the tribe -of the nation (ethnos).

Strong family identity and a clannish mentality has always been the number one obstacle to universalistic projects.


(I'll re-check this for grammar and punctuation later)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Vito Corleone vs. Michael Corleone...

(The movie versions)

And how it relates to politics. (as the movies were direct parallel’s to American politics)

Vito wins, obviously.

Michael was a terrible don.

The key to this can be found in Vito’s first murder.

Vito kills Fanucci (who is an obstacle to his and his family/business’s security and prosperity) and then goes back to his family and playfully holds his child in his lap as he watches a parade.

Vito has no burden or shame or guilt over his deed because it had to be done to protect his, and his family’s fortunes. He can murder someone in cold blood and then go play with his kids and laugh and sing and feel no remorse.

Michael, on the other hand, is what we would today call, a snowflake.

Even before his first murder he begins to become dour, grim, reflective, etc. Basically he becomes ants at a picnic.

He can’t handle it.

He shoots  Sollozzo and McCluskey and then stands in a state of shock, before staggering out the door and flees the country.

The further Michael ascends into the “family business” the more “dead” he looks and acts. A more sullen and self-pitying creature you can scarcely find in cinema.

Contrast the beginning of the first film with the end of the second film.

At the beginning of part 1, Vito casually plans the torture and murder of various individuals at his daughter’s wedding, then goes out and dances with her with a big smile on his face, surrounded by friends and family in a joyous, raucous celebration of life.

By the end of part 2, a gaunt, almost Golum looking,  Michael is setting by himself amongst autumn leaves: his wife divorced from him, his kids like zombies, his sister hating him, his brother executed on his orders and the entire infrastructure of “the family” alienated from him.

He’s a disaster who destroyed everything his father passed on to him.

What’s the big difference between the two?

Michael was an idealist. He believed that there were such things as objective right and wrong -truth and lies. He believed in the system. He believed that there was such a thing as legitimate society and illegitimate society.

When he was confronted with reality he crumbled. He became a miserable, almost Ebenezer Scrooge type figure.

Vito Corleone knew the reality of the world. He knew that there were no good guys or bad guys -only sides. That truth is subjective. That the men who graduated from Harvard or Yale and became senators or presidents were the same kind of lying, murderous bastards as the heads of crime syndicates.

He knew that what makes a thing a crime is that the government isn’t getting its share of it.

He knew all this and accepted it. Embraced it, even.

Michael knew it , but felt all bummed out about it.

But this is the way the world is. It’s always been this way. It always will be.

You can’t survive and live a happy, fulfilling life if you set yourself to believe in  the system and that there are objective truth and lies and good guys and bad guys.

Otherwise you are living in a wold self-delusion. And when reality inevitably (and frequently) bitch-slaps you out of your fantasy world, it tends to leave you feeling depressed, isolated and given to self-pitying melancholy.

Vito Corleone was not out to reform the system. No, he took the bold step of setting himself up as a competitor to the system. An underground President of an underground society with an underground administrative body to enforce his policies.

This is what organized crime is.

Michael Corleone was the great reformer, aka “the fool”.

Like every reformer who came before him, he actually re-energized and empowered the very system he was trying to take apart.

Now look at the political scene in the world today through the filter of Vito and Michael.

Those attempting to reform the system to do their version of good are actually strengthening it to do more of their version of evil. AKA, Trump.

And those who have set themselves up as a competitor to the system are actually achieving their goals. AKA, Putin.

MAGA will only strengthen and re-energize the rotten system it is trying to reform.

The rotten system will win.


Friday, September 7, 2018

How The Founding Father’s Sold You Out...

It’s called the First Amendment.

Let’s look at it.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Are you dazzled by it?

Do you think it’s a good thing?

Take a good long look at those first five words in the amendment again.

Now what is the representative body of “we” the people called?

Yep. It’s called the Congress.

The First Amendment strips “we the people” of all power.

Everything enumerated in the First Amendment are things “we the people” are FORBIDDEN from making laws about.

Do you understand that?

The First Amendment robs “we” the people of all say in the government which rules over us.

And you’ll note that the First Amendment mentions only the Congress as being forbidden from making laws related to its subjects.

No such prohibitions are placed upon the Judicial Branch -which has always been the tool of the oligarchs in checking the power of the people.

This is why “freedom of speech” HAS BEEN abridged.

Not by Congress.

But by the Justice Department and the Courts. It’s called “hate crimes” and “hate speech”.

You might also have noticed that it was the Judicial Branch of the US Government that created laws legalizing abortion and gay marriage.

Congress, the representative body of “we” the people, had no say in it what-so-ever.

Because that’s the way the founding documents were written up.

Take off the rose tinted glasses with which you look at 1776.

It was a banker’s coup.

It was funded by globalist merchants and perpetuated by their lackeys, aka the “founding fathers”.

The evidence is right in front of you.

In fact, it’s all around you.

And you want to “make it great again”?


One America News...


The Blaze pt. II

It’s a “conservative” news network.

It’s name is (in case you missed it) One America News.

Not Two Americas. Or Three.

No, no. One America.

Has the stinky, stanky ring of soft one-worldism to it, doesn’t it?

Sort of like the ‘socialism in one country’, of Joe Stalin.

You do have to hand it to them though.

Giving a purported news network such a blatantly pandering, propagandistic name, takes balls.

That, or a firm belief in the stupidity of its potential demographics.

The word ‘One’, attached to any descriptor, is synonymous with globalism, Marxism and everything that is destructive on this planet.

Those who oppose globalism and Marxism reject any overarching solidarity.

Traditionalists, who recognize and affirm natural morality and society, are tribalists. Not globalists or nationalists.



fuck off.

Go be one somewhere else.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Alt-Right: Political Transvestism...

The system is leftist and liberal by nature.

That’s what it is.

It can no more be turned into a conservative, pro-White system than a man can be turned into a woman.

The American and French Revolutions, upon which the modern “west” is constructed, was a joint White and Jewish project- thus multi-racial, multicultural from the get-go.

Again, they were both multicultural, cosmopolitan, globalist projects from day one.

Hence the reality we see today. It’s all par for the course.

A system predicted on material prosperity,  technological advancement and personal freedom will be radically libertarian, mutlicultural and morally depraved.

That’s a fact.

It is what it is.

This also applies to the larger idea of “the west".

The three pillars of “the west” were, The Greeks, Romans and Jews.

The Ancient Greeks were brown-skinned, Mediterranean pederasts who’s fragile civilization was sustained on slavery and war.

The Romans were brown skinned, Mediterranean homosexuals who’s drug-cartel-style-mansion-surrounded-by-endless-slums-of-human-misery civilization was sustained on perpetual expansion. When it stopped engulfing and assimilating parts of the three continents, it collapsed.

The Jews were brown skinned, Mediterranean merchant-slavers (who indulged in every kind of perversity) who’s civilization was predicated on nothing but used-car salesman ethics and a universal, cosmopolitan sense of belonging everywhere but nowhere.

Put the three together and you get Murica, and the Murican led “west”.

Funny enough, every single person who has stepped forward to declare themselves the current leaders of the alt-right movement are either non-White or mixed race. And, either homosexual or ahem, “not homosexual”.

The system is not a ship that can be commandeered

The system is a biological, living body.

What it is, is who it is.

It cannot be turned into something other than who it is.

This is why the government is leftist, the media is leftist, corporations are leftists, churches are leftists and so on.

It’s what this living organism of a system is.

So you can either divorce yourself from it or attack it. But you can’t change it.

The alt-right is operating under the delusion that the system can be changed by simply dressing it up in different clothes.

In that, the alt-right is an ideological Caitlyn Jenner.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fear Of Autumn...

You can learn a lot about a man who expresses excessive grief at the onset of Fall.

You learn to stay away from him.

The world must fall and die so that it can rise again next spring.

It needs the rest.

Men who long for endless summer, or a return to summer, tend to be immature, unreliable and prone to wild mood swings -usually towards depression and self-pity.

Summer is gone.

Autumn is here and winter will soon follow.

The days will have more darkness than light.

The air will cut with icy cold winds.

Snow will cover the land.

All will be dormant.

This is life.

It’s the cycle of history too

The world is in Fall now.

Prepare for the winter.

Do not waste your valuable time listening to those who are plotting and promising to somehow  take us back to the summer which is now gone.

Another summer will come -on its own.

In due time.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

World War 3 or A Pandemic?...

Forget nuclear Armageddon.

Forget unstoppable pandemic.

We survive on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year supply line of eighteen wheelers to place our food on store shelves -at the ready - for us to then pick up and carry home and nibble on in our hamster cages.

All that has to happen is for the eighteen wheelers to be turned off.

That’s it.

That’s all it would take.

Hundreds of millions of Americans would die of starvation within six weeks.

The American economic model, working at full capacity, sets you up for a catastrophe far, far worse than the bubonic plague.


NOT who is managing it at any one point in time.


Monday, September 3, 2018

That Time We Defeated International Communism...

Remember that?

It was after the glorious reign of Uncle Ronnie Reagan -during which the stock market crashed, the country was flooded with illegal aliens and the FBI was given the power to police your thoughts and words.

It was “morning in America again”.

And then George Bush was elected right after that. You remember him -the former skull and bones man who once ran America’s secret police, aka the CIA.

Holy Cow!

A 12 year run of conservative rule!!!

And then international communism collapsed.

The Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

The east-block nations threw off the shackles of communism in 1990 -the bloody commie dictator Ceausescu was given a quicky trial and then executed

And then, to top it all off, the Soviet Union folded and the Hammer and Sickle flag was lowered from the Kremlin the day after Christmas in 1991.

What a winning streak!!!

So long Communism!

So long Democratic Party!

I bet the 1990's and early 21st century will be an age when conservative ideas and traditional morality become the mainstream!


It made no difference, did it?

Had the Soviet Union won, your life would be no different than it is today.

There is an overarching system that continues apace no matter who or what is ruling over your particular zip code.

That’s the cold hard bitch of a reality folks.

When you vote, you submit.

When you pay your bills, you submit.

When you buy a car or house, you submit.

They’ve got you.

The only ones who don’t submit are the drifters, hobos and intentional homeless.



They’ve got you.

Your lust for material things and a life of comfort and “dignity” is the very thing that WILL keep you enslaved to them -the merchants.

And they know it.

Some of them get rich selling you things.

Some of them get rich selling your fear.

Some of them get rich selling you hope.


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Reagan’s Alt-Right...

If you remember the 80s then you remember a time when technology finally allowed conservatives and Christians to bypass the MSM and create their own media empires with which to combat the mainstream narrative.

Our boy Ronnie was in the White House and it was “Morning in America”!

The VCR and VHS tech made it possible for conservative and Christian organizations to make their own programs, documentaries and counter-narratives to bypass television.

We had a plethora of Christian bookstores across the land -in every town!

We had numerous TV programs which reached tens of millions of people every week. Sure they weren’t perfect, but they were generally White, conservative and offered an alternative to the MSM. There was CBN, PTL, TBN,  tell-it-like-it-is, lefty rustler Jimmy Swaggart (who had a reach and influence that rivaled the pope), Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham, etc.

We had hard-core conservative Christian universities like Oral Roberts University and Liberty University and others who were boldly politically incorrect and handing out accredited diplomas .

And then there was the VHS revolution!

Holy Cow!!

We could make and distribute thousands of conservative and Christian presentations, programs, documentaries and the like that would be shown in homes and churches all over America.

And we had the rise of Christian and conservative talk radio, which reached millions!

We even saw the rise of Christian rock bands!  And Christian pop artists like Amy Grant and Carmen!

The revolution was on!!!!

And even the MSM catered to that reality with more conservative, White and pro-American movies and TV shows.

Boy that whole revolution really went places, didn’t it?

A book could be written about the parallels between that time period and right now and the alt-right.

You see, you are not dealing with a badly run system.

You are dealing with a bad system.

A system in which shit will always rise to the top, or near the top.


Ultimately, the alt-right and the Trump Presidency are just two more turds in the bowl.

But I know this will fall on deaf ears amongst the twenty-somethings who champion both.

Hope springs eternal.

So do suckers.

Keep buying those alt-right shirts and coffee mugs.


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Reagan’s MAGA...

What did Ronald Reagan do?

Among other things, he,

Gave amnesty to 2-4 million illegal aliens which sparked the flood that has been ongoing ever since -at present there are probably around 100 million people in the US who are either illegals or children of illegals.

Approved the FBI’s completely unconstitutional new categorization of “hate crime” (which lead to the creation of the crime of “hate speech”) which completely destroyed freedom of speech.

Signed off on the US military giving Saddam Hussein chemical weapons with which he killed millions of Iranians in the decade long Iran-Iraq war.

Gave the CIA the go-ahead to provide funding, training and arms to....Al Qaeda.

Approved the US State Department in “helping” European countries to re-write their school curriculum to show that Islam was a key (and positive) element in Europe’s history and development.

The list goes on.

Reagan’s presidency was a plague. And yet conservatives remember him fondly.


Hey, the economy improved for a few years during his two terms and everybody felt warm and fuzzy and proud to be an American!!!

Meanwhile Uncle Ron was unleashing the forces of Mordor upon the land.

If this sounds a lot like MAGA, it is.

While Trumps’s fans are busy cheering on his half-hearted dismantling of Obama’s legacy they continue to see their society slip into the 9th level of hell due to Reagan’s legacy.

A legacy Trump praises.

And if the GOP keeps the House and Senate in November it means nothing more than the preservation of the status quo.

You are being had.


The ‘Little Man’ Leader...

There are two, and only two, types of political/ideological leaders.

The Con Man


The Little Man

I’ve talked about the former before.

The Con Man is a flat out charlatan who doesn’t believe in what he says and manipulates the emotions of his followers with appeals to hope, “common sense” or nostalgia.

The Little Man is driven by a need to avenge his inadequacies. He is usually, literally, short and was thus subject to an early life of ridicule and bullying. Or, he is of normal height, but found his ideas and notions mocked and rejected at an early stage of his life.

As an adult, ‘Little Man’ is on a crusade against enemies real and imagined. His voice will be heard!

 He’ll obsess over an individual that he believes is his rivalry and seek to pull them down -to his level, anyway.

Little Man mostly rages against particular individuals, rather than the groups they represent.

Little Man is never content in his own place and with his own ideas, but must find one of those damned Tall Men to attack and bring down a notch or two.

Where the Con Man is a smooth talker in public, Little Man has problems -usually a high, squeaky voice or a stutter or just generally stumbles and mumbles his sentences.

The obvious problem with these types is that they are emotionally unstable and thus given to betrayal of the movements they aspire to be recognized as the leader of once they sense their position is being diminished or not appreciated enough.

Yes, you can see these two types in those who attack Trump (Little Men) and Trump himself (Con Man).

As was said earlier, there are only those two types within political/ideological movements.

So it’s either one or the other.

The rest of us go our own way and stick to our own kind.

Politics is as natural as buggery.

So those who aspire towards political/ideological positions of influence or power tend to have similar mental and emotional baggage.


Friday, August 31, 2018

How Important Are The Mid Term Elections?...

What does it say about Protestantism?

Do you see the parallel?

If leaders at the top can impact the overall morals, values and ethics of the people beneath them, then that would validate the Papacy.

Because what protestants would traditionally argue is that a change must first come from the people and then work its way up.

Immoral people have immoral leaders. And moral people have moral leaders.

But now, according to devotees of the Trump Cult, it’s the other way around: immoral leaders produce immoral populations and moral leaders produce moral populations.

Why else would this or any other election matter?

And as a large percentage of Trump fans are of the protestant persuasion -White and rural or at least suburban- it would seem that the long held conviction of the reformation is now rejected.

I know this because I speak from experience. In the Bible Belt it has long been the rallying cry that a “revival amongst the people” must come first.

But as Americans, even White conservative Christian ones, are hedonistic to such an extreme that it would make the denizens of Sodom and Gomorrah blush, the surrender to a 'good’ autocratic leader/elite is now seen as the only viable option to “turn things around”.

Look at the passions around these elections.

It would seem that we are no longer electing a president, but an emperor....or a Pope.

What comes later on down the road?

The people are not waking up.

They are simply being seduced into a different dream.

You are being had.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Far Left Is The Right?...

On one end of the spectrum is personal freedom (liberalism).

On the other end of the spectrum is collective -group- freedom (traditionalism).

It’s interesting to see conservatives denouncing identity politics.

Racial/Ethnic group identity as a political expression is the bedrock or traditional, conservative societies.

So yes, the right in America are very far to the left.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rock And A Dead Place...

Some friends were recently debating about which classic rock band was the most overrated.

Let’s be honest. Every band that has made it to radio, tv or vinyl over the past 100 years has been overrated.

That’s because the 20th century was the era when technology made a captive audience of us all.

Radio. Television. Yes, the printing press.

What other options did we have?

Of course Elvis made it big. Radio pushed his “music” nonstop, 24 hours a day, for years. And before him, Frank Sinatra and after him the Beatles, etc, etc.

But the 50s and rock and roll is when corporations cemented their hegemony over the culture.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that rock and roll songs sound exactly like commercial jingles? The short, catchy, three-chord riffs and vocal hooks.

Compare the Oscar Meyer Wiener Song to any song by Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Guns N Roses, Nirvana and every band or “artist” in between and after.

It’s all structured the same way -short (always less than 10 minutes, usually less than 5), verse -chorus-verse, vocal hook, etc.

It’s all exactly the same.

By design.

And every genre of pop music conforms to that model: country, folk, bluegrass, r&b, jazz rap, etc. The exceptions are, what? Progressive Rock? Death metal?

Music, like architecture, effects your mind. It effects the way you experience the world.

And thus effects the way you imagine the world could be.

Pop music is rat poison covered in sugar.

Much like politics. And the economy. And religion. And Media. And higher education, etc.

Corporate hegemony not only cornered the market on "art" and entertainment, it built airtight walls around it and sealed it up like a crypt.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

D Is For Dad Dethroned...

There’s a reason why fathers don’t get the respect they deserve.

That being, that fathers have no actual authority anymore.

We live in welfare state -a police state.

Fathers have zero authority. (neither do mothers)

All actual authority today belongs exclusively to the state.

From state oversight of birth to compulsory education, the bureaucracy rules all.

Parents are middlemen.

Oh you can get permission to exercise some authority, such as homeschooling. But you MUST get permission from the state first.

So yes, parents do fail their children.

Because parents have their authority forcibly removed from them. And their children sense and see this. My generation did and so did the one before that and so too does the one today.

So parents can’t really be parents.

And the authority of the state to inject itself into family matters is unnatural.

And the result is unnatural family environments.

It’s not difficult to see the results of that, is it?

From Woodstock to LGBTQRST....


But The Economy!...

Conservatives are thumping their chests over the “booming economy” even though it isn’t really booming.

But even if it were it only reinforces the short attention spans of people.

Anybody remember the crippling recessions of the 70'?

Sorry, I meant stagflation.

Anybody remember the boom of the early 80's?

How about the bust of the mid 80's?

The boom of the late 80's?

The recession of the early 90's?

The boom of the mid-90's?

The bust of 2000?’

The boom of the 2000‘s?

The crash of 2007?

How shortsighted do you have to be pin your hopes on an economic cycle that goes round and round and round and round and round....?

And this is made all the worse because Americans, even on the poorest end of the spectrum, are living like like spoiled, fat little pigs-in-shit.

You do know that the Internet is a decadent little non-essential luxury, right?

Ditto television, phone service, electricity and running water.
Ditto grocery stores and gas stations with the cheap gas.

Ditto property and health insurance.

And you do know that you don’t work for any of those luxuries, right?

They are gifted to you by the effeminate, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-open borders, pro-White genocide oligarchs that rule over you.

They use you like a Duracell battery and when you are no longer of use they toss you in the garbage and replace you with another.

And They are both Democrat and Republican. Liberal and Conservative.

So keep voting.

Enjoy the free goodies.

Celebrate “muh jobs”.

You are being had.

You are a tool.


Monday, August 27, 2018

Trump Is Not Hitler...

Rather, Hitler was Trump.

In a sense.

Everything that has been said about Hitler is what was true of his enemies.

Take a good long look at the world today. Look at the invasion from open borders, the promotion of homosexuality and transvestism, the totalitarian brutality of the leftwing ruling class, the political correctness, the economic manipulation, etc..

And as you look at it all


Hitler lost.

The world you see today is the world that was crafted by Hitler’s enemies after his defeat.

Like it?

Everything that they have claimed Hitler tried to do, is exactly what they have done. And are doing.

You are being had.