Sunday, April 22, 2018

Could War Break Out This Week?...

Do you know what happens when I use a header like that? Visits to the blog double or triple.

And if I post more frequently page views go up and stay up.

And if I post on topical, news-of-the-day, type of stories, page views go up and stay up.

That must be a powerful temptation to some bloggers and vloggers.

But the problem with being topical is that you feed the beast. Media dominates through saturation of its narrative. And its narrative is crafted by carefully selecting news stories to cover and thus make topical for Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom.

So when the alternative media picks up on official news stories of the day and comments on them, it only empowers the thing that it claims to be opposed to.

As long as we acknowledge the narrative crafted by the media, we’re doomed.

And as to the issue of impending war, have you seen what’s happening on the streets of the USA?

Violence is spreading like a wildfire. Protests and identity-riots are increasing. Robbery, assault, rape and murder are skyrocketing -even as the media hides them and most people are too busy reading about what’s going on in Syria to notice what’s happening right next to them.

Turn off your TV and stop reading “the news” and you’ll discover that your immediate surroundings either are, or are becoming, a war zone.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

In Spite Of Our Differences...

It’s always interesting to see how a diverse group of people can come together and become an amorphous blob that exists only to serve the mechanics of the corporate state.

You’ll notice people never come together for any other reason than to server a corporate state.

They all have the same sense of fashion. Even their anti-fashion is trendy.

They have the same New England schoolmarm lilt of speech, beginning ever sentence with, “so”.

Their political world-view is fundamentally monolithic, be they conservative or liberal.

Ditto their social world-view.

Their understanding of history is kosher.

Their knowledge of philosophy is based in and around current identity politics.

I could go on.

The point should be obvious.

It’s like feminism telling women that they can’t be truly free until they go to work for a corporation.

All hail the corporate-state.


Friday, April 20, 2018

You Can’t Bombadil Forever...

In Lord Of The Rings there was the mysterious, and seemingly god-like, figure of Tom Bombadil.

In the ever darkening world of Middle Earth, Tom and his wife Goldberry lived in an island of peace and tranquility where the forces of darkness dared not go.

Tom was “master”, you see. And the One Ring of power held no appeal (and thus no power) over him. He neither desired it nor did its power have any effect upon him.

There has been much debate over Tom. Some have even theorized that he was God incarnate in Middle Earth.

But this is missing the point entirely.

We learn from the wise Elves and Gandalf that Tom is “master” within the borders he has set for himself. And we also learn that if the whole world would fall to the powers of darkness, Tom would fall too.

Tom’s power, you see, was his aloofness. He and Goldberry had set up their own reality within the world and simply ignored the encroaching darkness.

In modern parlance, he and his wife sold the family home, bought an RV and travel the country in self-absorbed, self-centered bliss.

There are a lot of Bombadils out there today.

Today’s Bombadils have found ways to redefine their own existence so that they don’t see the encroaching darkness all round them. Or they find ways to dismiss the darkness as the mere shade of a passing cloud.

They may be happy and at peace for the time being, but the enemy will find them too, even if he finds them last.

There are indeed ways to redefine your own parameters so as to insulate your world from the real world.

But it won’t work forever.

You may not see the darkness, but the darkness sees you.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reinventing The Wheel Without Making It Square...

That’s what trying to co-opt the system amounts to.

That’s what trying to slap patriotism on  Americanism is.

That’s what redefining freedom to mean personal choice is.

“A farm is not a place to grow wealthy. It’s a place to grow corn.”
                                                                                    -Andrew Lytle

A nation is not a place. A nation is an ethnic group.

The errors of today are fundamentally conceptual.

So yeah, we're in deep shit.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

It Ain’t Over...

The situation in the mid-east is still unfolding.

It’s Spring. Spring is when wars start, not when they end.

More false flags likely.

Which is somewhat comforting in that they still feel the need to deceive us rather than simply order us to war without reasons given.

But that day will come too.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How Close To WWIII?...

Between an inch and a mile.

No one knows. Or at least most of us don’t.

The situation in Syria is a make or break moment for either Russia or America.

Here’s something to keep in mind,

When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 it did something unexpected: an earthquake caused the entire north side of the mountain to slide away, sending the eruption northwards instead of straight up.

No one  really expected that.

The damage was more significant than anyone imagined.

The ‘how’ of the thing caught everyone off guard.

They were expecting something vertical,

and instead they got something (almost) horizontal.

The point is it’s hard to plan ahead for something like this.

All we can do is not be surprised if and when things go horizontal.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Moral Of Morals...

Morals are born out of the recognition of the limitations of power. It’s only when a conqueror reaches the point of exhaustion that he then appeals to the good neighbor policy.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tyrants & Heretics...

Did you know,

that heretic derives from the Greek hairetikós, which means able to choose?

A heretic is someone that has rejected natural authority and makes his own decisions about his life.

No bowing to hierarchy, parents, patriarchy or traditions. No, just you deciding how you will live “your own life”.

Freedom, as it is defined in America, is heresy.

Personal Liberty is not only heresy, it is also unreasonable, selfish, destructive -or in other words, insane.

Forget that the First Commandment forbids religious freedom and just consider that the enshrinement of the concept has, in practice, led to the death of religion.

Forget that marrying whom you please and moving from state to state in search of a better job destroys large scale extended family society and community structures and just consider that fact that the children born into such circumstances grow up atomized and willing to embrace multiculturalism, open borders and globalism.

I could go on.

Take a good long look around you.

Fat, stupid, self-absorbed and easily manipulated worker drones are everywhere.

Families are gone. Permanent, multi-generational communities are anathema. Christianity openly mocks and denigrates whats left of itself. Homosexuality is openly paraded around. Men are dressing like women and women are increasingly acting like brutish drunken sailors. The joint two party system ruling the land makes clear their contempt for those who vote for them and hordes of thridworlders are pouring in to rape, pillage and plunder what they can see is a dying ugly, bloated empire ripe for the picking.

In closing I would point out that in the middle ages a tyrant was defined as a ruler who rejected God’s law (traditions, hierarchy, nature) and did what seemed right in his own eyes.

One of the descriptors of the Anti-Christ in the bible is “the man of lawlessness”.

Which is to say, a man who is “able to choose”. He is a tyrant and he is lawless because he lives “his life” as he chooses and leads others to do so too.

Sound familiar?

Look in the mirror.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Oh So Evil, Oh So Whatever...

One wonders how far it can go.

How many excuses can be concocted...and then embraced.

If you don’t see that we are living a hellish nightmare today, then not only is your mind lost but so is your soul.

But isn’t it amazing how far things have gone?

And even more amazing is our sedate response to it.

But lets be honest, half of society is depraved and frenzied orcs and the other half is decadent self-righteous hedonists.

And always a constant, whispering in our ears, are the politicians, preachers and pundits assuring us that there is nothing we can do about it and that the desire to resist this evil is racist and bigoted -irrational and controversial...backwards and ignorant.

Amazing really.

Not that I have any answers.

At this point we're all just along for the ride.

But you can't help but wonder when and where the ride ends for this whole thing.

It's fascinating and horrifying to watch.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The 2nd Amendment...

Far be it for me, a critic of the whole system, including the constitution, to step into the debate, but, hey, you have to use what’s available as best you can and the right to bear arms is THE red line issue, so...

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Yes, it can be interpreted different ways.

So be it.

Here’s one,

The amendment is saying two things.

 A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,


the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Yes, the militia in question is the Army.

So, since a physical, political, State needs an army to secure its physical integrity from outside threats,

and since the State and its army can (and has) also be used to oppress and even murder the people,


the people must have the right to keep and bear arms too. 

Is that clear?

The government has a legitimate need for an official military. But since governments often turn on their own people and use their military to do so, the people must also be armed as well, if the need should arise to defend themselves against their own government and its military.

End of story.


if someone asks the question, “who needs that kind of weapon?”

Respond as follows,

‘We either have the right to keep and bear arms or we don’t. Need has nothing to do with it.’

Remember, leftists always pose questions that aren’t actually questions. They have no desire to strike up an honest debate. No, they use such questions as a talking point to win points and stifle conversation.



I guarantee you that if a leftist utters two sentences the second will contradict the first.

But they don’t care.

They use rhetoric as a blunt instrument to attack.

Never forget that.

Oh, and "what about the children?"

You wouldn't let those teachers borrow your car for 8 hours a day so why in God's name do you turn your kids over to them?



Where's The Dissent?...

Church & State

The state licences churches.

The state licences and regulates the accreditation (and finances) of seminaries and Christian universities.

The state taxes churches (unless the church is granted corporate tax exemption by the state).

There is not a single aspect of churches that is not regulated by the state. From building codes to marriage officiations to funeral arrangements, the state rules the churches.

And, strangely enough, there is not one issue upon which the churches dissent from the state.

Imagine that!

From abortion to gay marriage the churches support, 100%, the state mandates.

Of course the churches hide behind the claim that abortion and gay marriage are individual choices

and yet

it was the state that legalized, endorsed and codified both.

Without state recognition and protection, abortion and gay marriage would not be possible without sever recrimination and punishments.

And yeah, I know Christians will parrot the question-that’s-not-a-question talking point of, “is it the churches duty to get into politics or save souls?”

The problem is that those “saved souls” are,

A. participating in abortion and gay marriage

B. financially or morally supporting abortion and gay marriage

C. remaining neutral about both

And all three options are sanctioned as acceptable positions by the state.

Imagine that!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Re-Up (Affirmation Consultation)...

Liberals, Conservative, Libertarians, Social Justice Warriors, Missionaries, Etc,

Where do they come from?

What drives them?

Who cares.

But they are all of the same vine in one way: the need to have their beliefs affirmed by other people.

Whether it’s social justice warriors, new atheists or bible thumpers, they just can’t be content in themselves with what they assert. They have to find the nearest soap box.

That’s because they “lack faith” in what they preach.

Case in point: the other day I found myself conversing with one of the Brides of Christ and he-she (it was a man, but he is a bride of jesus, so...) attempted to go all C.S. Lewis,

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Do you believe in God?’

Me: ‘No’.

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Why not?’

Me: ‘Gut Instinct’.

He-she dropped the matter. It was an insurmountable brick wall for a member of the harem of Jesus.

But it also works for the other ideologues.

It’s a devastating blow to the presuppositions of post-enlightenment nut-cases, but logic and reason not only do not factor into how people live their lives, it also does not persuade people to “change their minds” on anything.

People are driven by instinct: Hunger, Desire, Need & Want. Emotions such as love and hate are utilized by instinct for function -which is why they come and go, based on Needs and Wants.

Logic and Reason are used and applied in much the same way. The use of them is driven by Gut Instinct and applied wildly as befits hunger, desire need or want.

You can make special appeals to “muh jesus” or “muh science” all day long, but the reason you are even making the appeal is your own personal hunger, desire, need or want.

“Just Because” is, actually, the most honest answer to the challenge of “why”.

People believe in something or disbelieve in something on gut instinct alone.

Evidence is not applied to appeal to reason to persuade. Evidence is a crude weapon you wield when your gut shouts, “Charrrrrrrge!”


Sunday, March 18, 2018

If Not God, Man?...

     God                     Man
If not authority, personal freedom.

If not theocracy, freedom of religion.

If not a monarchy, the rights of man.

If not a hierarchy, independence.

If not tradition, personal choice.

If not a God, a personal savior.

Which side of the above columns do you affirm?

Every single Christian I know is a radical secular humanist.

Which puts me, a non-believer, in the strange position of defending objective truth against people who constantly proclaim “muh Jeusus” while simultaneously affirming their loyalty to subjectivism.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who Wins WWIII?...

World War III -a nuclear exchange between Russia and America (and America's vassals in Europe)- was meant to happen last year under a president Hillary.

Trumps win set it back a while, which is why the system began to convulse in demon-like contortions when he won.

Now why in the world would they want this?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Part of it is obviously, insanity. The elite in “the west” are, apparently, of the opinion that the next big “turning” is here and must be helped along to come about.

And insane and evil, they are.

Promoting mass migration via open borders and “refugees”.
Forcibly normalizing homosexuality and so-called transgenderism.
Legalizing abortion.
Attacking the family,

the list goes ever on.

The “west” today is bat-shit f@*king evil crazy.

Another part of it is hubris.

The complete destruction of billions of people may well be the inevitable climax of the Boomers legacy, which has been nothing but death and destruction of their nations.

The Boomers are old. They will soon die. But they are so self-absorbed that they cannot imagine a world without them. So they may wish to “take it with them”.

An obvious part of it is Israel.

The chosenites feel that the moment is right for their ascendancy to unquestioned rule. The destruction of America, Europe and Russia would, hypothetically, leave Israel as the premier power in the world -discounting China as a regional east-Asian power.

Jewish hatred of Whites has been palpable for about 2,300 years. But today it is out in the open and they publicly salivate and cackle at the prospects of the destruction of all White peoples around the world.

Then there is money and power.

Big, big deals are on the line and these business arrangements will engineer the future of human development.

There can, therefore, be only one vision of the future. So you’re either on board on you’re a threat.

There can’t be multiple captains of multiple visions of the mono-ruled globe. It’s bad for the vision and it’s bad for the pre-ordained victor’s business deals.

Last (at least for this list) is ideology.

There are many people who live by ideology, rather than necessity.

These people are fanatically dedicated to their ideology of “freedom and equality”. And to these ends, which “freedom and equality” lead, mean the  means by which to get us all there must be totalitarian and destructive.

All that is traditional and true must be attacked, sequestered, purged and annihilated.

You can see how such an ideology will run headlong into a brick wall while telling itself that the wall can be turned into a marshmallow if it just believes.

This brick wall of reality just happens to be an intense fire that will lead to the near end of human life on earth.

So who wins WWIII?

Ironically, the answer seems to be: all those who have a death wish.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Who Won WW II?...

You are living in the ARW, Allied Ruled World.

Like it?

For over seven decades we have been conditioned to sing the praises of the "good guys" defeat of the "bad guys".

The Third Reich, we are told, was the embodiment of evil and oppression; of tyranny and bigotry.

Yet for over six decades the children of the ARW, even as they sing the praises of the Allied defeat over the "evil" Nazis, have watched, as year after year, their freedoms have been taken away, their rights diminished, their nations bankrupted and dismantled and flooded with hordes of foreigners (who rape and murder people on their own streets), their culture attacked and derided, their numbers diminish and their hastening extinction celebrated as "diversity".

For 70+ years the peoples of the Allied Nations have been celebrating their own demise.


Who really won WWII?

And who really lost?


Monday, March 12, 2018

You’re Defending Your Turf, Not The Universe...

The mistake of conservatives is the central tenet of globalists.

Which is, that there must be one monolithic culture, law, religion, society, etc and that this must be acknowledged by one and all.

In other words,

White conservatives don’t want to admit that they are one of many tribes defending their unusual, particular, turf.

Which is the truth.

There is no “consensus” about peripheral, let alone fundamental, notions of societal organization -law-morality-ethics, and there never will be.


Different strokes for different folks.

If you are White and conservative then your people are White and conservative.

That’s it.

That’s your people.

Your people are different than other peoples.

Your notions of art, beauty, truth, life, purpose, faith, family and country is very, very different from other peoples. Very different.

And it is not, nor should it be, transplantable or adaptable for other peoples.

You have your own turf.

Defend it.

Stop living under the violent delusion that your own turf should also be the whole world.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

They Aren’t Working With Them. They Just Are...

We all know who (((they))) are. That semitic tribe who’s hatred of Europeans knows no bounds...nor constraints. And the list of crimes they’ve committed grows ever longer by the year.

But what about Them?

Them are the ideologues of The West.

Some of us have, in the past, referred to The West as though it were synonymous with Whites and our way of life.

But to many, ‘The West’ is an ever evolving, ever expanding, project representing objective and inevitable progress from ignorance and primitivism.

For these people, The West is the vanguard of progress, rather than one of many different ways of living.

This mentality was inherited from the Roman Empire who, in imitation of the Greeks, declared all those not within the empire to be barbarians and savages. Uncivilized, in other words.

And this worldview was passed down to Christendom where all those who would not bend a knee to Christ (usually rural people) were deemed pagans and heathens. Uncivilized, in other words.

Today, this worldview is seen among the fey, decadent, rulers of “the west” who view as unsophisticated and uneducated hicks any and all who do not abide by their cosmopolitan code of ethics, such as they are.

The elite of the West want to impose a monolithic political and social culture upon the entire world, because it’s civilized and in opposition to ignorance and backwardness.

Coincidentally, jews just happen to believe they are ordained by their god to rule over the whole world.

So the rulers of the west are working to bring about the infrastructure that the jews will then be able to utilize to rule.

Is this evidence of a vast conspiracy or of convergence of disparate goals?

As I’ve said elsewhere,  White people have an unhealthy need to have their notions validated by other people.

From supposed satanists turning to Jesus, to dictatorships becoming democracies, White people convulse in relieved ecstasy at having their own ideas and beliefs confirmed by the actions of others. And they crumble into tears and scream at the heavens when others reject their ideas and beliefs.

This pathology has played a large part in not just the destruction of White people’s societies but other races’ cultures as well.

One might say that the ‘Two Towers’ of the Dark Lord are Rome and Jerusalem.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

They Want To Divide Us?...

Conservatives like to claim that the left are trying to divide us.

Is this true?


It is the left that pushes for the end of borders, nations (ethnicities), religions and the family because those things are divisive.

It is the left that sought to decriminalize race mixing, homosexuality and cross dressing because to do so creates inequality and division.

The left’s entire purpose for existing is to unite all the world under one government, religion, culture, language and ethos.

Trying to divide us?  Please.

As I’ve said before, conservatives have no beliefs or principles of their own.

Conservative political and social language is derived entirely from Liberal language.

Because conservatives are the right wing and liberals are the left wing of the same hideous beast.

American conservatives in particular don't seem to realize how radically leftist they are.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Muh Feee Speech! Muh Civility!...

Conservatives are crying about censorship and a lack of “civility” on the part of liberals.

These are the same conservatives who were “meh” on Confederate statues being illegally torn down.

There are the same conservatives that feel the urge to publicly distance themselves from White nationalists because “racism”.

These are the same conservatives who recoil like a vampire to sunlight if you point out the pernicious jewish influence upon society and immediately purge you, Stalin like, from their forums.

The list goes on.

And “civility” has always been the excuse of the right to marginalize and censor those who’s points of view they seek to silence.

"Civility" is to the right what "hate speech" is for the left.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Shut It Down!...

Speaking of stopping the rubes from gathering to talk -anybody remember the ‘Discussions’ and ‘Blogs" search options on Google?

They were once there along with ‘videos’, ‘news’, 'images’ ‘maps’, ‘books’ etc.

They were, of course, a great way for people to find other people interested in the same topics and with similar worldviews.

So naturally they were purged -around late 2013 I believe.

Sort of like how Youtube searches now return commercial options predominantly and so you now have to dig around to find a regular person's channel.

It's now Themtube.

RIP Internet.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

To Defeat The Liberals...

...You Must First Defeat The Conservatives.

Because conservatives are the front line of defense for liberaldom.

Put it this way,

the two opposing camps in the social/political sphere can be roughly divided as follows,

        us                             them
Hierarchy                   Equality
Family/tribe               Personal Freedom
Tradition                    Progress

“Freedom & Equality” was Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden.

It was also the rallying cry of the American and French Revolutions.

And both Liberals and Conservatives are children of the revolution.

They only differ in how and when it’s principles are to be applied.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Paganism vs. Theism...

Theism takes from what is given (aka, “natural law”)

Paganism takes what is needed. 

It’s a thumbnail, but it gets to the point.

And this is keeping in mind that we’re not talking about supernatural entities here. We’re talking about reaction to existence.

As such, modern atheism also falls into the theism category due to its appeal to science, which is just another attempt to take from what is, in a hypothetical pursuit of naturalistic answers.

The Pagan knows there are no answers. Only temporary satiation.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You Might Be A Russian Shill If...

I’ve not really followed the soap opera of state very closely but it’s quite telling that the general thrust of the controversy is that,

Russia used ads in social media that were critical of Clinton and favorable to Trump.

That’s it.

Do you realize that?

The deep state is not claiming that Russia rigged vote machines.

No, what they are claiming is that Russia used advertisements critical of the democrats.

What this whole thing boils down to, is the assertion that you, the ignorant peasant, was tricked into voting for Trump because the Russians placed ads online that convinced you to.

So not only can the Russians not be trusted, but neither can you! You’re too dumb. Too easily mislead.

Russiagate comes down to one core assertion: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED WRONG.

That’s it.

The whole investigation now is simply to find out how and why and to make sure you never vote wrong again.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Anointed By Media...

It’s sad to have to cover this ground again, but the media is back baby!

Look, fame is not worked for or earned.

Fame is not the result of talent, hard work or dedication.

If you have “heard of that guy before”, then there is a reason.

It’s not chance.

The ONLY PEOPLE who become famous and get national exposure in media are those who’ve been anointed by the powers that be to go forth and preach the gospel of liberal democracy, aka globalism.

It’s that simple.

If you utter one word in dissent against the system you will be ignored at best and destroyed at worst.


Friday, February 23, 2018

About Crisis Actors...

Of course they exist.

All media is theater. 

That newsroom on TV is a set inside a tv studio.

The talking head sitting at the desk is an actor reading a script.

“Stories” are just that: concocted narratives that have an “engaging” narrative flow.

It’s always been this way.

From the earliest days of the press, journalizm has been a tool to manipulate and deceive and entertain.

Basic Journalizm 101:

Five Alarm Fire Story,

Story requires narrative for readers.

Event: Dastardly Fire.

Protagonist: Poor widow woman.

Hero: Fireman who saved widow woman’s child.

Villain: Greedy land lord who didn’t keep his building up to code. 

Ending: Several tragic deaths. Mayor investigates. Widow woman reunited with her child in hospital. Hero Fireman given medal. 

Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.


"Don’t Blame The 2nd Amendment"...

"Blame the unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies for not doing what they were created to do....which is violate all the other amendments."

That’s the conservative response.

Conservatives are actually criticizing the completely unconstitutional FBI for not being an effective enough tool of an out of control totalitarian state.

Oh, and they’re also blaming the ineffectiveness of the Big Brother “school security” and local police.

Apparently, we need a bigger and better police state.

I guess that’s because conservatives are also too frightened to bring up the fact that public schools are now, as they always have been, a meat grinding factory that the state uses to take children from parents and away from family culture.

And conservatives are too frightened to bring up the media onslaught of attempting to normalize homosexuality and cross dressing and race mixing and all the other accoutrements of cultural marxism and globalism, and how that is destroying people’s spirits and minds.


This is what it has been since 1776.

Murica was founded by a bunch of oligarchs who were backed by international merchants.

It had no official race, ethnicity, language, religion or culture.

Sort of like Babylon, isn’t it?

“Personal Freesom” is the rallying cry.

And so Muricans celebrate the right of a man to call himself a woman but cry in outrage if a town declares itself White...or Anglo-Saxon....or Baptist -that’s discrimination.

Thus conservatives have no arguments.

All conservative arguments are liberal in nature.


The opposite of marxism and globalism is not Trump or Reagan or George Washington.

No, the opposite of marxism and globalism is Arminius and Queen Isabella.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Media Induced Sensation...

I remember on September 11, 2001 somebody came and told me about the attacks and told me it was on TV.

I stopped my work and went in and saw a replay of the building falling.

I thought, ‘it‘s a crazy world’ and then went back to work.

You see I never have, nor never will, live in New York.

I know of no one who has or does.

And I didn’t own the buildings.

So why should I give it much thought?

Because it’s a human tragedy?

I know of lots of human tragedies locally -happening all the time.

People within my little corner of the world die every day. A lot of them I don’t know and never met and so their death doesn’t impact or bother me in the least.

When someone I know dies it does impact or bother me, in varying degrees -feelings that range from being heart broken to thinking, good riddance.

It is unnatural to be distraught and have your thoughts filled with an event that does not immediately impact you.

Empathy is no excuse, because in reality

even when it does impact you directly, you’re over it in a few days -a couple weeks at the most.

Life goes on.

That’s reality.

The world keeps right on spinning round and round.

Media is theater.

It takes real things and turns them into generic pretenses for the purpose of manipulating the audiences emotions.

And having your emotions manipulated can be a very addictive drug.

Today the world is nothing but theatre.

You are either on stage or in the audience.

Be it in front of your tv, in school, in church or at the movies, you are spending far too much of your time in front of some sort of stage.

We might amend Shakespeare’s take on it to read,

‘All the worlds a stage, and 99.9% of us are in the audience.’

Form & Manner...

Have you ever, in your life, come across a single woman who exhibits, in any way, the mannered characteristics of the seductress or vixen of stage and cinema?

I don’t mean characterizing or role playing here.

I mean everyday natural form and manner, even in the bedroom.

No, you havn’t.

The makeup heavy, lingerie wearing, “sensually posing” characters of the musical/cabaret/moulin rouge presentations is not an over the top exaggeration of seductive women, or even hookers.

Theatrical/Media “Sexy” is presented in a form and exhibiting a manner that has no corollary among even the most randy of actual human females or their ready-for-action characteristics, period.

Or put another way, the music video slut is NOT an exaggeration of the real life slut because the real life slut has no semblance of the manner or form of the music video slut.

The media slut is not an exaggerated female as it has no link, what so ever, to actual, real sluts.

Even the most attractive of women participating in slut walks carry no resemblance whatsoever to the theatrical/media slut.

So what the hell is it?

And who created it?

It is interesting to note that the men currently claiming to be women present themselves in the fullness of “transition” by neither looking nor acting like an actual woman, but by dressing and mimicking the theatrical thing that is supposed to be an exaggerated representation of  a woman but which has no corollary in the real world.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Of Gods And Exercise...

I’m not a believer in the supernatural. There are no ghosts or spirits or spirit worlds. If there were, there would be. But there’s not so there ain’t.

But I am a pagan. And a bit heathen.

Pagan from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

Heath un-cultivated land

Pagan means non-city dweller and heathen means un-cultivated, or un-cultured.

I often see Christians demure abandoning Christianity in favor of paganism on the grounds that the old rituals and customs are lost.

It’s an odd, but revealing, argument.

It’s like saying you can’t switch from a daily meal of fish to steak because you don’t remember how to digest steak.

Paganism is the default. It’s natural. It’s instinct.

 Is raking leaves in the Fall a ritual? Is brushing your teeth a ritual? Is mending a broken bone a ritual?

Pagan customs, or rituals, stem from surviving day to day.

Harvesting food in late summer is necessary to live through the winter. But as it’s done at the same time every year with the same tools and stored away by the same means, it could be called  ritualistic.

What separates heathen/pagan rituals from religious rituals is that the pagan rituals are simply tried and true methods for surviving that just happen to be required cyclically.

Sharpening a blade before you cut the wheat could be seen as a ritual, but then so could tying your shoes before going for a walk.

You will never have to contend with a spirit or ghost.

But you do have to contend with the weather.

You will never have need to save your soul.

But you will have need to save food for the winter.

Rituals that are performed to answer mysteries, is decadence.

Worshiping a god that transcends this world is perversion.

Going for a walk to get a bit of exercise = being pagan.


Monday, February 19, 2018

How You Know The One-God Is False...

Let’s compare Gravity to the one-god.

The reality of gravity is recognized in the absence of temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

The reality of the one-god, on the other hand, requires temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

You find very few apologists engaging in debates about the existence of gravity.

But with the one-god, an unending stream of apologists and debates are required, generation after generation, to proclaim and defend what its adherents ultimately assert is self-evidently true.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Understanding The Plan pt. II...

Trump fans are claiming that the the most recent indictments are vindication of Trump.

The Powers That Be are not operating in that sort of paradigm.

Back in 2001, immediately after the twin towers fell, vice President Dick Cheney was asked if Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the events.

Cheney answered in a firm and absolute no almost before the question got past the lips of the interviewer. Afghanistan was the immediate target.

A year later a large portion of the public was suddenly under the firm impression that Saddam and Iraq were (in some way) behind the attacks of 911 and therefore supported the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

First no.
Then yes. Or at least, maybe.

This is a classic tactic. You deny it at first so that you can be all shocked and “saddened” later when the evidence forces you to affirm.

This way it looks less like a planned agenda. And it works.

There were no Americans named in the 13 indictments.

But how much you wanna bet a month or two from now Americans WILL be indicted for interfering in the elections?

Hey, it’s just where the ongoing investigation led.

And if you cast a large enough net you can catch anybody. Six degrees of separation sort of thing.

But what about Nunes and the memos and OIG report?


the RINO’s want Trump out.

The memo’s and the OIG are meant to embarrass the Democrats for the mid terms and bargain the Deep State back over to the other side of the aisle. Nothing more.

The GOP sees the opportunity as follows: the bad ol’ democrats take down Trump, legally. But hey, he made his own bed so boo hoo. But the good ol’ republicans take the lefties to the woodshed on their misuse of the FBI and State Department.


Democrats sidelined for an election cycle.
Trump removed from the Whitehouse.
GOP RINOs reign victoriously.

This is why Trey Gowdy said the memo had nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation.
It doesn’t.

The GOP -Nunes, Grassley, Graham, Gowdey, Sessions- are downright giddy at the prospects of the dems taking down Trump via Mueller.

What Nunes, Grassley, Sessions et al are working on, is the breaking down of the Democrat-dominated FBI and State Department.

If all goes well, Trump will be impeached and the FBI (and Deep State) will become exclusive tools of the GOP at right around the same time period.

There is no investigation.

There is a coup in progress.

The investigation is theater to justify the coup.

All the GOP are doing it trying to leverage their own position for the aftermath.

Could the coup fail?


But the above scenario appears to be the plan in progress.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

“We” Hold These truths...But Who Is “We”?

Freemasonic egalitarian ideas are so “self evidently” true that secret societies had to be formed to perpetuate them.

And then they organized and financed violent mobs to overthrow and murder the monarchs and priests by conspiring in secret and operating from the darkest of shadows.

Then they used an endless stream of propaganda to cover up/excuse their crimes.

Not to mention that “we” now tolerate open borders, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism and god knows what’s next, via judicial judges that were appointed, not elected.

Self-evident my ass.

It’s been less than 250 years since the American and French Revolutions and the enshrinement of freedom and equality by “we”.

"We" are called the Deep State today.


take a good long look around you and ask yourself if the rest of us share in the victory of this revolution, or if we are its victims.


Friday, February 16, 2018

So If I Understand The Plan...

According to the Qanon world of interpretative dialectics the grand plan unfolds as follows,

Trump gets indicted, or at least implicated by Mueller and is either impeached or, more likely, allowed to step down -thereby discrediting his supporters too.


the democrats will get theirs and be greatly embarrassed by the whole Fusion/FBI controversy,

which will, in turn, enable the RINO’s to sweep the midterms again in 2018

and pave the way for...

 a president Lindsey Graham in 2020.

That about it?

Helluva plan.

Enjoy the theater folks.


‘We Want Out’...

How’s that for a campaign slogan for 2018?

They want in? Fine. We want out.

Seriously, the writing is on the wall for Murica.

Stop DACA? Build the wall?

The population is already 330 million, officially. Unofficially it’s closer to 360 million and rapidly on its way to 450 - 500 million. -over 100 million were added in just the past 25 years-

Whites  went from around 90% of the population in 1965 to around 50% of the population today, maybe less.

Yeah, I know, officially Whites are around 62%, but the census counts tens of millions of hispanics and middle-easterners as “white”.

So yes, we are around 50%, probably less. And as a large chunk of that are elderly boomers and as Whites would rather have “nice things” than to have big families, the White population in Murica is set to crash to around 30% in the next few decades.

And this in the context of Whites only accounting to 8% of the total world population.

Again, stopping DACA and building the wall will not achieve jack-squat as the orcs already outnumber us in general population plus controlling the courts, media, law enforcement, military and so on.

For god’s sake, almost half of congress are now dual citizens.

Trump was fun to watch. It was fun to see the “strong independent women” collapsing into tears at his victory.

But the reality is Trump has not done (and will not do) anything different than Obama or Bush before him.

Remember, Trump believes in the multi-racial McBabaylonian gay-disco that is America. He just wants it to have better trade deals.

So, back to the intro,


The best and only possible course is to dissolve the US, as peacefully as possible.

If all parties don’t agree to that, then a great many of us would simply like to leave.

We don’t share America’s liberal socio-political hedonistic worldview on morals, ethics, governmental structuring, law, family, social mores and so on.

We want out.

We are leaving.

Yeah, I know. It’s like getting Lot to leave Sodom.

Still, it’s about the only option left.

Fleeing to “the country” won’t work anymore as the tens of millions more orcs that are coming (or the offspring of the ones already here) will quickly fill up every nook and cranny from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Two options: stay or leave. Form a separate nation and defend it, or stay and wait for the orcs to slaughter us.

It's gonna get even uglier either way


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Legalism is not strictly adhering to a set of laws, principles, ethics or standards and the application thereof.

Legalism is the practice of scouring primary sources to find loop holes to justify doing something you shouldn’t.

See, it’s obvious.

This is how the post-revolutionaries took words and concepts and 180'd them to mean the exact opposite of what they meant.

This is what we're dealing with.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Muh Freedumz! Muh Independentse!”...

How many TV networks do you own?

How many publishing houses?

How many global record labels?

When was the last time you hosted a show on CNN or Fox?

Why have you never had a top 40 hit song?

Why is your gas not $15.00 a gallon?

Why do you “go where the work is?”

Aren’t you glad we have socialism so companies are forced by the government to pay you more than a dollar a day?

Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy that food that is arranged and placed for you at conveniently located stores.

Speaking of which, aren’t you glad Big Brother regulates those stores to make sure their “food” is fresh and easy to reach?

Can you construct an iphone?

Can you build and operate your own high-speed Internet signals?

Can you build a car engine from raw steel?

Can you construct anything without having to buy some pre-made parts?

Aren’t you glad the State regulates hospitals, water, roads, bridges, electricity, housing, etc.


tell me about how you've worked hard for all that you have.

Tell me about freedom and independence, little mouse.

Or just cheer "USA, USA, USA"


Monday, February 12, 2018

Between An Alt-Right & An SJW...

Look kids,


there is no such thing as progress.

There is no utopia.

There’s not going to be cyborgs. Okay!?

Take a deep breath.

This is where the SJW’s and Alt-Right reveal their common element: youth.

19th Century painter Thomas Cole created a series of paintings called ‘Voyage of Life’.

The second painting in the series is called, ‘Youth’, in which the subject is a young man who sees castles in the sky. It’s a stage of life we all go through. For a while we think anything is possible and that life is full of endless possibilities. We’re stupid.

The third part of the series is called ‘Manhood’ and shows the subject in fear and desperation as he encounters reality -the turbulent and uncertain waters of his life’s journey.

The final painting depicts him as an old man being led to heaven by an angel.

Technological progress is not a result of advancement.

Technological progress is a stage all civilizations go through.

It is a stage created by accumulation of shit loads of gold, via war, murder, slavery and general exploitation.

When the money dries up -and it will -we go right back to donkey drawn carts.

Older, wiser, men know they can exploit your naivety about reality. And you may suspect that you are being exploited, but your enthusiasm and naivety is a biological reality -like hunger -so no matter how much you know about it, it is still there to be exploited.

You can’t escape it. You can only outgrow it by growing older.

Life is brief. Life is simple. And life has not changed in 30,000 years. And it will not change in another 30,000 years.

We are born, eat, shit, re-produce, grow old and die.

That’s it.

No castles in the sky.

No cyborgs.

No equality.

No progress.

Today is no different than yesterday. And tomorrow is exactly the same.

Hope is an emotion that evil men manipulate.

Optimism is cowardice.

Be wise and keep your eyes to the ground in front of you.

Be prepared.

Live life.

Keep it simple.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Christian Steadfastness...

According to it’s-the-current-year-Christians, Christianity changed its views on contraception,  slavery, race, gender roles, homosexuality and so on, ad infinitum.

This begs the question then: Are Christians weak and blow with the wind, or are they just unprincipled? 


VoxDay vs. Churchian: Churchian Wins...

Chruchian is, of course, a Marxist and as such sees Murica as a model for his beloved religion of  globalism.

Vox wants to defend Murica as a bastion of nationalism.

The problem for Vox  should be obvious: Hawaii was not one of the original 13 colonies.

In fact around 85% of the United States, as currently defined, was not part of the original 13 colonies who declared independence -only to be screwed over and lose their independence to “the union” via the constitution. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the George Soros and Bill Gates of their day.

America is a legal construct. It’s created on paper. Irregardless of what the average-Joe colonist presumed

It had no legally specified ethnicity, race, language, religion or even borders.

It’s kinda hard to square American nationalism with the Louisiana Purchase, no?

Dutch, Germans and Irish. Jews too. And then French speakers as Murica’s fluid borders kept moving. Then Spanish Speakers as Murica swallowed up the west. Indians, blacks, Chinese. And then half way out into the frickin Pacific Ocean!

And let’s not forget that Murica tried, TWICE, to invade and subsume Canada.

Since WWII western Europe and east Asia have been occupied by Murican military. And those countries that have been under the Murican thumb have seen their societies transformed into little-Murican McBabylons -and as such their populations are dying out and/or committing mass suicide.

America and all that it stand for is ground zero for the neo-Babylonian world order that is in ascendancy.

THIS is the problem with debating today. Our language has been thoroughly twisted around by the revolutionaries (merchants) who came to power during the industrial revolution/enlightenment.

We speak THEIR twisted language and our thoughts flow from their perverted re-writing of reality.

They’ll win every time if we operate in their paradigm.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, the definition of ‘Tyrant’ used to mean a ruler who denied God God’s rights.

Post-enlightenment the definition was altered 180 degrees to mean a ruler who denied people their rights.


Even the words we use and their meanings are completely different from theirs.

Imagine opening two dictionaries that all list the same words but have completely different definitions.

That’s where we’re at.

We have our own definitions that are contrary to theirs.

But if you use their definitions, you concede their paradigm. And they win, even if you’re a better debater.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Commies Will Win...

Under the current paradigm. 

It’s simple: Once industry and technology become the structure of society, Marxism is inevitable.

The Working Class is NOT a traditional class or social structure. There was no working class prior to the industrial revolution.

And the industrial revolution is the social restructuring upon which Marxism gestated.

Working class refers exclusively to factory workers, both in the old and modern sense.

A bit of history,

The Bolsheviks in Russia targeted the working class with Marxist propaganda and activism, but they didn’t bother with the peasants.

Because the peasants of Russia had a pre-industrial sub-society and culture. They were farmers. No factories. No mills. No electricity, etc.

There were no “workers” among the millions of peasants, just farmers -as they were living an agrarian life and in an agrarian culture.

No factories = no communism, globalism and so on. This is why the third world is targeted for “progress” as Marxist ideals cannot take root unless every man and woman is turned into a worker.

So the Soviets (aka, the working class and the intelligentsia) simply mass murdered millions of peasants, directly and through seizing farms and produce and causing an artificial famine.

I point all this out to make the obvious point. Which is, every American is a “worker”. Thus every American is a Marxist to one degree or another. It’s just a question of degrees.

This is why the left is predominant. It’s their world, based on their ideology and rooted in their socially-engineered construct.

Conservatives are nothing more than the right wing of post-industrial Marxism.

You want to defeat the commies?

Shut down the power grids, close the shops, destroy the factories....

Oops, I suddenly hear crickets.


Evil Asks Questions That Aren't Questions...

“We need to ask ourselves _____________________?”

“Can we really _____________________?”

“Is it reasonable to _______________________?”

 “Is this who we are?”

“Is this what we want for our future?”

"Is it really cheating if ______________________?"


Beware those who dress up intent of subversion and/or manipulation with a question mark.

““Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”
                                                                -Satan, Genesis 3:1


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Our Sacred Institutions?...

Every time you hear someone use the phrase “sacred institutions” in reference to parts of the US government, be it the FBI, the Presidency, The Military, etc,  you know that in Murica The State IS the Church.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Reverse Watergate?...

Not quite, but sorta.

There’s a reason why the stock market fell over 600 points.

It’s not what the memo says but what it represents.

Which is,

Civil War at the upper levels of government.

Or at least a powerful faction dissenting and making a bid to take the reigns itself.

There is a Rubicon moment and Murica has crossed it.

And to be clear, this has nothing to do with what the average American thinks.

This is about how leaders in other countries who are effectively under US domination think.

America is an empire and its unwilling vassals now see signs of chaos in the palace.

Do you understand that?

This is what the deep state fears.

It fears the reaction of the leaders of its vassal states around the globe.

That’s what this is all about.


Friday, February 2, 2018

The Big Happening!!!...

If you’re longing for a big something to come along and shake up the world, it means that your life is not just empty but that you are beginning to panic at the increasing awareness that time is slipping past you and you see no significance in your existence.

The desire for a ‘happening’ is, in many ways, a fear of death.

Getting up each morning and searching the news for signs of  a potential ‘happening’ is basically just  a panic attack.

Do something constructive. Plant a garden. Read a book.  Go for a walk! Anything!

It’s the little things in day to day life that add up to a big ‘happening’, aka, Living.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Aristotle Was Not A Pagan Philosopher...

Because he was not a pagan.

Pagan: from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

“Pagans” were non-urban people.

They had neither organized society nor centralized governing. And they certainly had no categorized or articulated cosmology or philosophy.

Did they have cosmology and philosophy?

Not in the way we think of them.

Because Pagan also means “district limited by markers” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag -”to fix”.

A fixed place, in other words. Something rooted.

As opposed to cosmopolitan, which implies either implicitly or explicitly, rootlessness and universal.

The world of the Pagan does not extend beyond the country of their particular, specific, people. Their rivers, forests, lakes and mountains are all solid boundaries of their existence, physically and spiritually. Which is why they can never be truly universal, cosmopolitan or civilized.

Pagans have also been called (condescendingly by the urbanized) Provincial -having a provincial worldview, notion of culture, music, art and so on.

Provincial of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded

You can see how all this might make defining pagan cosmology and philosophy-there-of, difficult.

In other words, an outsider might observe the pagan’s culture, society, organization, religion and philosophy, and describe it.....but the Pagans themselves do not observe or reflect on those things and thus do not contemplate them, let alone describe them. Because the pagan world is not planned. 

Again, the problem there should be obvious for a cosmopolitan (a civilized man) attempting to assign urban categorization to people who have no such self-aware categories.

Aristotle was a city boy espousing an urban world view and ideology.
Just like monotheists.

Thus Aristotle (and Plato, et al) was not a pagan.


Monday, January 29, 2018

How To Achieve Your Goals...

Step 1: Plan an action.

Step 2: Then provoke a reaction from a designated foe.

Now you can justify your action (goal) based on their re-action.

Of course you have to look for weaknesses in your target. Things that you know will piss them off, or stir their sympathy or provoke outrage and cause them to react as you anticipate.


you’ve now had a crash course in US internal and external politics, foreign diplomacy, the banking system, police ethics, the court system and, most importantly, democracy.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

You Can’t Beat Them If You Are Them...

Globalism, aka,  a One World Order functions towards one overarching end goal......Personal Freedom.

Every individual man and woman being able to decide for themselves -to live as they choose, is what the project of a one world order is all about.

Do you support the notion of Personal Liberty and Personal Sovereignty?

If so, then you are a globalist.

If you value personal freedom, then you have no coherent argument against open border, mass migration/immigration, gay marriage, “gender fluidity” and so on, etc, etc.

Hierarchies cannot co-exist with equality.


Class cannot co-exist with equality.

Race cannot co-exist with equality.

Biologically determined genders cannot co-exist with equality.

Borders cannot co-exist with equality.

The Family, as a biological unit,  cannot co-exist with equality.

And equality, aka Personal Freedom, cannot exist without an all powerful, trans-national, government supporting and enforcing it.


Friday, January 26, 2018

In A Democracy...

The following is a point made by Christophe Buffin de Chosal in an interview he did that I came across on youtube.

How many elected officials -congress, governors, senators, presidents -have ever been held accountable for their disastrous policies after they’ve left office?


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Freedom Is Another Word For Gluttony...

Where Personal Freedom is enshrined, the only recognized authority is Force. 

Or as N.G. Davalia put it, "When hierarchies abdicate the appetites rule."


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Isis Are Dreamers Too...

Isis are

1. Undocumented Immigrants/Migrants living and traveling abroad.

2. Just Children. Yes, Isis are just kids ranging between the ages of 15 and 45. Just like the Dreamers lining up to come to America range between the ages of 15 and 45. Not kidding.

2. So strong because they are so diverse. Isis are from African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, Turkey and even east-Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. And diversity is a strength after all. That’s probably why they’ve been so successful!

3. Hard workers. You never see a member of Isis just lounging around. They’re always working and contributing.

4. Have old fashioned family values. One thing you can’t accuse Isis of, is being hipsters.

5. Visionaries. You always see Isis tearing down statues and symbols of the past to make way for the new, new, world that represents the new reality.

6. Economic Stimulators. In their new countries and abroad, they stimulate the economy via building projects, re-building projects and military payrolls. They’ve single-handedly kept Toyota afloat during the recession.

7. Dreamers! Yes, Isis are dreamers. They are young, racially diverse, stimulate the economy and are challenging the old ways of doing things.

Now granted, Isis are still not as progressive as America is. After all, Isis has yet to legalize abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality or dressing children up as drag queens. So Murica still has the edge on them.

But they’re dreaming!


Avenging Tradition...

Traditions are not concocted. They are organic. They grow naturally -like a tree.

Progressivism is ideological conquest and imperialism dressed up as technological advancement, all for the blessed sake of practicality and convenience.

And practicality and convenience are excuses used to cultivate apathy and dependency, all for the blessed sake of diversity, which always looks like homogeneous corporate culture. Funny that.

To the Modernist there is nothing more violent than saying, No. To not give your assent to their depravity makes you an oppressor. Which is why they hate tradition, as it restrains.

Interesting bit of history,

In pre-enlightenment Europe a Tyrant was not a ruler who denied the people their rights. A Tyrant was a ruler who denied God God’s rights.

But “we the people” did what satan couldn’t -we overthrew God and placed ourselves on the throne.

Now oppression is merely prohibition of any and all human appetites.

FYI....unrestrained appetites are always, ALWAYS, destructive.

“Freedom Loving People” are like arsonists running around burning down the forest to satiate their appetite for the exhilaration that comes from the liberty to destroy. They won’t stop until every last tree is turned to ash. And of course, by that point, they’ll have all choked to death on the fumes and smoke of the fires they fanned.

As for the rest of us....

You avenge a burned forest by planting a tree.

You avenge tradition in much the same way.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Response Culture...


Constructive vs. Exploitation

How much of the media cycle is response/reaction to (fill in the blank)?

How much of education is response/reaction to the past? (“They used to do A and that was bad”)

How much of movies/music/etc. are a response/reaction to yesterday’s fashions? -In fact, now that pop-culture no longer has any current moral institutions or people to rebel against, it must go back and attack/mock/re-write the past.

How many dramatic reaction shots are used as promos for movies, reality-TV and so on?

And the really sad question is, how much of the alternative media is monetized reaction to “outrage of the day”?


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Always Lie A Little...

Lies are never simple. They’re always complex.

Because people think a lie works best when it is layered and piled high and deep.

They believe that the more convoluted and complicated an “alternate truth”  is, the more difficult it is to unpack and see through.


Bullshiters always have a lot of details.

Truth (which is to say that which is real) never needs to be explained or defended.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Proposition Nation...

                                  ....Proposition Family.

It’s as simple as that.

A Nation is NOT a place.

A nation is an ethnic group -a biological family.

Again.....A Nation is NOT  a place. A nation is NOT a culture, creed, set of principles or form of government.

A nation is a race of people.

If you redefine what a nation is, you redefine what a family is.

Which is why America is the #1 promoter and financier of the normalization of homosexual “marriages”, drag queen children and “gender neutral” birth certificates all around the world.

But yeah, keep repeating those jingles -support “our” troops, give us your tired and weary...and USA! USA! USA! etc, ad infintium


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why Christianity is Dead, Dead...

Forget “faith” in the supernatural, Christians (all Christians) now lack conviction of even basic principles and philosophical worldviews.

For example,

How do you tolerate and understand and show compassion for something that is perverse?

For example: Some guy likes to walks around stabbing people, at random, with a rusty knife.1

This is not normal.

This is a perversion of normal.

So how do you show tolerance for this?

And remember, it is the act itself -not just the person, that is perverse. To show tolerance and understanding is to show it towards the act, not just the person doing it.

Things that are perverted are abnormal and thus destructive. Period.

There is no gradient to it.

Me thinks the Christians are full of shit hedonists masquerading as pragmatists.

1. note: a great many people would like to limit the use of perversion to abnormal sexuality, but the word has never been constrained to such a narrow usage. So if you're going to show tolerance, understanding and compassion for one perversion, then you must do so for all that falls under that


Friday, January 12, 2018

Perverts For Peace...

Or, Cursed Are The Peacemakers.

(Following from the last post)

Life, in particular and in general, is war. Be it the struggle between your immune system and the flu or between  tree roots and high winds or between you and time, life is war.

The desire for a life without conflict is akin to the desire for a life without exercise.

It may be nice to sit around in that big comfy recliner all day listening to your favorite music or reading your favorite book, but your muscles are deteriorating and your immune system begins to nod off.

A nice quiet life ends in the most terrible ways.

Peace-makers are always, ALWAYS, deviants.

Because to engage in unnatural deeds (and I don’t just mean sexual), one needs a certain amount of time, comfort and safety.

Or to put it another way, there are no perverts in foxholes.

And this goes back to the last post on “what works” and “being practical”.

Being practical is a perversion. It is a justification for seeking an easier life, which is not in the cards for you or anyone else. It’s unnatural.  It is, thus, a perversion.

For example, lot’s of people today are practical when it comes to the economy and family.

Big family =low standard of living, shithole neighborhoods and low quality of life.


Two kids + nice home = fucked up, broken apart, LGBTQ franken-families doped up on antidepressants and dumbed down on non-stop Roman Colosseum style mass media.

See how that works?

The only peace you can experience in this life comes by accepting that this life is constant war and struggle.

Which is to say, be at peace with the fact that you will be at war.

You can be absolutely certain of one thing: those who desire to “co-exist” and live a dignified life of peace and prosperity have some weird, sick, shit floating around in their minds.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

“Just See What Works”...

No. Please don’t follow that axiom.

Lot’s of things work.

Lot’s of things are practical.

The problem is, there are no solutions.

Life is, for every man, a series of problems -not “challenges”...PROBLEMS.

Insurmountable Problems.

That’s what life is.

So you can either find a path through the forest, or you can be practical and “see what works” and burn down the forest.

See that’s what looking for “what works” and “being practical” is, in practice. In a word, insanity.

Because, obviously, if you burn down the forest you have only created a variant of the problem which will multiply new problems even faster.

In other words, "being practical" is really about attempting to make things easier for your lazy-ass self.

But as your personal experiences in life are neither a novelty nor particularly substantial, seeking to
make things easier for yourself is an exercise in futility.

Again, life is problems with no solutions. That's what life is.

You hopelessly adapt, you pointlessly struggle and you desperately cling with your last ounce of strength till the bitter end, when you too will be swept away like dry leaf on a windy autumn day.

This is not pessimism or nihilism.

I’m describing the reality of our humble place upon this rock, in juxtaposition to the unfounded hubris that the fool entertains in himself.

There is, after all, nothing new under the sun.

And there are no solutions.

Be at peace with that and you’ll find peace within yourself.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

You Might Be The Illuminati If...

If you believe that your non-conformity to either traditional social standards or modern conventional narratives makes you somehow More Evolved or “awake” than the “sheep”.

That’s what separates the special assholes from the run-of-the-mill assholes.

It’s not that they think they are inherently better, it’s that they think that what they know makes them better, or, “more evolved”.

Call it Jethro Bodine Syndrome.

The desire to transcend the average is what makes some people really successful at being destructive.

You can see this in the followers of the one-god -they just know they’ve found THE truth and they are going to establish it’s reign over everybody else whether they like it or not. And to those ends millions will die and death and destruction will have their way.

You can also see it in the SJW’s and Progressives. They have the exact same mentality as religious zealots. They’re enlightened and they are chosen by fate to spread the flame of progress until the whole world is engulfed by literal flames.

And remember, Secret Societies function on the premise that they have a more advanced understanding and that their destiny is to guide destiny from a higher vantage point.

So when you talk about the illuminati, what you’re really talking about is delusional people high on narcissism. Which is about 50% of the population today. That's a lot of Illuminati!

Parable of the Grass,

Normal, Healthy Perspective: “I’m a blade of grass in this field of grass.”

Enlightened/aka, Insane Perspective: “I have seen the birds soar through the air and know that there is more to life than being a blade of grass. I too will transform from grass to a bird and fly through the heavens. I know not how it shall be done, but just speculating on the possibility is enough to make me more than a blade of grass.”


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vote, Buy & Die...

The rise of the merchant class culminated with The Black Death.

Trade ships and their owners -who were an increasingly powerful group of merchant families based originally in Italy- brought exotic products and diseases to the peoples of Europe.

About half of the population of the continent died as a result.


It was great time for new economic models!........once you factored in the tens of millions of dead people, of course.

And the upshot of the calamity caused by the Black Death was that the traditional pillars of society, the monarchy and the church, were badly, and permanently, crippled.


Such circumstances merely allow opportunity for the smart and ambitious!

Reformation and Revolutions followed and are still on a roll to this day.

And now we have democracy!

But, inequality -still. Gender, ethnic and racial. Bummer.

Sure, groups of people have never had LESS freedom (that would be discrimination), but individually, a man can live as he chooses -or as a woman!

It’s worth remembering that the great crime of the monarchies was not that they were tyrants, but that they stood in the way of commerce. Too old fashioned.

And that’s true today, even in the post-monarchy ruled world.

From Hitler to Kim Jong-un, what the merchants call “dictators” are all those who stand in the way of the progress of commerce.

The merchants have a model, a plan, and anyone who deviates from that or attempts to go their own way, is a tyrant..a dictator....a racist....a homophobe, etc.

The lesson learned from the Black Death was,

Personal freedom breeds external dependency = insatiable consumer.

The old farmer with 10 kids rarely went to a store.

But the freewheeling bachelor and strong independent gurl depend 100% upon a merchant ruled nanny state for their every want and need.

Interesting thing about democracy: the system and the people you are voting for have the power of life and death over you and everyone you know.

But we’re free and stuff!!!!   Yeah!!!!