Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Off Grid In The Matrix...

This keeps coming up.

How do you go off grid and into a necessary survivalist lifestyle in a land where,

A. a survilence police state is ever growing and ever encroaching?

B. an unprecedented flood of people across the border is rapidly creating an out control and unpredictable social situation?

C. following B, the population is ballooning quickly towards half a billion people and beyond?

We’re talking about an unfolding situation in which you won’t be able to head for the hills because the hills will be stacked with shanty towns of peoples from all over south America and God knows where else.

A situation of chaos and totalitarian control at the same time.

It’s a difficult subject with no easy solution.

I would suggest to adapt your thinking away from Little House On The Prairie type of scenarios and towards Homelessness.

Watch or read about homeless life on the streets. This is where people survive “off grid” right in the midst of the grid.

For one thing, if you’re halfway sane and have any sense of right or wrong you’re already homeless in today’s world.

But, for another thing, the situation of being homeless in a major metropolitan area is very much akin to the situation you and your family will likely find yourselves in in the very near future.

Youtube has a lot of videos chronicling life on the streets. I’d highly recommend watching them.

Or, just accept being subsumed into the matirx.


America & Russia...

In July of 1918, as the "Great War" was in its closing months, Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their five children (four girls and a boy) and four servants were taken into a basement by their Bolshevik captors and viciously butchered.

They weren't merely shot. No, they were beaten with riffles and stabbed to death with bayonets. The four girls, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia (aged 22 to 17) died the hardest as, according to the man who oversaw the massacre, it took close to 30 minutes to beat and stab them to death as they screamed and cried and fought for life.

The reaction from the outside world ranged from silence to jubilation. And that includes America, who, after all, was fighting to keep the world “safe for democracy” and the Czar was a king and we believe in “freedom and equality”.

There are many pictures of the royal family online and many of them are of private family moments. In them you see what looks like a typical White Christian Middle-Class family.

Which is, essentially, what they were.

Nicholas abdicated in the hopes of avoiding a civil war. What he was blind to was the fact that the Bolsheviks had engineered the crisis’s which had swept the country. They had bribed, threatened and murdered officials, big and small, organized riots and disrupted transportation routes to cause a breakdown in the infrastructure and cause maximum chaos.

They created a crisis, and then offered themselves up as the solution.

Great Britain and the Good Ol’ USofA gave financial and tactical support to the Bolsheviks in the hopes that a broken Russia could then be plundered of its resources. This is especially grievous as Russia was a key ally of Britain and the USA during the war.

After the Czar abdicated he and his family were placed under arrest by the provisional government, which soon fell to the Bolsheviks. The royal family was moved east, near the Ural Mountains, where they spent the remaining months of their lives in captivity.

They were, based on the testimony of their guards, polite, respectful and friendly to their captors even as their captors plotted their murder.

They passed their time growing vegetable gardens, chopping wood and reading to one another in the evenings. There are even photographs of the home altar they built for Christmas.

They held out hope that their friends and family in England (king George was Nicholas’ cousin and the Czarina was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria) were working on negotiating their release and exile from Russia.

Their final residence was known as “the house of special purpose”.

The day of their deaths the Bolshevik captain, Yakov Yurovsky, planned their demise while giving the family the pretense of normalcy. During his inspection of their rooms he even asked about the health of the Czar’s son, 13 year old Alexi.

By all accounts the family never suspected a thing.

Some time after midnight on July 18, Yurovsky woke the family and their four servants and told them they must move into the basement of the house for their own safety as the White Russians (who were anti-Communists) were advancing on the town and stray bombs might hit the house. This was, of course, a lie.

They all filed into the basement, politely smiling at their guards. The Czar came carrying his son Alexi in his arms, as the boy was too sick to walk (he spent most of his short life sick and an invalid).

Some time later Yurovsky read the order for the killing of the Czar. He and 9 to10 other assassins opened fire on the whole group. But the bullets missed most of their marks and after letting the room clear of smoke it was found that most of the victims were still alive, but wounded. And so the butchery began. The still living were violently beaten and stabbed to death in an ordeal that went on, and on and on.

The bodies were stripped and then thrown into an unmarked mass grave.

The four servants, who stayed voluntarily in spite of the Czar and his wife encouraging them to leave when they could, were a doctor, a cook, a maid and a butler.

The Communist Revolutionaries in Moscow had no problem giving the order or owing up to the crime afterwards.

Because for them it was all worth it, in the long run.

So what if Russia fell into chaos and catastrophe? They could then remold it into their own image.

So what if tens of millions suffered and perished horribly? That is the price of progress.

So what if untold numbers of innocent people fell prey to hoards of thugs, rapists and murderers? That is the necessary cost for the grand vision of social engineering on a large scale.

And it was all done in the name of Freedom and Equality.

And if you accept Equality on moral principle, you will accept it on moral mandate as well.

If there is to be equality, there can be no Czars and there can be no Middle-Class. There can be no royal families or families of any kind, and there can be no borders or nations.

This is all pertinent today as it is now July 1918 for Whites in America.

If you are White then you are already in the “house of special purpose” and you’re most likely still passing the time planting vegetable gardens and chopping wood. Your leaders are kindly re-assuring you that all is well and there is no need to be alarmed.

Though increasingly stressed and unnerved, you still hold out hope that this will all resolve itself in time to come and everything will be fine.

You’re still polite and passive and if you do protest anything, it is orderly and legal and you clean up after yourself.

But soon, very soon, you are going to be awoken in the middle of the night and told that you need to urgently move to the basement…for your own safety.

“How dim is the light in so many that they champion the cause of their own and their children’s demise?
That they walk like sheep to the slaughter.”


Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the good guys realize they have leverage they have become the bad guys.

Helping is an act of charity.

A favor is usury.


Enjoy The Theater...

Now that we’re all entertained with the antics of those crazy leftists.....

And now that we are “winning” with MAGA....

We don’t have to notice the ever growing tentacles of a rapidly expanding police state.

It’s not like the IRS can now interfere in your visa renewal or application, is it?


It’s not like the courts have recently ruled that the TSA are now able to violate our rights and assault us during a screening with immunity, right?

It’s not like a career swamp creature was just nominated to the Supreme Court, is it?

It’s not like your town is turning into Mexico while ever more intrusive state powers reduce you to a rat in a cage who dances to rules your replacements laugh at, is it?

It’s not like you’re in more debt now than ever for a nicer home or newer car, even though food prices are going up almost weekly, right?

Hey look!    Muh temporary infrastructure Jobs!!!!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Weird Scenes Inside The New Right...

Or alt-right, or whatever it morphs into next.

People keep pushing me towards the alt/new-right community and I keep pulling back. I’ve put up pro-alt right posts here before on behalf of others, but personally I made my feelings for it known in March 2010 in a post titled ‘Oxymoronic’.

But here we are in 2018. And the “scene” is still going. I think.

Some years ago a man named Dave McGowan wrote a book called ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon’. It was a quasi-conspiratorial book chronicling the rise of the counter pop-cultural leaders who had, for some reason, clustered in and around Laurel Canyon in L.A.

The basic thrust of his research was to expose the fact that most, if not all, of the biggest names of the 1960‘s pop counter-cultural movement were the children of well connected families -often with prestigious military backgrounds. For example, Jim Morrison was the rich, preppy, son of Admiral George Steven Morrison -who made his mark in history by commanding the Carrier Division at the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, which effectively sparked the Vietnam War.

A great many of the pop stars of the era who emerged with the counterculture had similar backgrounds. They also had a knack of avoiding the Draft or any serious criminal charges from their very public use of illicit drugs.

And they all gathered around Laurel Canyon which had no musical infrastructure whatsoever but had been heavily populated in the past by military families. It was also the location of a secret military base called Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which, apparently, specialized in media (moves, tv, art, music, etc..) creation.

Which brings me to the alt-right or new-right.

There are a number of people who have put their names and faces out there as not only members of this movement, but, via the publicity they try to generate, implicit leaders of it as well.

And this publicity they seek comes with marketing.

Like the rock stars of the 60's who were promoting “revolution” via their albums that you had to buy and which coincidentally made them rich, the new/alt-right is also promoting “revolution” via platforms from which they sale a wide range of merchandise -t-shirts, coffee cups, books, organized conferences, etc..

And notice that the revolution both alt-right and their forebears in the 60's counter-cultural pop scene promote is the ‘long march through the institutions’ type of revolution. Which, of course, is no revolution at all. It’s just a reformation that actually protects and defends the system and actually enlivens it.

Like the Catholic Church of old -instead of wanting to dismantle Rome and scatter it to the four winds,  they want to capture the monstrosity and make it their monstrosity.

In fact the alt-right has almost the exact same fingerprints as the phony 1960's counterculture.

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media have backgrounds in media, music, press, etc?

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media come from money?

How many of them have well funded patrons?

How many of them are marketing a product while dressed in alt-garb, making pepe memes and espousing a radical ideology that actually (ultimately) defends and supports the system they claim to oppose?

And now we see things like Qanon and justwalkaway which have a suspiciously slick looking research-based marketing style approach of  'oppose the system by making it better' type of bait and switch.

The reality is that the system is so pervasive that there’s not a single movement that it can’t subsume into itself.

No revolutionary ever graduated from college!

If there is ever any real opposition to the system to manifest, all hell will break loose.

The end result will be that either the opposition is crushed or the system and its entire infrastructure is utterly destroyed.

In the meantime enjoy the counter-cultural podcasts. And be sure to buy one of their t-shirts, books or coffee mugs!


The Elephant In The Room...

Yes, the police state.

We live in a society of near ubiquitous surveillance. And it’s getting worse by the day.

It might seem obvious to blame this on Technology and a Big Brother mentality among the ruling class.

But technology is funded. So are ruling classes.

When money decreases so does technological “progress”. Ditto ruling classes. 

The Roman Empire was a kind of police state for its day.

Then one day shepherds grazed their sheep around the quite ruins of what were once the mighty empire’s fortified military outpost.

That passed away, this also may.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

“Sure! I’ll Help!...

There’s nothing quite like dependability. Dependability in a person can erase a myriad of other flaws.

Flip that around and the opposite is true. Unreliable people are worse than the DMV.

This is something to think about in planning for the future.

If someone tells you they’ll be there at four o’clock to help you, and then you have to call them an hour later to find out where they are only to have them tell you they’ll be there tomorrow, then that is someone you don’t want to make substantial long-term survival plans with.

I’ve noticed a “tell” in these situations too.

If the person you ask a favor of looks pained and burdened at your request for help, they’ll be there.

If the person smiles and gives an easy, “sure, I’ll be there!” then they won’t be there.


On Appealing To Normies...

'He has captivated the American bourgeoisie without ever offending the highbrows, and he has never said anything that wasn’t liberal or progressive.'
    -The New Yorker, describing Johnny Carson in 1978

A fad or heresy is the exaltation of something which even if true, is secondary or temporary in its nature against those things which are essential and eternal, those things which always prove themselves true in the long run. In short, it is the setting up of the mood against the mind.” – G.K. Chesterton, ‘William Blake’

You can sell the normies on an ideological movement just as you can sell them a pair of sneakers.

They’ll think as much of the one as they do the other.


The West?...

I’ve used the term myself in the past, but it’s not advisable.

For one thing, ‘The West’ immediately excludes eastern Europe, which is the last holdout and only stronghold of White Civilization.  The only thing that has spared it is its poor economic prospects.

Second, what, when and where ‘The West’ is/was is debatable. I’ve had catholics tell me that Protestant countries are not part of traditional Western Civilization. And it goes without saying that Protestants see Catholicism as a completely foreign thing.
I’ve heard others explain that WWI was the end of Western Civilization. Conversely, I was just recently informed by an expat that Japan is part of The West today. Many people claim South America is part of The West too.

Third, Northern Europeans were never part of the Roman Empire (except southern Britain) -they were nominally Christian for a just a few hundred years and it’s a fact northern Europeans tend to see southern-Europeans as non-Whites. Yes, Southern Germany was, for a period, under Roman rule. It was also, for a period, under Hun rule.

Fourth, and most importantly, Whites have existed as a distinct people for 30,000 years -of more.
What is generally described as Western Civilization didn’t materialize until around 500-700 a.d. and then began to dissipate by the 15th-16th century.

Whatever Western Civilization was, it cut White Civilization in half and artificially bound northern Europeans to southern Europeans -with whom they had nothing in common.

Worse, it attempted to join us to the middle-east via Christianity and the legacy of the Roman Empire.

It’s strange to see people cheering about how Western Civilization conquered the world and built roads and schools and hospitals, etc. All of which are a prerequisite to globalism and ethnic and racial mixing.

Neither Chinese nor Indian civilizations conquered the world and yet their civilizations are thriving while Europe and her colonies are dying and replacing their populations with foreign peoples.

India and China both have over a billion people.

Africans are a thousand years behind everyone else, and yet the population of Africa will hit 2 billion people soon.

Meanwhile young White men are fantasizing about becoming transhumanist cyborgs who travel through outer space.

It’s a childish, immature fantasy. Step away from the movie action-hero/comic book world and grow up!

Bring your eyes back down to earth.

The man who lives in a shack with 10 kids is far more blessed and prosperous than the man who lives in a mansion with 2 kids and 8 cats.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Economic stability and prosperity will lead to more White couples starting families, because they will have a more positive outlook and the money to start said family. 

My Answer: Africa! Poor people have more kids. It’s a fact. Even among Whites, the poorest ones have the most kids. Having disposable income actually encourages people to be shallow, selfish and near sighted. It leads to less kids or no kids.

Just Walk Away is a sign of the Overton window shifting to the right.

My Answer: The Walk Away movement was started by a gay hairdresser who finds the democratic party to not be tolerant and diverse enough. The Overton window is shifting to the stated position of the centrist left of circa 1982. Remember, “what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their business”?  Or, “if you don’t like the program, turn the dial.”  These were left-wing talking points 40 years ago. The new right sounds a lot like the old left.

The hard right once gathered at churches and burned heavy metal records and demanded censorship. Today the extreme right sounds like the moderate left of the Carter years.

If a window is moving it’s defiantly going further and further left.

The internet has opened peoples eyes and we are more skeptical of the narrative than before. 

My Answer: Qanon? It’s a cargo cult.

At least Trump bought us a little time. Hillary would’ve been a nightmare. 

My Answer: Trump has bought the other side time. White Americans were getting increasingly pissed off and worked up before the election. Now they’re at ease and their faith in the system is being restored. A system that is ordered not by elections but by an elite donor class.

 Illegal immigration jumped 200% last year. Refugee resettlement was higher than ever.

That’s what the rich donors who rule the empire want.

Trump is making a fool of his followers.

It’s Reagan all over again. He makes people feel good and proud of Murica, while all the while selling it out.

We have our own platforms now.

My answer: No you don’t. Google and Amazon can shut it down anytime they like. It’s their platform.
In the meantime the alt-media/alt-right is making a small fortune off of the gullibility and desperation of Whites looking for nothing more than a different brand of the same garbage.

Any substantive movement will be local.

Any effective leaders will be local.

Youtube/blogger/twitter/facebook leaders are leaders in the same sense that evening news talking heads are leaders.

You have to do outreach and organize in your local area. That is if you can get people to look up from their computers.

There is no political solution to this.

All we can do is try to build our own little ‘tribes’ locally and try to endure the dark age we are in. An age that is just beginning.


When Your Plan Is Their Plan...

One thing to keep in mind about survivalist planning is to expect that plenty of other people are thinking the same thing you are.

You might think you’re one of the few, or even the only one, in your area to be planning ahead, but trust me, there are many people thinking along the same lines as you are.

So whatever your plans are to map out a strategy for you and your family to survive as things continue to go to hell, assume that others have the exact same plan.

Start considering other options.

Your strategy should be adaptable.

Ask yourself how would a desperate, hungry mob act, so that you can maneuver along alternate routes.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Other Irony...

Not to disagree with the previous post,

but sure,

let’s look at all those crazy leftwing activists filling the news and not notice the Mexicans filling our towns.

That's a “winning” strategy for sure.

And if all goes well in November and the GOP holds on to power, then the status quo will be maintained.

And if the GOP doesn’t retain control of the House and/or Senate then.......the status quo will be maintained.

There is such a thing as false hope.

You better recognize the difference between it and the real thing.

Whether by design or happenstance, a classic bait-and-switch is taking place here.

You are being had.



The ‘abolish ice’ and open borders crowd are now suddenly concerned about law.

Of course the left also don't like Trump because he's too vulgar, crude and might incite violence and intolerance.


Everything leftists accuse others of being is exactly what they are.

It's been interesting to see them go from calm, cool, condescending cultural elite to babbling, screeching, impotent little demon-trolls in just two years.


Monday, July 9, 2018

When It’s Paycheck To Paycheck...

How do you prepare for the worst when you’re surviving paycheck to paycheck?

You live with less of the less you have.

There’s always some place to cut back. Every little bit helps.

Even people on fixed incomes can pinch a penny here and there and save up for a rainy day.

Speaking of which, pick up every penny you see!

Keep your eyes open. Don’t go out looking for an immediate exit. Some of the best opportunities that you will come across, you will stumble upon. Learn to recognize them when that happens.

Preparing for dark times when you’re in dark times is tough.

Most people feel stuck because they wrongly believe that if they can just get over the hill, all will be better.

But over the next hill is another hill.

Where most people stumble in preparing ahead is the complacency that those times of ease and good fortune lure us into.

When things are going well, we tend to think they will keeping going well. Or we just don’t worry about what may come after.

Then when things are going bad again we’re stuck where we are and wish we had back the time and resources we had during the good times.

So to reiterate,

1. Keep cutting back in every way you can.

2. Don’t expect easy solutions or an end-to-all-the-struggles resolution.

3. Keep preparing for the worst even if your prospects have suddenly risen. What goes up will come back down.


Cutting The Net...

In a time when increasing numbers of people must opt for cremation in their funeral arrangements because they can’t afford to be buried, is the internet a luxury you can really afford?

The internet was a novelty 20 years ago. And 20 years on it still is, really.

But it has an obvious downside besides being a novelty: it has a feminizing, urbanizing and globalizing, effect. 

Much like TV or compulsory education, only worse.

With the internet you bring the globalist system right into your home in a way that never quite happened with television. The culture of tv-land was always exotic and far away, whereas you too can step into social media and become part of the whole experience.

When you have a sense of belonging to the system you are much less likely to see its errors, let alone call them out and warn others to stay away.

It’s like the movie star with a stalled career. He’ll write the expose of Hollywood’s dark, seedy, underbelly and warn parents not to let their kids pursue a career in entertainment.

But if he starts getting good parts and critical praise again he begins to see nothing but good and decency in the la-la land “community”.

He’ll go from being its biggest detractor to its biggest defender.

You can see this  clearly with politics too. If your guy is in the White House then ‘it’s morning again in America’. But if “their guy” is in power then it’s the apocalypse. Then your guy again, then a bad guy again -ad infinitum.

It’s a very urban experience.

A rural perspective is less the roller-coaster and less starry-eyed. The system is “them”. And they are not us and we will never be part of them.
We endure for a season and then we die, just like our parents and grandparents did and just like our children and grand-children will. This is how life is seen and experienced.

In the city, life is gagged and measured by the ebb and flow of social fashions and interaction. People tend to worry about how they will be seen and judged, rather than worrying about getting their family through next winter. That’s a massive chasm in perspective.

The urban reality produces people who are vain, shallow, thin-skinned and emotionally unstable.

It also produces people who tend to see survival as (singularly) the ability to acquire money to purchase things with. Never a good way to look at life in totality.
That might explain the connection between bankruptcy and suicides.

Social interaction should always be formal and perfunctory.  Even with extended family. I’m polite to you, you’re polite to me. You need to borrow a tool, fine. I might need to borrow one from you someday.

When social interaction becomes casual and engaging, that’s when the downward spiral begins.

The ladies are made for that sort of social interaction, of course.

But when men engage in it, it tends towards effeminacy.

You have to judge other men by their actions, not their stated beliefs, goals, ideas or personality.

Back in the age of TV daily news stories were presented like gossip.

In the internet age daily news stories are presented as absolute hysteria.

Down the drain it circles.

Politics crystallizes this.

It might be fun to watch Trump break the taboos of political correctness, but his overall persona is extremely effeminate -and jewish. Of course, for those of us who remember him from thirty years ago we also know his current persona is as fake and contrived as the yankee cheerleader George Bush Jr. wearing a cowboy hat and sawing down trees back in 2000.

And I’ve yet to see a SJW that was not a skinny, pale, emotionally unstable, over-socialized college kid who’s primary concern was anything other than how he will be perceived by his peers -or that he be on the the mythological “right side of history”.

Wild mood swings are par for the course. From jubilation to despair. From hope to desperation.

This is all the product of mass media, social media and urbanization via cultural globalism.

Step back away from that world and you’ll again remember that there are no easy answers. There are no quick fixes. That day follows night follows day again. You win. You lose.

You’ll remember that there are no long term solutions to anything.

There is no political solution, to anything! Because life is a cycle. Spring will follow Winter and Winter will follow Autumn.

There is no long term economic solution to anything for the same reasons.

You’ll have your allotted portion for your allotted time.

You’ll know some tremendous happiness and lots of terrible sorrow.

You’ll have youth and then you’ll have old age.

You’ll bury your parents one day and then your children will bury you the next.

So, back to the opening,

The internet is costly. It has its uses. But its uses are few.

When you’ve used it for all its worth, then its time to toss is away.

When to toss it?

Finances will dictate some of that. That aside, there comes a point when it’s just unreasonable to keep it when you no longer use it.

Right now it’s useful in learning survival and prepper tactics and ideas.

A year from now?


Who knows.

Personally, I’m ready to cut if off anytime. But that’s not entirely up to me.

But everyone should be ready to cut it at any time.


Sunday, July 8, 2018


some excerpts,



And then there was Hillary’s strange denouncement of the alt-right and “extreme nationalism” in a campaign speech in the summer of 2016.

Remember who she claimed was the godfather it all?

Yep, Vladimir Putin.

An assertion that elicited more than a few 'what the hell's.

But in the shadow of the 'Russian Collusion' narrative it makes more sense.

At around the same time Clinton’s people were already accusing one of Trump’s campaign advisers,  Michael Flynn, of being a Russian asset. Imagine that!

Ironically enough, an RT segment from August 26, 2016 titled: 'Godfather of extreme nationalism' Clinton blames Putin for rising popularity of right-wing leaders’ on Youtube, sums it all up.

The part about Flynn starts at around 3:30.

Again, that was in August 2016.



But then there was that bizarre indictment of 13 Russians earlier this year on charges that they “posed as political activists and used the flash points of immigration, religion and race to manipulate a campaign in which those issues were already particularly divisive” -NYTs Feb 16, 2018.

and that,

“The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy,” -NYT Feb 16, 2018s

And it was claimed they did this largely through social media.

Again, it left people asking, ‘what the hell is that about?’

But, wouldn’t you know, the charges  mirror EXACTLY the general themes of Hillary Clinton’s alt-right speech from August 2016 -a year and half before.

What a coincidence.

Notice how, just as she prophesied, America is ablaze with racial and political animosity and in turmoil over immigration -because of, of course, Russia, via Trump and right-wing nationalism

And Flynn was indeed indicted. For something.



The Bolsheviks not only sparked riots, they sabotaged supply lines and key infrastructure to facilitate chaos.

They seemingly cut off their own nose to spite their face.


But the real kicker is the charge that the moderate socialists made against the Czar that justified forcing him to step down and place him under house arrest.

The claim, spread throughout society and the papers at the time, was that the Czarina, Alexandra, was conspiring with a foreign power (the Germans then -she was born in Germany) in an effort to undermine Russia in the war (WWI). And that, naturally, the Czar too was a puppet or willing participant of this conspiracy.



One of reasons the Czar was "encouraged" to abdicate, was the claim that it would prevent an all out civil war.


end excerpts,

It's like it's a playbook or something.

All we're missing is a Rasputin figure.

Hope for the best,

but prepare for the worst.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Survivalism: Disabled...

This is one you need to think about now, while there’s time. If you or someone you love is disabled or you are elderly or are caring for elderly, plan now. If you are still young and healthy, guess what -if you're lucky to live long enough you will be disabled too. It's called old age.

First aid supplies is obvious. Things like camp showers and the like are too.

Having a cabin/bugout shelter with good space for mobility is obvious. You can move walls. You can also take down 2x4 walls and replace them with 2x2 walls -you’ll just have to use lighter material on the wall. Paneling is light, but costly. Sheetrock is cheaper but too heavy -at least for both sides of the wall. So you’ll have to do some calculating.

Curtains can replace doors separating rooms too. That takes care of a LOT of issues of space.

Medications and medical treatment is something that only you can assess.

Will certain medications be available?

Will it be safe to venture out to procure them?

How, when and where to do so....

It would also be prudent NOW to learn how to gather and make your own medicines from mother nature. Any bit of knowledge about basic remedies will help, in time.

Prepare by planning. Get ready as best you can.

You can’t foresee every situation or crisis.

Most important of all, you need support!

Surviving a “dark age” is not something for lone wolves.

You need help. You need a support base.

You need a community that you can truly depend on.

In fact, that might be the best advise on preparing for survivalism: find a rock solid, trustworthy, circle of support.

Some people are fair-weather friends. Some are flaky relations. Some are fun to be around but completely unreliable.

Your number one resource for survival is, and will be, people you can genuinely count on.


Solar Panels...

Clean them occasionally! It makes a difference. Or so I’m told.

My only real first hand experience with solar is recently when we used $20.00 solar powered string lights while camping. They work. You can read by them. And insects weren’t a problem.

Though insects have been scarce this summer anyway, strangely enough.

You can also get solar powered lamps. The good ones absorb light by the window by day and put out really good light in the evening.

How long they will last is the question.

If you go in for the big panels system you need to go all in, in my opinion. It’s costly. So you better be planning on really using them.

By that I mean it’s a MAJOR investment that requires a commitment to its actual use.

It’s like buying a house.

It’s not really something you do halfway.

Again, just my opinion.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Job vs Trade...

Learn a trade!

Any trade.

I know several younger couples who regret going to college. They are closing in on 30, have no kids, mountains of debt and are forced to be immersed in the ever growing rot of modern society.

The goals they were told they should have have turned into an albatross around their necks.

Your goal should be to be able to put a roof over your family’s head, clothes on their back and food on the table.

That’s a not a difficult goal to achieve, either. If you have the right priorities.

If your ambition is to be rich, you’re a fool and you’re an impediment to the betterment of your society.

If you aspire towards the 4,000 sq. ft. McMansion you’ll end up with mountains of debt and an 80% chance of divorce.
You also notice couples with McMansions have just one or two kids.


If you can’t pay for it in full NOW, don’t buy it.

The caveat to that is, of course, family. If dad and mom can lend you some money to help you buy your first (20 year old) junky car or something of a similar First Steps, fine.

Family doesn’t charge interest. They better not!

And yeah, I know, that limits what you can have substantially. But what you actually need vs. what you’d like to have is a pointless abyss to try and cross. That becomes ever clearer the older you get. Especially as you find yourself racing towards the senior discount stage of life!

You don’t need internet. If you can’t afford it, cut it off. For a while any way.
You don’t need a dishwasher.
Cook all of your meals at home.

Don’t spend what you don’t have. And, on principle, don’t spend it even if you have it, except on very rare and very special occasions.

Besides, if, one day, twenty years from now, you can afford such luxuries then that will be great. But you don’t deserve them. You don’t really need them.

Back to the trade.

Jobs are created by the state, via corporations. They are political tools. Jobs are not only ever transient in space, but in time. There will always be booms and busts
Jobs create easily manipulated and controlled demographics of income levels, geography and education. Natural or engineered circumstance can squeeze people this way or that and politicians, unions, corporations and others can step in to act as pressure valves by speaking on behalf of this or that demographic.

Trades are indeed subject to such forces too, but not to the extent as being a member of the work force.

Having a trade not only allows you to work for yourself, but it also seems to naturally work to prioritize you and your families best interests.

When you feel rooted and bound to the reality  of your own health, abilities and time you see the true value of what your legacy should be and how beautifully tragic the passage of time is.

You’ll feel less stress, anxiety and fear over the things you can’t control.

A bonus is that by earning a living via a trade, you will have a greater sense of community as it tends to lead you into contact with other people pursuing trades.

It helps create a sense of genuine community.

And another advantage a trade has over a job is that,

good work is better than hard work.


Meet The New Civilization...

Same as the old civilization.

Human beings have a quality that is both wonderful and terrible: the ability to adapt.

From poor to rich and back again. From living in the forest to living in the urban jungle -from Mayberry to Detroit, from health to sickness, from youth to old age,  we (sometimes begrudgingly) accept ever evolving circumstances and life goes on.

Circumstances have certainly changed.

Today the US, Mexico and increasingly central America have merged into one social, economic and political civilization.

This isn’t new, but the process has sped up and the situation has evolved. The U.S started out as 13 states hugging the Atlantic coast but has continuously expanded, swallowing up French and Spanish colonies along the way, going all the way to the pacific and beyond, annexing Hawaii to boot.

Post WWII western Europe became, essentially, a US colony and today American culture, such as it is, dominates the world via its media and economic domination. But that’s another story.

Dealing in physical, geographical terms, the US, Mexico and increasingly central America, have merged into a new society.

I don’t like it. But it is what it is. It’s the reality and you have to deal with that. Hiding behind this in political parties is a waste of time in the long run and will not change the reality on the ground.

The demographics

The Census puts the White population at 60.7 percent. But the census under counts illegals by about 30 million (peruse Alipac or NumbersUSA for an explanation of that), plus the census counts north-Africans, middle-easterners, central-Asians and others as White.

So if you factor in the additional 30 million illegals and define White as being of European descent, then White people only make up around 50 percent of the US population today.

And a significant percentage of them are elderly and will die in the next 10+ years. Non-White newborns now outnumber Whites and in 17 states White deaths outnumber White births.

Tens of thousands more arrive every month, legally and illegally.

But what makes this so transformative is that there is already a 100% saturation. It’s not like they are bunched into one place, “over there". All fifty states now have large non-White populations, no matter what the census claims.

 They are everywhere: living, shopping, buying, selling, marrying and having children.

And more will come.

The US has a labor shortage.

The US is powered by Capitalism.

The US is a welfare state.

The US has no permanent, historic, fixed borders.

And chain migration is ongoing.

Thus, Amnesty is de-facto.

Which means North and Central America are now one civilization and culture.

Again, I don’t like it. But it’s the reality.

Lots of people are upset with the consequences, but very few of them want to address the causes.

Because the causes are the fundamental, sole, identity of American culture: personal autonomy in the pursuit of material gain.

The transformation we are seeing is, sadly, organic, within the socio-political system that is the American way of life.

For the past 50 years or more Americans have lived like migrants themselves, following jobs from town to town and from state to state.

It’s what American is. Nothing fixed. Nothing permanent. No communities in the true sense.  No shared culture or religion outside of vague, commercialized, sentiment.

Some of us would like to see Whites survive as a distinct and particular people in their own society with their culture, laws, customs, etc.

Some blacks, Asians, native Americans, etc... feel the same way about their own.

How do we do this?

With politics?

Again, America is the world and America is an ever enlarging economic machine -nothing more.

Which means you’re not only dealing with an increasingly over-populated multi-cultural McBabylon, you’re dealing with a McBabylon that exists and subsists like a parasite eating away at its host.

There’s not a mountain that won’t be ripped down, a river that won’t be polluted or a national park that will not be slashed and burned and paved over as a shopping mall in order to maintain the appetites of the machine and the material lusts of its consumer/slave/citizen/voter-tool.

Will we survive?


But if we do, we will survive as nature survives.

By enduring.

Given enough time, grass will break through the concrete.

You want to be part of the machine?

You want to steer the machine?

You will be the machine.

You will be no more.

Politics does nothing but oil the wheels of the machine.

The rest of us must pull away as best we can and survive.

Continue to live life!

Seek out your own kind -ethnic, tribal, racial, spiritual, etc...

Settle down with them and your family in one spot and stay there!

Make that one location your home, the home of your children and your grand children and ever and anon.

Nothing will survive that is continuously uprooted and replanted somewhere else.

Good times or bad times -STAY!
Plenty or not enough -STAY!

Life is not something to be enjoyed. Life is something you endure. Joy, like sorrow, is fleeting.

Marry, have kids, laugh, cry and die with the dignity that comes from keeping your allotted station in life, lowly though it may be.

We are not the masters of our fate. No more than a blade of grass is.

Live. Endure.

The towers of steel will one day fall.

The concrete buildings will topple.

The grass and the vines and the flowers and all of the wild wonderful things will rise again.

And again a new machine will come along to challenge it all.

And again we must endure.

Round and round and round, life goes on.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Non-hybridized Seeds?...

That’s not really what I’m talking about.

There are pros and cons of them -you can research that easily.  Bees!

But really, you can plant potato peelings. You can plant them under a pile of leaves from the woods and/or straw and they’ll grow.

There’s no guarantee one way or the other what your crop will look like no matter what method you use. You may have to replant things two or three times, if it rains too much.

Research and use non-hybridized seeds if you like.

But what I’m talking about are things like dental care, infections, etc. There are natural alternatives to antibiotics and most people can figure out how to set a broken bone, but a broken or infected tooth will have to come out the old fashioned way.

Do you know how this was dealt with in the past?

You need to start looking into it.

About gas....

It only lasts so long even with stabilizer.

Again, you need to think in terms of ‘what IF we had to survive without gas?’

Or, at the least, on significantly less gas.

Don’t tax yourself on this.

You’ll learn a lot from first hand experience and sometimes actually being there is the only way to know how survive it.

But use the time you have now when it’s still somewhat of a luxury to study up.

And if you start living even a fraction of it now, you’ll learn as you go and the way you think will be more inclined towards seeing probable solutions -or pointless endeavors.


Use It Before You Lose It...

You can still find a lot of videos on youtube on prepping and survivalism. The good ones are harder to find now because commercial channels are prioritized. You can use the filter and choose ‘20 minute’ durations as one way to find the better stuff. Most commercial videos are less than that.

However you do it, do it now.

If you can get some cheap land (5-10 acres) do that too. Even if you have to live in a camper before you can build a cheap home. Rough lumber is cheaper. Do it yourself. It’s not hard.

If you don’t already garden, you HAVE to learn how. You also need to know how to can food. And, of course, build a cellar. Again, not hard.

Home school!

But you also need to read up on surviving as nomads and homeless families and groups. There is a lot of good survival information to be gleaned from nomad and homeless videos and stories.

Know how to find water. There are natural springs in a lot of places. Find out where they are now!

Learn how to forage for food.

Use google satellite to get more familiar with your area. Where are the lakes, rivers, etc.

You can’t use local demographics as a guide when moving anymore either. The official numbers may say 90% White but the reality will be about 30% brown and growing.

You need to think about finding like-minded families and how to cluster close together and survive long term.

The economy will wane and wax and ultimately group larger numbers of people into fewer and fewer places. So look at where industry and economic prospects are poor and head there.

The internet is being closed down in fits and starts and being reduced to nothing more than the new television.

How long before google purges all “right wing” blogs?

Now is the time to learn and plan ahead.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

On White Genocide...

One of my cohorts ventured into voxdayland yesterday (or the day before) to commune.

Guys. I thought we all agreed on this.

Did we not?

Stay away from these alt-right blogs and places right now.

Be very careful where you hang out and who you chat with.


There’s other ways to connect with people.

It was obvious with the neo-reactionaries. They were never really coy about their connection to them. And they wisely chose to lay low after the elections.

If you’ll remember we even decided not to post the article going into all that out of an instinct to keep as much distance as possible.

The alt-right has always been a little more indistinct due to the genuine elements it attracts.

Yet, it’s pretty clear the alt-right has at least some connection to them. A foundational connection at that.

Them might not be our enemy but them most definitely is not trying to help us either. They’re trying to use us for their own ends. The US is just a few political moves away from flat-out declaring them an official enemy and then everybody connected to them.

And the alt-right is connected to them at some level. Not everyone, no. But the movement itself is at a fundamental level. Or at the least it was largely supplemented by them.

If Trump gets indicted or impeached, or direct conflict between the U.S. and Them breaks out, then the alt-right will take down the whole White Movement with them and then we may very well have a White genocide.


At least for the time being.

Besides, local (face-to-face) outreach has proved far more fruitful than the Internet, has it not?

And Jim was probably right about Qanon. It’s oddly parallel to, yet contradicts with, the alt-right. It’s the yen to them’s yang. Which would strongly suggest who Q is.

Keep your distance from all that.

As for White Genocide, that was covered here recently. It can be found in a post in early May titled, ‘Whites Now Less Than Half Of U.S Population’.

Is it genocide?

Does it matter what we call it?

The facts on the ground are what matters.

We need to think about how we are going cope with it and survive the unfolding situation.

Politically, socially and economically the whole thing has already collapsed. It's just hard for some people to see because of all the smoke.

We need to concentrate on basic survivalism. Everybody is going to have to deal with living with less and living defensively. We already are, actually. There’s no place left to White Flight to.

Jim, Transmitting is really yours, and C’s of course. Anytime you want to post your own content, go for it.

And C, you should pick up on the Arcadia/Polis theme again. It’s great stuff and well worth the effort. I’ll post some of it here and on Transmitting again soon.

Be smart guys!



On this day in 1776 the globalists declared themselves.

The Swamp was created.

The New World Order was born.

And the colonies lost their freedom.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Left Has Gone Crazy...


This is who they’ve always been.

In fact, the mask hasn’t  really slipped that much.

If you think they’re only showing their true colors now you’ve obviously had your head up your ass for the past 65 years.

They forced race mixing in the 1950‘s at gun point! Remember that?

They made Freedom of Association a crime via the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

They overturned the immigration laws in 1965 to flood the country with non-Whites.

They legalized the murder of babies in 1973.

They’ve been pushing transvestite and homosexual pop stars since the 1970‘s. Elton John. Discos. Boy George. Madonna, etc.

They concocted “hate crime” laws in the 1980‘s (under Reagan’s tenure) to muzzle any dissent.

The list goes on.

So when you see these leftists going completely bat-shit crazy every day, remember that these are the same violent, demented, evil freaks that conservatives and churchians are concerned about not looking “extreme” to.




What Do You Want?...

Dear Trump supporter,

Do you have any vision or purpose beyond the satiation of material wants?

“Muh Jobs!”   “Muh Stock Market!”

You are the mirror image of Obama’s worshipers who cared only for the prospects of getting their material lusts met.

You’re also the mirror image of the hordes of orcs pouring across the border in search of free goodies.

And for what?

Trump cheerleaders are not looking beyond the brief time he’ll be in office. Only 6 years, at most.

Then what?

You want industry and jobs?

These things will only ever be temporary.

They’ll come and they’ll go.

Then what?

You want a wall?

But you also want “industry” and “good paying jobs”.

With industry comes low paying jobs too.

More illegals will pour in and more legals will be brought in.

And the good and bad jobs will go away but the illegals will not. Your town, county and state will then be another over populated, crime riddled, Mexican slum.

Then what?

You think the problem is illegal immigration?

We’ll what if they’re all given amnesty?

They’re legal then.

Then what?

You can’t hide behind the illegal part of this. The legal ones are just as damaging as the illegal ones.

Are you really going to say that you don’t care if they destroy your country as long as they do it legally?

Race does matter.

It’s why European settlers to the new world didn't become Comanche Indians. They brought their own culture and laws and morality. They changed everything.

This is reality.

It happens over and over throughout history.

How do you hide behind leftwing pabulum about “equality” and “we’re all the same” even as you watch statues being torn down, schools being renamed, Columbus being denounced and communist blacks being elected to the White House, jewish dual-citizen socialists comprising half of the government and Marxist hispanics being elected to the Senate and House?

You may think Trump is your guy but “you” are an ever-shrinking minority.

Very soon you are going to wake up to discover that you are a White minority. You will be completely surrounded by brown and black people who share none of your values, principles, morality or ideas about the rule of law.

Your mayor, your governor and your president will be Spanish speaking Marxists who openly boast of their mass killings of Whites.

Then What?

Oh, but the Stock Market will be over 100,000!


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Questions AND Answers...

What is a nation?

answer:  from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, etc..

What is a patriot?

answer:  from patrios "of one's fathers,"    from pater (genitive patros) "father"  a biological lineage 

What is the origin of the slogan, ‘Power To The People’?

answer: the slogan originated in the 1960‘s and 1970‘s by radical leftist groups (such as the Black Panthers) as a rallying cry to foment revolution to overthrow the conservative, Christian, White majority and culture. 

Who was the first person to ask a question in the Bible? In fact he introduces himself into the story by first asking a question.

answer: Satan   -"Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,  but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.  “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Satan's rallying cry in the Garden was 'Freedom & Equality'

Evil preys on the powerless by promising them power.

And clever opportunists create a constituency by promising to fight on their behalf.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

What Are The Odds...

Qanon just happens to hit all the right pleasure buttons of his/their followers.

God (in the generic sense)
Patriotism (the cheap sentimental kind)
Platitudes - “you’re the awakened ones” “You’re the good guys” “White Hats” etc.
Goofy High School Pep Rally style camaraderie -WWG1WGA
More Platitudes - “Keep up the good fight” style pabulum
Save The Children
Ego Projection: ‘We’ are under attack but ‘We’ are actually in control
Media saturation: Every Q drop is a REACTION to media -topical politics, daily news event, popular movies, etc...
Conspiracy 360 -you’ll note Q has the scoop on EVERY conspiracy. From JFK and the moon landings to 911 to MKUltra to Human trafficking. Every single popular conspiracy topic just happens to be Q’s forte.

The list goes on.

What are the odds?

What are the odds that a super secret cabal of insider good guys would say everything that their followers just happen to cherish ideologically too?

Even people I admire and mostly agree with part ways with my beliefs and ideas about 50% of the time.

But Q is hitting 100% solidarity of ideology with his/their devotees.

It’s almost like Q is some sort of marketing research aggregate kind of thingamajig.

Q knows what his clients/customers want and Q gives it to them.

Q missteps occasionally, though.

But its devotees are, I suspect, too ignorant to see it.

For example Q has posted, “Power To The People”, which is, of course, an old Marxist slogan chanted by extremist leftwing groups in the 60‘s.

And perhaps it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that the term “white hats” has become popular in the Q-niverse at the exact same time George Soros funded “white helmets” are busy staging false media narratives (and perhaps even false-flags) in Syria to perpetuate and justify the destruction of that country.

And Q did suggest that the Trump/Jong-un summit would break the MSM.

If that happened, I guess I missed it.

In conclusion,

Do any of you Q followers ever GO BACK AND READ Q’s OLD DROPS?

Do you not see how many times Q implied a big event was imminent “this week”?

But I do recognize another aspect of Q.

Apocalyptic ministers have made a fortune by “researching”  “the signs” and then “interpreting” current events to flat out state, or simply imply, that the end, and rapture of the good guys, is near.

Over and over they do this.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
Decade after decade.

And neither them, nor their followers, ever display the slightest hint of shame or regret for the fear/hope-porn circle jerk they furiously but futilely engage in.


Friday, June 29, 2018

Voiding The Vortex...

Media is not a window looking out, it’s a whirlwind trying to suck you into the abyss.

Via music, movies, tv, news, books, magazines, etc... media functions to draw you in.

It draws you by enticing your baser instincts -to be entertained, amused, aroused, “informed”, “connected”, outraged, vindicated, etc.

And once you’ve taken the bait and been drawn into it you are kept in it with constant satiation of the senses.

And once you are fully within a whirlwind you have no sense of direction or place or identity. You only “feel” immediate, temporary things now.

You are in a haze. You are drugged. You are just “along for the ride”.

Easily manipulated.
Easily maneuvered.
A marionette puppet in a narrative to a story that ends at the bottom of the abyss.

Because, ultimately, all that information and all of that knowledge adds up to exactly jack-squat!

Look away from the media.
Walk away from it.
Throw your tv out the door. Keep the radio off. Don’t listen to the news. And, sooner or later, toss the Internet out of your life too.

The REAL world, and real life, is still out there.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Individuality and Personal Freedom....

...Are the bedrock of globalism. 

A man who is bound to the customs, traditions and values of his tribe will resist globalism at every corner.

But the man who is “free to decide” and who lives life “his way” and who boasts of having no tribe or race, is the foot soldier of Marxist Globalism.

‘Freedom And Equality’ was Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden


Monday, June 25, 2018

Bracing For Impact (It’s Going To Get Ugly)...

Actually things have been getting ugly for quite a while now.

What has spared a lot of people from overt, direct, conflict is the relatively large space in which this is all playing out.

When the cities started going to hell via multicultural enforced social engineering post WWII, many fled and created what we call the suburbs. Marxists called this movement, ‘White Flight’.

Which it was.

But it was a flight from danger and death and an attempt to preserve our culture and sense of society and identity. There was still space to escape to.

The leftist social engineers then crafted the ‘Civil Rights’ legislation which effectively outlawed freedom of Association.

Freedom to discriminate is freedom, period. It’s how you pick a spouse, a faith, a home, a community or what you will have for dinner. 

The demonization and outlawing of discrimination is surreal and Orwellian.

It’s also a very obvious attack.

Then came the flight from ever-diversifying suburbs into small towns in the country.

The social engineers answered this by creating the largest mass movement of people in history on the US southern border.

This was enabled by the 1965 immigration act which overthrew decades old laws on favoring immigrants from north-western Europe -which is where Americans originated from (English, Scottish, German, Dutch, etc).

America went from 90% White in 1965 to about 50% White today.

A percentage drop that is indicative of genocide.

So now, even small towns are being turned into third-world slums.

But small towns were already growing scarce.

Part of social engineering is wiping out industry and business in a wide area, then  bringing it back in a few designated spots.

This has the economic and social effect of forcing more and more people out of the country and suburbs and back into new urban ghettos in search of better jobs.

Small towns become fewer and fewer and new urban centers grow rapidly.

The population of the US was around 95 million in 1918.
In 1990 the population was 248 million.
In 2018 the population was about 350 million(the actual numbers are hard to determine because the census is less than accurate on illegals).

So due to immigration, illegal AND legal, the US is adding 100 million people every thirty years.

But it’s picking up speed.

Which means in the next 15 years another 50 to 70 million people will be let into the US.

And central and south America are only one political/economic crisis away from unleashing a new tsunami-sized invasion from the south.

You’ve been looking the other way for a long time. You’ve ran away time and again to get some peace and quiet.

But war is here.

It’s been here for a long time.

Your cities have been overrun.

Your statues are being torn down.

Your culture is attacked and made illegal.

Your morals and principles are declared outdated.

Your heritage is mocked and physically assaulted.

And your very existence is deemed a hate crime.

And every institution, from schools to media to even the churches, are now advocates and apologists for the social engineers and their nightmarish,  neo-Babylonian vision of the future.

Forget about ‘seeing what is coming’.

Do you not see what is already here?


Detaching From The Monolithic...

What perpetuates an establishment’s power is the presumption on the part of the public that there is an objective, linear, reality or truth.

This leads to the strangulation and ossification known as centralization.

As long as you continue to recognize the establishment’s authority to define or recognize truth or  reality, you will continue to be under its power.

When you reject such an authority to define reality, the establishment in power will wither away and die.

Discounting it’s beliefs is a far more effective way of utterly destroying it than burning it to the ground.

For example,

There is no such thing as racism.
There is no such thing as sexism.
There is no such thing as misogyny
There is no such thing as equality.
There is no such thing as bigotry,

These things are concepts that are created for political ends by the current establishment. They are subjective terms and concepts.

They are beliefs, nothing more.

They represent a belief system, not an objective truth.

Stop believing in them and there effectiveness at manipulating and controlling you will begin to dissipate.

This even extends to broad concepts such as “mankind”, “humanity” or “species”.

These words and the concepts behind them are not objective in their representations and constructs. Even their representations are subjective.

It is a choice to believe in, and perpetuate, a concept such as “species” or “mankind”.


The use, interpretation and application of science is also a choice. It is not an objective method, truth or reality.

It’s results are predicated on pre-conceived notions of ideas about the very nature of how we conceive of things.

Just look into the history of the word “thing” to see what I’m talking about.

Or as a more direct example, consider that in times past people were burned as heretics for practicing science.
To some people this science was Medicine. To others it was supernatural witchcraft.

Guess what?

They were both right.

Because there was no objective reality or truth to either view point. Both were subjectively true to each.

Both were legitimate.

Every society and every culture is a religion.

And religions fade away and die when nobody believes in their claims to objective truths anymore.

There is no ‘One’.

There is no one way.
There is no one race.
There is no one god.
There is no one truth.
There is no one reality.
There is no progress.

Detach from the monolithic presuppositions and the soul-crushing, suffocating system will wither away and die.


Friday, June 22, 2018

How Much For The Women?...

Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but then professions ain’t that old.

Neither is money.

Throughout most of human history humans have been scavengers, aka Hunter-Gatherers.

Then some creature oozed out of slimy swamp somewhere and started bartering.

This creature mutated into the first merchant.

Villages were created in the monster’s wake to protect his racket and paradise soon turned into a city.

And then the concept of professions was invented to oil the machine with the blood of ‘citizens’.

The idea of ‘giving to get’ is prostitution.

Economy is prostitution.

If you accept money from someone in exchange for the use of your body (to pull a tooth, do their taxes, remodel their kitchen, etc) then you’re a prostitute.

You’re a whore.

To be sure, slavery was a more dignified existence because it was blunt, brutal and against your will.

But participating in the ‘market place’ by having a job is the act of willfully whoring yourself out in exchange for money.

That is economy.

It’s degrading and it’s dehumanizing and it’s demoralizing.

Especially when it becomes regulated by the state, because not only are you then whoring yourself out,  you are doing so by submitting to the act under the authority of a third party.

I point all this out because,


You want to stop human trafficking?

Burn all the money, shut down the power grids, burn down the cities, smash apart the roads and scatter yourselves to the four winds.

Hunt and Gather what you need on a day to day basis.

And I’m not being facetious.

Most people know this will (and needs) to happen  anyway.

From preppers to the doomsday-obsessed to even you, this overwhelming sense that nature must and will throw down civilizations in a cataclysmic event is hardwired into our DNA.

We long for a great “re-setting” that will see every city on earth ripped down and never seen or remembered again. Nothing good comes from a city. 

It's a natural inclination and it’s good.

And until it happens you and your family will continue to prostitute yourselves out for money -for "goods and services".

Civilization is, actually, not a good thing.


George Soros Is Q...

Fundamentally, at least.

I finally went through a bunch of Q stuff recently and the obvious was obvious.

Qanon’s sociopolitical worldview is 100% globalist.

Q’s only division is between generic Good and Bad people. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,


Q’s Good and Bad guy groups are individual and universal: good and bad White, black, Arab, Chinese, Jew, German, French, etc.

That’s a problem.

There are thousands of groups in the world who are distinct by race, ethnicity, geography, religion, ideology, culture and so on.

But Q, like other globalists, robs these peoples of their collective identities and declares them to be, individually, Good or Bad.

You see, what globalists like to assert and then enforce on those around them, is that all human beings are basically the same -with the same hopes and dreams, morality, ethics, ideas of law and order and right and wrong and so on.

And then obviously they must all have the same individual rights -which creates the legal mandate for the enforcement of the ideology.

This is why globalists flood nations with immigrants; to breakdown and destroy collective identities and, in it's place, create the atomized individual who has "rights".

But the truth is, different people-groups  have different standards of morality and ideas of right and wrong.

And so how they define good and bad is going to very different from each other.

Stick to your own unique people (race, ethnicity) and their own unique culture and sense of right and wrong and law and order and so on.

                       That is how you resist and fight globalism. 


Following a universalist mystic, who only sees individuals, on a global crusade is how you get seduced and initiated into globalism and become it’s unwitting minion.

Qanon is a globalist movement.

It might as well be George Soros.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's The Economy, Stupid...

People have an unbelievably skewed view of economy and standard of living.

And this feeds into myths about prosperity and stability.

Comfort has now supplanted Survival in terms of presuppositions about economic strength and viability.

Luxury is now synonymous with necessity.

And Americans grow increasingly doughy and lazy, and thus dependent -and urban- by the day.

Consider some facts,

All you need in terms of living space?

House size: 700 to 1,000 square feet.

That’s all that’s needed to raise a family in. In fact that was the average sized house up until fairly recently.

Even today a 900 sq. ft. mobile home comes with 2 bathrooms and three bedrooms.

Unless you’re a governor, prince, potentate or archduke, there is no practical or rational reason for you and your family to be living in a house larger than 1,500 square feet.

And of course smaller homes cost less to heat.

Luxury items you actually do not need.

Phones (they’re nice if you have lots of money, but not a necessity).
Cell phones.
Air conditioning.
Cable/satellite television.
Electric heat (gas is cheaper and you can seal off superfluous rooms in the winter).
Video games.

These things are all luxury items. They are not required for basic survival, basic comfort or basic needs.

Luxury excesses: Outside of driving to work, visiting family and buying groceries, there is absolutely no need for your vehicle to leave the driveway. (sickness and emergencies being an obvious exception)

And if you cook all of your meals yourself at home, then your grocery bill will also go down, as will your trips to town -which saves on gas money.
And supplement that with a garden and canned goods stored in a cellar and your bills will go down even further.

How often do you need new clothes? Rarely. Even farmers patch and mend their daily work clothes and get years and years of wear and tear out of them.

College for the kids?

Unless you’re a millionaire, it’s beyond your means. Which is to say, outside of extreme circumstances, NEVER EVER GO IN DEBT!!!

What about buying a home?

Rent, until you have the money.

In 1900 the average age for a first time homeowner was 40.

If you are 20, then you plan on spending the next 20 years of your life busting your ass and sweating and bleeding and struggling and fighting all the way to be able to buy or build that 700 sq. ft. home and a little patch of land.

Plan on driving a shitty, old, used car that has to be jump-started every morning for the next 20 years of your life.

Suffering and going without things is GOOD.

But if you’re already over 30, married with kids and in debt, start cutting back.

Stop eating out at restaurants, period.
Fix your own meals.

Fix your own water leaks.
Fix your own electrical problems.
Fix your own engine troubles.

Don’t know how?

Believe me, you’ll be surprised at what you can do when you HAVE to do it!

Cut back on using your clothes dryer. Hang your clothes on a clothesline outside and let the sun dry them.

I could go on.

When you cut out the exorbitant luxury items and decadent indulgences that you absolutely do not need, then your cost of living will be radically readjusted.

I point all this out because even poor Americans are only “struggling” financially because they want to live like millionaires.

Americans today spend more money on garbage bags to carry out their excessive waste than their grandparents spent on food.

Dear American,

You are living waaaaay the hell beyond your means and beyond what is necessary.

Reduce the money you spend to absolute necessities and you will find that you can have a stay at home wife and 7 kids and survive just fine on minimum wage.

An economy predicated on excess of luxury, entertainment and vain indulgence will lead to mountains of waste.

And that will draw millions of birds, rats, mosquito's, flies and cockroaches to feast on the overflow....right in your backyard

There are consequences to your actions.


The Horrific Immigration Crisis...

From 2006,

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R- Iowa.

(That) translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens.
But the carnage wrought by illegal alien murderers represents only a fraction of the pool of blood spilled by American citizens as a result of an open border and un-enforced immigration laws.

While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745.

King also reports eight American children are victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day – a total of 2,920 annually.

Based on a one-year in-depth study, Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each. She analyzed 1,500 cases from January 1999 through April 2006 that included serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestation committed by illegal immigrants.
As the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. increases, so does the number of American victims.

So at least 110,000 Americans have been killed in the past 12 years by illegals.

And at least 35, 000 children have been sexually abused by illegals in the same period of time.

Plus God knows how many thousands of rapes, thefts, etc.

And unfortunately the numbers of illegals pouring across the border have skyrocketed since then. Plus add the unending stream of refugees and asylum seekers being systematically planted in voting districts across the country and you can imagine how much higher those annual numbers are now.

The annual numbers have to be much, much higher now.



The End...

The final stage of debate is the realization that,

A. Those with whom you are debating are not “mistaken" or “misguided" in their beliefs but that they hold those beliefs because they hate you and everything you love and believe.

B. That they’ve only been engaging you in dialogue as a distraction to keep you from defending yourself from their attacks.

C. That they intend to destroy everything you love, including you and your family.


Evil People Are Just Nicer...

I think it’s because they’re less judgmental.

They just want to get on with their own business and don’t waste their energy worrying about what other people are doing. They’re doing their thing and want to be left alone and so they have that positive outlook towards everyone else.

You never see an evil person glaring at homosexuals or sneering at interracial couples.

You never hear an evil person make racist or bigoted remarks about immigrants or gay pride parades.

You never hear an evil person talk about borders and genders, and race and particular religions or cultures.

You never meet an evil person who is all ‘holier than thou’ about other people’s lives and lifestyle choices.

Evil people are just generally cooler about everything!

I’ve never yet met a nice person who wasn’t just super cool with whoever and whatever you are.

Live and Let Live is their motto.

Isn’t that nice?

Gosh, I think it’s because when you are okay with yourself about doing evil shit, you just don’t get all worked up about other people’s evil shit.

Nice people are just so chill about, well, everything!

And they're welcoming towards everybody!

Gosh, evil sure is nice.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Most Taboo Question in Modern America...


The second most taboo question in Modern America:




White People Problems #1: ‘They’re Dividing Us’...

....Sky-rocketing homelessness is about #483. Unless it’s you, of course. 

Far be it for me, an old-school White Nationalist, to be critical of my own people, but it needs to be said.

White people are spoiled rotten.

Yes, yes, not all. There are millions of White people for whom multi-generational, third-world level, poverty is culturally normal.

But even they live free from the perils of war or genuine struggle -there’s always food stamps and state funded healthcare!

White people don’t know how spoiled they are.

Worse, they don’t realize that their convenient, cozy lifestyle is the result of government and corporate social engineering. They like to think that it’s the result of their own hard work and ingenuity -even though they tend to be big and fat and slow and lazy.

Also, why is the gas you put in your ridiculous tank-sized vehicle $3.00 a gallon instead of $12.00 a gallon?   And how many of you don’t depend on credit cards?

Because just, cause, and stuff?

White people have become so immersed in, and conditioned to,  a decadent Roman-emperor-style lavishness that any little hint of conflict that detracts from “livin’ the dream" sends them into fits of moral outrage, panic and despair.

If it’s conflict with another White person then that person is obviously a “jerk” with nothing better to do, so lets just ignore him till he stops or goes away.

But when the conflicts are ethnic, racial and religious, then White people are confronted with their greatest fear....that not everyone wants to be like them!!!!!!!

Because if other peoples reject their cultural lifestyle, morals, ethic, value systems, etc.. then that may mean that their presuppositions about how that lifestyle is akin to gravity (natural and inevitable for everybody) are unfounded.

And if that be so, how are you going to be livin’ the dream?

Then the issue becomes existential: if other people reject our values, ethics, morals, laws and groovy lifestyle, does that mean that our way of life is not a universal inclination?

If it ain’t universal then what is the basis of it?
What’s next, gravity?

You see, if we, White people, have a particular and unique worldview, value system, ideas of law and order, morals and so on, then it will not continue to exist without us or when we are a minority.

Which would also mean that to keep the culture  as we’ve known it going, we would have to care for it, work to sustain and fight to preserve it.

Which means no more weekends at the beech!!!!

No more just “enjoying life”.

No more orgies at Caligula's!!!

The default claim then, is that “they” are trying to divide us as a nation.

Because the reality that ‘us’ does not share your idea of what a society should be is just too much to take.

At this point there really is only one option. And it’s not civil war.

For decades White Nationalists have said that the best solution is to dissolve the United States and partition it along ethnic, racial and religious grounds.

Culturally and politically that has already happened.

Due to the largest migration in human history that has been taking place on the US border for the past 30 years,  a physical partition is now inevitable.

And as each year goes by the whole unraveling of it all will only be that much more messy.

The best case scenario would be to vote in a congress who would officially dissolve the US and partition the territory.

Yeah, even that would by ugly, but it would beat the free-for-all that looks increasingly likely with each passing day.

Face it my fellow White People -they are not trying to divide us.

Our ‘Us’ is only White people.


Monday, June 18, 2018

What Do God & Science Have In Common?...

They would both be mute without the voice of man.

God can’t talk.

He can only communicate through the mouth of  prophets or via ‘inspiration’ to men to write holy texts.

His existence requires observation of his perceivable attributes, you see.

And his will is expressed, and his attributes are interpreted, exclusively from the lips or the pens of men.

Now science is in on the business.

We’re always hearing that “science tells us this,” or “science shows us that.”

Science is now sentient and it talks!!

But it’s always a human mouth making the revelation, aka “discovery”, of what science tells us.

Science, like God, requires a middle-man.

Yeah, yeah, I know, ‘science is a method’. But by that definition the discovery of scratching as a solution to an itch is a method of science. Every human being discovers this via basic scientific method,  yet how many think to themselves,  ‘Science tells me to scratch itches.’ Nobody thinks like that. 
 The degree of difference is between the subjective and the objective. 

And note how “discoveries” are always announced like a revelation from on high.

The announcement of “big discoveries” are always ceremonial and quasi-religious.

Ever notice that?

Every culture has its holy men who reveal ‘great secrets to’ the rest of us.

Sometimes they’re called priests.
Sometimes they’re called scientists.

They’re always the mouthpiece for some vaguely defined force.

And they’re always very cozy and accommodating with whatever power structure is currently in control.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump Will Save Us All!!!

What the hell is wrong with people?

When Trump promised to “make America great again” he never really explained when and what the ‘great’ was?

Granted, I enjoyed his campaign and his win, to the extent I followed it. And there was a brief moment where his victory presented a genuine threat to the narrative. But that moment came and went.

Now what’s left?

The extremist leftwing zeitgeist is more powerful and more entrenched than ever and they continue to take more ground every day.

So what’s the ‘great’ thing?

Listening to his most fanatical worshipers it seems ‘great’ is related to industry and the economy.

Economic strength and growth is  a shitty barometer to use for greatness.

No scratch that, it’s downright evil!

Comfort, convenience and the ability to indulge, have been considered dangerous vices by pretty much every civilization in history.

America is one big violent, decadent, gay disco and it’s going further down the drain every single day.

Homosexuality is now presented as acceptable behavior.
The murder of babies in the mother’s wombs is legal.
Transvestism is being pushed onto kids.
Euthanasia is now being legalized.
The family is under attack by the state, the media, the schools and even the church.
The greatest invasion in human history (yes, literally) is taking place on the border with no end in sight.
Laws that attack and punish traditional morals and people are being created and enforced with increasing speed.

Come on MAGA people,

what’s the ‘great’ thing you’re always talking about?

Be honest,

you don’t have an answer.

All you’ve got is that “the new world order is trying to bring him down”, which, I guess, is supposed to imply he must be a threat to them.

But do you know what the problem with that is?

The new world order is the American people.

It is they, the American people, who are the heart and soul of the new world order.

Do you understand that?

The American people have twisted and evil desires in their hearts and minds.

Both conservative and liberal.

And what they wish for is to have any and all restraint taken off of their twisted and evil desires and plans.


it doesn’t matter.

America is based on personal freedom, free trade, free religion and free movement.

THAT is globalism.

THAT is the new world order.

THAT is immoral.

THAT is twisted.

THAT is NOT great.

You, dear MAGA-head,

like so many before you,

are worshiping yet another Golden Calf.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

On Election Choices...

People don’t want "freedom".

They want a world where there are no consequences to their actions.

Now think about them voting and what it means to your future.

Still a fan of democracy?


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trump & His Fiddle...

What the hell is he doing?

I’ve spoken with several people who live in Texas and Arizona who tell me the situation at the border has just about turned into a Mad Max movie over the past year.

And the number of people describing their small, out of the way, towns turning into little Mexico overnight seems to be increasing rapidly. People are getting increasingly nervous about going to the store because of the rapid transformation. And I won’t get into food prices which are also spiraling out of control because Trump is continuing to devalue the dollar to make the stock market go up. Yes, he can, as President, do that.

No one gives a shit about the Iran deal.

No one gives a shit about Israel.

No one gives two shits about North Korea.

No one gives a damn about the latest NFL controversy.

Trump was elected on the promise of stopping the illegals, putting new restrictions on legals, deporting the illegals that are here and securing the border.

This is an existential crisis. Rome is burning.

He has not done a fucking thing on these absolutely critically important issues.

Remember the “caravan” of illegals?

Well, they walked right in and the national guard was there to hand them a bottle of water.

Tens of thousands of more are pouring across every single week. And the numbers are increasing.

And the children that are allowed to stay and become citizens are now citizens of both countries.

Which means their very presence merges the US and Mexico into one mutant entity. They will vote there and they will vote here.

Trump is the top law officer of the United States.

He could have, and should have, declared a state of emergency on day one of his term.

Instead of a wall, how about prosecuting those who hire illegals. How about ending welfare, SS, food-stamps and free healthcare to illegals.

After all they are only coming here for the free goodies. Which the taxpayers pay for.

And further more, what in......oh wait. Trump just tweeted something about Roseanne!