Monday, December 31, 2018

Confidence Is Effeminate...

Confidence is a feminine trait.

Doubt, or skepticism, is a masculine trait.

Women dress up and put on makeup when they go out to give themselves confidence because, to them (by their nature), how they are perceived superficially in the moment is their value assessment.

It is narrow, short term thinking. But it’s their nature. And they have the bad habit of projecting it.

Recently a friend was in the hospital with some strange symptoms. The doctor came in while myself and other friends and family were present.

The doctor examined the patient -asked them some questions, and then asserted that he saw no need for concern. They would run some tests to be sure, but he felt that there was nothing to worry about.

As soon as he left the women folk and a few of their “men”expressed their pleasure at the doctor’s diagnosis, even commenting on how his confidence was the key to their relief.

They began to laugh and chat.

And there I was thinking, ‘this doctor gave his opinion. No tests yet. No actual results from tests. Nothing.'

A fool is confident.

Outside in the waiting room I told them this. I said we havn’t been given any good news yet, just that doctors opinion based on a conversation.

‘But he was confident!’ That was the rebuttal. And that alone gave them warm and fuzzy feelings.

Some of them even went back home, because all was well with the world again.

You can guess how this turned out. When actual tests were done it was very bad news.

Actual tests vs. some doctor’s glib assessment.

Men know that the world has more misery than joy. More pain than pleasure.

And we know that we are all destined to die. Either today or some other day.

Men are naturally pessimistic because of this. It’s the long view of life.

Doubt, uncertainty, caution and lots and lots of skepticism are masculine characteristics.

It’s what gives counter-balance to women’s flighty, unsupported, optimism.

So as men are grim and dour in their waiting for the inevitability of night.

Women are gay and silly in their confidence of a day without end.


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bitter Truths...

The Allies won WWII.

They rule the world today.

Like it?

Capitalism won the Cold War.

Capitalism shapes the world today.

Enjoying it?


Cults Are Dead...

When people start celebrating their culture it is the sign that their culture is long since dead.

They didn’t have Renaissance Festivals during the renaissance. They just had festivals.

If you are able to define and explain an era or culture then you are doing an historical autopsy.

History is organic. It occasionally sheds its skin. It keeps moving.

Sure, people can manipulate others and maneuver themselves to positions of power above others, but they can never actually alter, stop or reverse the movement of history.

And by the movement of history I don’t mean progress. I mean life goes on, one way or the other.
They can turn a field into a concrete parking lot but over time grass will break through again and subsume the concrete.

Put it this way: all the great men of history died. Like everybody else.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Folly Of Populism...

Populists tell the mob what the mob wants to here at the moment.

Mega-Church preachers are populists. If they spoke any truth their churches would have about 5 people in them.

Populists lie.

They tell you what you want to hear. They tell you that you are great and that you deserve the best.....and that you are great. (“You rock, Cincinnati!!!”)

Populists appeal to emotions. ‘Hope and Change’  ‘Make America Great Again’

But what often feels great now creates lots of regret tomorrow.

Ultimately, every populist fails.

So why do their followers continue their sycophantic devotion to them?

Because populists allow their followers to redefine the parameters of the battlefields. Of every defeat they declare, ‘we meant to lose.”

Populism allows you to look out across the country you have lost and say to yourself, “but of the square foot in which I presently stand, I am king”.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Against The Wall...

One million immigrants pour into the US every year LEGALLY.

America is a polyglot, multicultural, night club of the rich and famous and decadent. It’s a continent sized Babylon.

If you have money you can buy your way in.

But if you’re poor.......not so much.

Trump’s Border Wall literally and symbolically excludes the poor. And only the poor.

Simple as that.

The argument that they should come here legally does not take into account the reality of the need for money to emigrate. (that's why Soros and friends spend hundred of millions of dollars financing refugee movements)

Again, over a million are pouring in every year legally. And they are mostly non-White.

So if “we” are okay with a polyglot, multicultural, society that want’s more and more people and that doesn’t discriminate based on race or ethnicity, then the only basis for discrimination is poverty.

Do you understand this?

You better think about it and let the implications sink in.

Because the "economic boom" was nothing more than a government-managed sugar rush that is wearing off and the reality of post-middle class America is soon to hit home.

There should be no immigration or emigration.

Nations are not places, they are ethnic groups.

Borders are defined by blood.

This is why America is doomed to fulfill its intended purpose.

Pay out of debt. Fast.

Form a tribe around you in the real world.

Your blood is your nation.

America  -the bastard child of enlightenment occultists- is in its death-throes.


Friday, December 21, 2018

The Opposite of Globalism...

Is Paganism.

Pagan culture is particular, not universal.

Pagan means “district limited by markers” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag -”to fix”.

A fixed place, in other words. Something rooted. As opposed to cosmopolitan, which implies either implicitly or explicitly, rootlessness. AKA, Global and Universal.

The home is pagan. Because every home has its own unique culture. It has its own customs and rituals related to manners, dining etiquette, behavior, hierarchy, rules, etc.

Each home has its own gods too.

And each home is a biological unit. The children are not the children by choice, but by blood.

You cannot choose your identity.

Globalism, crafted ideologically via the city as monotheism, implies universal truths and universal laws because the world it attempts to build is composed of rootless, blank-slates who’s identity is based on acquired social status and recognition.

So in the city of the globalists a man can choose to be a christian or a woman.

But for the heathens, the pagans -aka, non-city dwellers, identity is biological. Fixed. The tribe is blood. The borders are defined by blood. Good and evil is defined by blood.

But for the globalist, good and evil are defined as what makes the universal city work best.

The one-god is the city.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

E. Michael Jones...

A few people have asked me about this guy.

I listened to some of his interviews and it’s clear the guy is fundamentally a leftist who got burnt by the establishment he longed to be a part of and so he has dedicated his life to “exposing” his “enemies” as a way of proving to said establishment that they were fools for not embracing him.

Jones does not “name the jew”.

Jones believes the jews are his wayward brothers and that they are being stupid for not agreeing with him about jesus the catholic church.

Sort of a 21st century Martin Luther.

Jews are the center point of his entire existence. With out them he would be Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi.

Which is to say, Jones is the quintessential baby boomer.

The best example of this is how he claims that there are no white guys.

Heard that before haven’t we?

It’s a sentiment held exclusively by those born between the years 1945 and 1965. Conservative, liberal..Christian or atheist, baby boomers, alone of all generations, like to assert that there is no such thing as White people.

No one born before WWII held such a belief. And no one born after 1965 does either.

Even Jones himself doesn’t really believe that, but it is, apparently, something his generation engages in for virtue signaling.

He claims that in America the only identities are Protestants, Jews and Catholics and that there are no white guys.........and yet, I just heard him talk about how he appeared on a show with “two black guys”.


Again, we’ve heard all this before from that poor, fucked up, generation.

Beyond that, the assertion that there are no “white guys” -and that in America you are either protestant, catholic or jew, is just patently false.

References to White men, as opposed to red men and black men and yellow men, go back about 500 years in the new world.

It’s why we have football teams called Washington RED-SKINS.

There are numerous reference to White people in the various founding documents of the states and the United States.

The Naturalization Act of 1790, for example,  restricted citizenship to “any alien, being  a free white person”.

There are hundreds of such examples going back hundreds of years -before, during and after the founding of the US.

So Jones is either stupid or dishonest.

Well, actually, he’s a leftist so he is just trying to re-write history, culture and language to fit his ideology. 

As I said, he has a grudge against the jewish establishment who kicked him out of their club.

Remove that aspect of his life and he’s a run of the mill 60s leftist.

And I really do feel sorry for that generation.

The fact of biological differences and inherent inequality seems a truth that, were they to accept it, would destroy their perception of themselves and the world.

Again, no generation before them or after them has held such a bizarre conviction with such fundamentalist zeal.

What the hell was done to those boomer White guys?


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Don’t Trust The Internet...

The ironic and sad thing about the npc meme is the fact that so many people automatically started using them because that was the latest “thing” to do to leftists.

Npc’s trolling npcs with npc memes.

The internet has not helped the cause.

How has it hurt the cause?

It sustains an inauthentic notion of “here”.

Sort of like how mass immigration took decades to notice because the USA is so big and spread out. By the time around 50 million mexicans had overrun every community it was to late.

The internet -forums and social media- have created a false sense of space.

As people bury their heads in the virtual world the real world continues to be radically transformed around them.

It’s great that you’ve found like minds in Utah, Texas and Massachusetts, but your little town in Iowa is turning into a little mexico.

You see, all those like minds you find online are actually scattered out, far and wide. And on top of that, people express opinions and beliefs online that they don’t actually live in the real world. The internet allows for some astounding hypocrisy.

You are being lulled into another false sense of progress and “mass awakening” by the internet.

There are actually far fewer like minds to yourself than you think.

If you’re depending on a virtual community, you are in deep shit.

Build a tribe in the real world.

Turn off the internet.

My current timeline is to go off in January.

It’s not only Big Brother on steroids it’s also an expense that fewer and fewer people are going to be able to afford anyway.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Hitler as Icon?...

To infiltrate and subvert nationalist movements you need only call for a more measured tone.

Be less provocative.

Be less outrageous.

Be more respectable to appeal to the normies.

This tactic was applied to the Christian churches in the 70s and 80s to force out those “crazy fundamentalists” and make the church hip and cool to appeal to a broader audience.

And today those churches are pro-homo, pro-open borders and pro-cultural marxism.

Ditto the republican party.

From the 1950s onward men like Podhertz and Buckley urged a more sophisticated and nuanced conservatism to appeal to the average joe and quickly purged the actual conservatives out of the movement, creating the RINO in the process.

Christians tried it with Rome only to become Romans.

And of course Hitler tried it in the 1930s and lost spectacularly.

Even the Soviets became Russified and had to abandon the whole project.

Systems are organic.

The US system is, in a way, a living thing.

It feeds on participation and withers on neglect.

When you participate with the system, the system wins and absorbs you and grows even stronger.

The system itself is the enemy. Not who is running it.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Hitler Was Right...

Were Nazi’s bad?

Consider that the allies won WWII.

This world you live in now is controlled by the allies -America, Britain, France and (Soviet Union) Russia. Plus China.

During WWII and after, Russia and China were communist. Britain and France were socialist.
America funded and supported them.

Look around.

Do you like globalism? Marxism? The homosexual and transgender agenda? Open borders?

The allies won.

The NAZI’s lost.


The NAZI’s lost.

The world today is made in the image of the victors, the Allies.

Everything you see around you now is what the NAZI’s were fighting against.

That is why you are called a nazi when you oppose the left.

WWII was the NAZIS vs. Communism.

The nazi’s lost.


Are Whites Dangerous?...


And I don’t mean that in a backwards kind of way of implying “cool”.

Far too many Whites are spoiled, evil, brats.

It’s one thing to bitch about jewish dominated media and its negative impact on society, but it’s another thing to keep buying and watching it.

How many bible-believing, God-fearing, Murican patriots proclaim Trump’s America to be best America on the grounds of “muh low-wage jobs”?

The borders are wide open and millions are pouring in. Yes millions.

Homosexuality is legal.

Murdering babies in wombs is legal.

Children are being indoctrinated into trangenderism.

Censorship of conservatives is at all time highs.

Corporate control of our lives is near ubiquitous.

Inflation is out of control.

The US is militarily occupying half the planet and forcing globo-homo-marxism upon billions of people.

The list goes on.

But hey, the stock market got really high there for a while.

And Trump, Murica’s avatar, says America is great and wonderful and winning so it must be true.

So yes.

Jews exploit us. Blacks hate us. Hispanics want to replace us. Asians think we’re ripe for conquest. Etc.

But we ourselves are our own worst enemies.

Give us football, beer, porn and platitudes and we’ll sell our selves and our children’s future to the lowest bidder.

Just play ‘Proud to be an American’ and we’ll march our families off any cliff you point to.


Are Jews Dangerous?...

The other film is Shattered Glass.

It’s the real story of jewish journalist Stephen Glass who was caught fabricating entire articles for the jewish magazine New Republic.

His fantastic and outlandish stories were over looked at the time because he portrayed Whites as evil racists who needed to be exterminated by hook or crook.

What made him unusual was that he fabricated entire stories, rather than the standard practice of partially fabricating them.

His story was told in the film ‘Shattered Glass’ in which he was played by not a jew.

The spin on the whole thing was that it was other journalists who caught him and called him out and that his jewish editor-in-chief was a victim who ultimately figured out the truth and fired Glass.

It’s an interesting story in what it reveals about the ruling class.

Even when journalists are caught out making up stories to manipulate the public (which is the whole point of the press) they spin a new narrative in which they are actually the heroes.

See Watergate for an example of this. A coup by the deep state to overthrow the president has been dressed up as merely dogged journalism -never mind that the journalists worked for the CIA.

The real story of Stephen Glass is that of a jewish ruling class using the poisonous art of journalism to manipulate the public and justify hatred of Whites.

It’s also the story of the lengths to which they will go to continue spinning the narrative to make their crimes look like pursuits of justice.

Always the victims and never the victimizers which they are.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Press Is The Enemy...

Two films.

One is Diving Bell, a south Korean documentary about the sinking of the Sewol ferry, in which over 300 people died -most of whom were High School kids on a field trip.

The ship SLOWLY capsized and sank.

The kids called their parents, sent out text messages and filmed themselves laughing and fooling around in the ship. Some even hummed the Celine Dion Titanic song in jest at their situation.

And they all died as the ship slowly capsized and slowly sank.

None of the kids should have died.

There was more than enough time and resources to rescue them.

The documentary didn’t garner much attention. Because it illustrated that the reason for the kids dieing was a corrupt government beholden to commercial interests and the media.

The documentary makes clear that the media played a central role in the kid’s deaths.

The media lied and reported that everything was okay and that the kids would be rescued. It further reported that the kids need only sit and wait for the inevitable rescue.

So the parents texted their kids and told them to sit and wait.

By the time it was clear that the media and government were lying, the signals to the phones were gone.

The media killed those kids.

In the documentary the owner of a diving bell remarks how the media creates false narratives and has too much power.

Like I said, the documentary didn’t get much attention outside of south-Korea.

The documentary was on Youtube. Watch it if you can.

Also, you can still find the videos the kids made inside the sinking ship before they died.

They did what they were told. They trusted their parents because their parents trusted the media and the globe’s corporate run governments.

Never, ever, ever trust the media.

The media is the enemy.

And right now we are all on the Sewol.

I’ll get to the second film in the next post...


Killing Rome & Jerusalem & Athens...

You’ve lived in a church your whole life.

With popes and priests and sacraments and rites and rituals.

From your first day in school to sweet sixteen to getting your drivers license to graduation to marriage to your first house to.......

All a church.

All rituals and sacraments.

In a  system that is a church.

It has popes and priests and rituals.


like all religions,

it has its heretics.

And its prophets.

And its apocalypse.

Interesting, is it not, that most of the system’s proponents and prophets might shout death to Rome, but cry out for the preservation of Athens? Or they may cry for the destruction of Athens, but not for Jerusalem.

But the truly despicable call for the preservation of all three.

When the three inevitably fall -and they will- the peoples of northern Europe and northern European descent, will rejoice.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Stop Being The Enemy...

Following from the last post,

There are conspiracies to control systems (civilizations) but the system itself is, basically, organic.

The system is there. Doing its own thing.

Various groups can move in to try and rise to the top of that system and attempt to steer it one way or the other, but the system remains its own thing.

The system (the civilization) is our enemy, NOT who is in control of it.

Even if “our guys” take control of it, it will still be a menace to us and our children.

It is the enemy. Not who is manipulating it.

And it thrives on contributions and participation.

When you build and create within its framework, you are sustaining it.

When you work hard and generate lots of wealth, you are sustaining and empowering the very thing that is destroying us.

We are born into this world not as a cog in a wheel, but as a link in a chain.

It is not your place to build and create and progress.

You were born to provide a link from one generation to the next.

And in that, what you do beyond biology should obviously reflect this too.

Links in chains don’t build and create and progress.

No, they preserve and persevere.

We have no right to attempt to “change the world” for better or worse.

We are nothing but links in the chain.

Rust is change.


Conservatives Are Liberals...

Traditionalists do not build or create. They persevere and preserve.

The very notion of building and creating and progressing is a cancerous mutation.

Very, VERY much like cancer.

Being rich is a bad thing.

Being poor is a good thing.

Coincidentally, the richest people in the world are radical leftists.

The richest societies in the world right now are dying a horrible death.

The poorest peoples in the world right now are flourishing and will soon inherit the earth.

Rich guy = 2 kids.

Poor guy = 8 kids.

Rich guy = zero to two grand kids. Because his two kids opt for personal financial comfort over lots of kids too, or they adopt or they become gay.

Poor guy = 60+ grand kids.

Simple math.

It’s also simple math that the American economy of the 21st century can not continue to limp along without open borders and tens of millions of illegals pouring in to provide cheap labor and prop up things like Social Security.

So you must choose: propped up, inflationary, economy or much poorer living standards but  secured borders.

Can’t have both.


to be continued...


Friday, December 14, 2018

“You Would Have Preferred Hillary?”...

When you criticize Trump’s incompetence and cowardice, his bat-shit-crazy sycophant’s throw out this question.

And the question reveals why they “stand with Trump”.

Because it begs the question, “will you not fight?”

Trump is passive. He is a prisoner in the White House.

His supporters are likewise passive and prisoners in their society.

Maybe if Hillary had won America would be having its own “yellow vest” protests by now.

But no. Quiet compliance.

I know, I know. You’re all too busy working to protest.

Keep working hard.

Your tax dollars are subsidizing the Soros Foundation, ANTIFA, illegal immigration, abortion, gay pride parades, transvestite school kids and wars that benefit other countries and harm your personal interests.


God Or Gods...

The peoples of the world who rejected the one-god are flourishing and prospering.

The parts of the world that embraced monotheism are being swept away in revolutions, wars, migrations, depravity, madness and death.

one god to rule them all
one god to find them
one god to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Never Trust Trust...

Blood will always be there.

Blood will have your back.

Even when they don’t necessarily want to.

A friend, who is outside of your own kin-group, may be loyal and ready to help, but they will never be able to defend you (or you them) when it matters most.

Family will defend you when there is no rational or reasonable reason to.

Family will die fighting beside you even when you are in the wrong.

I’ll say that again, family will fight and die beside you even when your are the villain.

Blood needs no reason or explanation.

Blood needs no justification or explanation.

Blood will leap to your defense, just because you are their flesh and blood.

Right and wrong never factor into it.

Blood is always right.

Others are always wrong.

A friend, no matter how loyal and no matter what you’ve been through with them, will not have the same instinct to to fight and die defending you.

Because a friend will, at best, fight beside you.

But blood will fight for you because they are you.


Never Plan Ahead...

Never, ever, plan ahead.

Always be ready to react in the moment.

As the old saying put’s it: “Life is one goddamn thing after another”.

It is.

You will never see, nor anticipate, what's coming. Or when or from what direction.


People who react and make a “mad dash for it” survive to tell the tale.

People who try to plan ahead are found burned alive in their cars.

Survival is a raw, primal, instinct.

Suppress it, with notions of long term planning, and you will be at the mercy of the inevitable chaos that will envelope and destroy you as you set pondering over hypothetical strategy.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Who Is White?...

Northern Europeans.

The areas once dominated by Germanic and Celtic peoples.


Meh. Distant cousins. Strange.

Southern Europeans?

No. Flat out no.

I know, I know: “Muh DNA analysis”.  Look, you don’t need science here. It’s a gut reaction thing. You know your own kind. You recognize them, by instinct. By primitive, ancient, gut instinct.

You don’t get that around Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and so on.

And, add to that, that they tend to be brown. So....

The peoples descended from the old Germanic and Celtic peoples have a “way”. It’s impossible to describe but we know it when we see it and when we are around it.

You don't need scientific research to recognize your own kind. You just know.

East and southern Europeans are different.

Even those east and southern Europeans in America who have  been “Americanized” over three or four generations are still different and when you are around them you feel like you are around foreigners.

Because they are.

Nations are ethnic groups, not political states.

So, there is my answer on the subject.

Stick to your own kind.


Friday, December 7, 2018

Why The Left Should Fear Qanon...

Because it’s a farm.

Like the alt-right/alt-lite is a farm.

And it’s goods are ripe for the picking for upstart rightwing organizations.

But whereas the alt-right was intentionally created as a farm to be harvested, Qanon was an “organic" mutation of the concept.

Follow this chain of events.

Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi suddenly denounce Qanon after Q, basically, accuses them of being unwelcomed harvesters -so to speak.

Jones and Corsi go on the attack.

Suddenly we see Lee Stranahan, of upstart Faultlines Radio, move in to take down Q.

Suddenly we see Jack Posobiec, of upstart OAN network, move in to take down Q.

Suddenly we see Scott Adams, behind the scenes financial contributor to upstart new-right projects, move in to take down Q.

And there were others on the periphery of the issue. Cernovich, Molyneux, Vox Day, etc.

All of them upstart rightwing wannabe players.

And they all had a similar message to Q followers: ‘I can do for real what Q fakes doing’.

What Q claims to do is what Stranahan, Posobiec, Adams and others do in the real world with actual sources and actual financial infrastructure.

And that is what is so interesting.

The real life upstart rightwing group have set up a network that looks and talks a lot like the online Qanon -the we-are-the-world conservatism, the USA-USA-USA cheerleading, the ‘we have sources to help you understand what is happening’ bait, love Jesus, MAGA, etc, etc.

The realworld rightwing wannabes are, strangely enough, an exact mirror of the cyber-space Qanon.


And it's a threat to them.

That, to me, is really interesting.

Qanon is threatening to undermine the entire realworld wannabe’s project.

Who wins in this struggle?

It depends on the fate of Trump.

If Trump is impeached and removed from the White House the realworld wannabes will win.

Which, again, is interesting.

If Trump remains and wins re-election and serves two full terms, the realworld wannabes will see their project fizzle out.

The wannabes both want, and need, for Trump to be impeached.

Qanon, on the other hand, is a faith that will mutate on into something else forever!!!!

Don’t think so? Just look at all of the “end of the world” prophecies that have never dented the careers of the preachers who made the false predictions.

Stay away from it all!

Stay away from Qanon, the alt-right, the upstart new-right....all of it!

Keep your distance.

They’re all full of shit. And they’re all out to exploit you. For god’s sake, Jack Posobiec publicly disavows “racism” and antisemitism while being good buddies with Vox Day -who publishes his books.

That’s not hypocrisy on either one’s part. Both are simply opportunists who don’t have a sincere bone in their bodies.

They’re not being clever. They’re just circling towards the mean.

Which is what Qanon, alt-right, etc are all about. No one wants a "unique looking" potato or three-eyed sheep.

Down on the farm everything is to be as expected, come harvest time.

If you are pro-White, stay the hell away from those groups and people!

If and when a turn of the tide does come, it will be like a thief in the night:  horrible, unforeseen, inexplicable and indiscriminate.


The Myth Of The Long March...

The myth of how the left came to rule over the US is vital to rightwing psychology. It’s important for the right to believe that the left used sneaky, under-the-table, Napoleonesque strategy and tactics to usurp the previous elite and take over.

It MUST have been because of superior tactics and planning and patience! It must!!!

Sorry, no.

There was no “long march through the institutions” in the 20th century.

The left, backed by a lot of jewish money, used blackmail, extortion, bribery and murder to take over the so-called institutions.

It took a few years.

That’s the way it was because that’s the way it is.

Revolution is a blunt, violent tool.

There’s nothing subtle or clever about it.

And it most certainly is not a long, drawn out, process.

If the right wants to regain control of the “institutions” it will have to use violent brutality.

The right will have to take to the streets -rush the buildings of power -burn down key cities and shed lots and lots of blood.

From 18th Century France to 20th century Russia to 21st century Ukraine, the only thing that dislodges a ruling elite is a sudden rush of mass violence.

Crude, stupid, vulgar, bloody violence.


Because the regime uses crude, stupid, vulgar, bloody violence to maintain its power and control.

When revolutions come they come like bolt of lightning out of the blue.

No planning. No strategies. No tactics. And no long marches.


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Why The Left Keeps Changing The Rules...

Pop Culture Reference Edition

It’s not that they change the rules so much as the right doesn’t understand the ideology which motivates the left.


The rock press (predominantly Leftist) loved Elvis and the Beatles because they were not particularly talented.

Talent, to the left, is tyranny.

They fear and loathe it.

Listen to a Sex Pistols song and then listen to a song by Journey. The rock press loved the Pistols and hated Journey -with a passion.

The left likes “art” that exists solely to, “cleverly”, mock “conventions" and the “tyranny of talent”. Or beauty, for that matter.

So if you have a singer who sings songs glorifying leftist talking points, but does so in a clear, operatic tenor, the Left will still mock and attack him -for singing ‘too good’, and thus being elitist and arrogant and a nazi.

Another (timely) example is the pop-rock band Queen. The rock press despised them and Freddie Mercury in particular.

Why would the left-wing press hate a flamboyant homosexual who didn’t hide his proclivities and who’s very existence was a celebration of leftwing triumph in the culture war?

Because he had a good singing voice and displayed it.

Queen were savaged by the rock press for being “arrogant”. Their music was even described as fascist, because, again, the group displayed their talents openly and with ambiguous irony.

Leftism is not a set of rules. It is an ideology.

And that ideology asserts that natural talent or beauty is the purest expression of fascism -of tyranny and oppression.

This is why they throw their own under the bus so often.

This is also why they have a burning hatred for artists like Norman Rockwell.

It’s not because of how he painted so much as what his paintings represented.


Beginning Of The End...

As I’ve written before, it’s nearing time to wrap up this blog. In fact it’s time to exit the internet completely.

Myself and others are going to do just that. I strongly encourage you to do it as well.

Globalism is a process. And participating online is a central pillar of that process. (pillars change over time)

The internet has no platforms -only street corners.

Get off the streets!

Get out of the city altogether!

In the time remaining I’ll go over a few key issues.

Keep prepping. But keep your survival/family/personal plans off the net!

The social and economic situation in the US will continue to spiral down, even as it mutates into some new hideous beast.

It is, alas, organic.

The sky won’t fall. But it will.

Watch some videos on living homeless.


Learn to trust your instincts again.

Learn to depend on your gut instinct again.


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Goodnight Sweet Prince...

It’s great how the government gets shut down in honor of a former president.

If that doesn’t remind you that you are ruled over by by narcissistic sociopaths then just remember the, seemingly, 40 day long funeral for John McCain.

Emperors of Rome did not get such lavish sendoffs.

I once pointed out that people who are into weird, freaky, borderline illegal, things tend to overcompensate by compulsive and obsessive charity contributions and promotion.

The same applies to the elites who feel the need to turns the deaths of one of their own into a sacred, religious, event.

No man who does an honest day’s work needs it to be celebrated and memorialized at the end of said day.

People with a guilty conscience however, do.


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Globalism Crumbling?...

I was sent some videos and articles by an old friend recently (so we’re still friends then?) that imply nationalism is on the rise and Soros’s globalism is in retreat.

Is this true?

First off, Soros hardly invented it. Globalism has been around since time began. Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations made a huge bid for it 100 years ago. Just as one example.

The less sexy word for it is conquest. Or empire.

But what is globalism?

It is a presupposition.

Do you believe in the concept of a “human race”? Or, “mankind”?

If so, you are a globalist.

Do you believe in reason -that all men are capable of understanding and acknowledging an objective fact?

If so, you are a globalist.

Do you believe that there is only one god?

If so, you are a globalist.

Of course this is all besides the point. As was said above, globalism is just a warm and fuzzy way of describing subjugation.

But its proponents and defenders do indeed believe in it as a moral imperative. AKA, a faith.

Thus a globalist can assert that it is a scientific fact, and an article or reason, that all men belong to the human race.

To which one of us unwashed heathens can then ask, ‘why should we use science or reason to explain or define, anything’?

The answer from the globalist will ultimately be, ‘because it’s our tradition’.

Funny, ain’t it?

It is a custom to use science and reason. Nothing more.

Herein is the point: the vast majority of those championing the end of “Soros Globalism” are nothing more than proponents of another brand of globalism. One in which they can continue to fly their open-ended group flag in a world where everybody agrees to play by the same basic rules.

It presupposes that any group that does not agree to the basic presuppositions of another group  are just being assholes and troublemakers and so on.

These are the kind of people who want the US border locked down but believe it is their right to move from, say, Kansas to Montana. “Cause we’re all Americans!" And there are no local/regional peoples or cultures who’s existence is perpetuated by keeping other Americans out, you see.

Call it nationalistic-globalism.

It’s all the rage today!

Build a family.

Build a tribe.

Ignore the world outside of the boundaries of that tribe.


Friday, November 30, 2018

Islam As The Enemy?...

The enemy of what?

Western Civilization.

And what is Western Civilization?

Western Civilization is abortion and feminism and gay marriage and transgenderism and the like. You know, freedom. Personal Freedom, specifically.

So it’s interesting to see good old fashioned bible thumping Murican patriots join hands with leftwing neo-Marxists to object to the way muslims mistreat whores and queers.

Western Culture is insane.

And America is leading that insanity and depravity.

Neither Islam nor Judaism are any better.

All branches of the one-god paradigm mutated out of merchant-created business forts which we call cities.

Judaism is the most urban. Hence jews fear and loathing of the christian hicks.

The Christian hicks are more urban than most muslims and thus the fear and loathing of the muslim hordes.

Yet all three are the same thing, but at different stages.

The further out you are from the center of civilization the more “scary” you are to those closest to that center.

The center is the one-god.

The one-god is the city.

The city is the enemy.

Civilization (city dwelling) is reaching its natural conclusion: insanity and suicide.

After which those filthy, uncivilized, pagans will rejoice and inherit the earth!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Burning The Church...

A Minister.

A Mayor.

A God.

A City Planner.

An Architect.

Intelligent design.



There can be no one god without the city -without commerce.

The early Christian Church knew this.

The city-dwellers (civilized) converted to christianity much easier than the people living outside the cities.

The rural country peoples were mocked and attacked as “pagans” because they would not accept the one-god.

Just as the greeks and romans derided and attacked the rural peoples as “barbarians”.

Just as the communists derided and attacked the peasants of Russia because they were not “workers” living in cities and slaving away in factories.

Just as today's urban dwellers deride and attack the “hicks” of flyover country as “deplorables” and “racists”.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are born of merchants who’s ability to practice the science of commerce requires a permanently populated, fortified, planned, city.

No city.

No one-god.

Stand in the forest -and hunt and gather what you need- and the ideas of Plato, Aristotle, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ himself will be revealed for the pointless mumbling they are.

Outside the city the one-god is impotent.

Outside the city the one-god dies.

Seeing this will allow you to see the push for multiculturalism, universalism, human rights, global trade, global communications infrastructure and the like.

For the one-god to rule the earth, the entire earth must be made into one giant city.

The city is the church.

The church is the city-state, aka, civilization.

Civilization is God, the “grand architect”.

The end game of Civilization?

This one-god will rip itself to pieces and burn itself alive.

And the “pagans” will rejoice.


Death To The One God...

Counter Currents has an article up that shows everything that is wrong with the status quo preservers of White Nationalism.

The article is titled Christianity & White Nationalism.

Promoting the tolerance of christianity, the author writes,

 “...yes, institutional Christianity is corrupt, immoral, hostile to white interests, and intellectually and spiritually bankrupt. So are the universities, large corporations, the press, and almost all government entities. Yet there will be universities, corporations, a press, and a government in the coming ethnostate.”

He then adds,

“An abiding idea that has permeated the Western conscience since the time of the ancient Greeks has been the search for the truth. Truth-seeking is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the West.”

The Greeks were not White. They were brown people with a west-asian-ish culture.Still are.

The Romans were not White. They were brown people with a west-asian-ish culture. Still are.

Our ancestors were found in what the Greeks and Romans called Germania and surrounding areas in the north.

Germania is where we look towards for examples of our people’s culture in the past -not Greece or Rome!

How many universities did the tribes of Germania have?

How many corporations did the tribes of Germania have?

How many scrolls or texts did they write?


These things are not part of our natural culture. We only use them now because we were conquered by brown people, aka Greeks and Romans.

We have been enslaved by these peoples for nearly 1,000 years.

This thing the writer calls Western Civilization is the great enemy of Whites. It is our oppressor. It has systematically destroyed our own native culture and now it is on the cusp of physically annihilating us.

White people do not have civilization, because we do not have cities.

We do not have universities, corporations or even a written language. These are all things that the brown-skinned merchants of west asia have imposed upon us, to enslave, humiliate and ultimately exterminate us with.

The idea of a one god is born from all the above. One god is the city, the polis -planned, designed and ruled with laws for the purpose of facilitating commerce.

But White people do not build cities, nor desire to live as part of them.

White people do not (when left alone) participate in commerce. We trade and barter. We do not buy and sell.

We do not build corporations and we do not build universities.

Again, because we do not build cities.

The way our ancestors lived (and the way we would live if free) was not primitive. No more than living in a house is primitive compared to living in an apartment.

The idea of technological advancement is a choice, not movement. It is the way of life of the middle-easterners and east-Mediterraneans.

White Nationalists ultimately seek to use the tools of civilization to destroy civilization.

Raze the cities. Smash the roads. Destroy the power grids. Etc. And then burn ALL books and forget the dreadful science of literacy.

Then we will be free again.

Then we can flourish again.


Monday, November 26, 2018

A Caravan A Day...

1,500 to 3,000 illegals will cross the border today anyway, as you watch the “refugees” theater on tv.

And the 180+ million foreigners (aka, non-whites) that are already here continue to dig in.

Do you think there is a political solution to this?

Do you think there is a solution period?

Who we are is who we are, regardless of the fate of the United States of America.

The USA is a club.

Don’t be a member.

It’s that simple.

Our race/ethnicity is what we are. It’s who we are.

We are not Americans.

If you understand who you are as a race/ethnicity then the USA becomes about as relevant to you as a boat or a train.

Don’t let certain people keep you wrapped up in politics and a thing that is nothing more than a legal entity created on paper -aka, the USA.

Pay out of debt.

Detach yourself from the system. Try!

Form a real world tribe where you are. Try!


3rd Generation Deep State Wannabees...

Or maybe better stated, they are MIC wannabees.

Some of you know who I mean.

These dipshits publicly disavow some of each another’s beliefs, even as they privately wink-wink and nod-nod at one another. Or at least they think it’s private.

One embraces stuff like Qanon while another attacks it. And then, wink-wink, nod-nod, etc.

The others just shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes.

Do you know who they are?

It ain’t hard to figure out.

They like to play “secret” military games in the woods and other such goofy shit. They might even be able to get you Roger Stone’s autograph! Holy Moly! They sell t-shirts too! And other “alt-right” things.

Again, it ain’t secret.

Nor is it hard to figure out.

And you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of these alt-right “leaders" have gotten a number of actual pro-White social media accounts shut down.

Yes, you read that right. Alt-right, or New Right, spokesmen have been the driving force behind a fair share of twitter bannings and the like.

Can’t have people competing with their product.....or casting the wrong sort of attention on their product.

Again, can you guess who they are?

It’s not hard.

They’ve tried to draft a certain someone living in Gaul, who has thus far told them to fuck off -much to his credit.

They keep trying though.

Trust-fund-baby “movers and shakers” with edgy politics and “insider” connections are a formula for disaster and comedy.

These people want to preserve the status quo (aka, muh Western Civilization) so as to continue lining their pockets with your money.

Stay away from anyone or anything having to do with the Alt-Right or the current “nationalism” or “populism”.

They are opportunists.

Worse, they are the enemy of those things they claim to champion.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is Trump Guilty?...

Before or after the fact?

Here is what I suspect is the Deep State’s plan:

charge Julian Assange over the wikileaks publication of classified documents relating to Iraq via Bradley Manning.

And no, Assange is not a journalist. Only the Deep State can anoint someone a journalist or “real news”!

Remember that Manning was charged with “aiding the enemy”. A serious crime. One that can bring the death penalty.

But who was the “real” enemy?

I would not be surprised if Assange is painted as a puppet of Vladimir Putin and wikileaks as a Kremlin-backed operation meant to “attack” the United States by “endangering our brave troops” or “putting America’s sons and daughters in danger as they protect our freedoms” blah, blah, know the spin.

And then in will step Mueller.

Since (it will be asserted) the Kremlin used wikileaks to “aid the enemy”, endangering our brave soldiers and attack our precious democracy by releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails in order to ensure Donald Trump won the presidency.....

.......then Trump must be either a hapless tool or willing agent. Like Assange.

All it will take then is the tiniest of threads to imply “collusion” between Trump and the Kremlin.

And I believe most in Washington believe this narrative. Most senators believe this. Democrats and Republicans.

I think Trump really never expected to win.

And I think that Washington came very close to declaring a state of emergency election night, 2016.

Their “plan B” was to allow Trump to assume the presidency and then impeach him later as a way to avoid panic and a geopolitical and economic Armageddon.

Trump has been a virtual prisoner for the past two years. Even in the White House his phone calls are being monitored. And he has been effectively cut off from his own Justice Department.

Of course the Deep State trying to avoid catastrophe in 2016 is ironic since their plan b is unfolding in a way that pushes for a military confrontation with Russia, and thus Nuclear Armageddon.

 Oh, and don’t be surprised if a “special council” isn’t directed toward hunting down the Kremlin’s other subversive tool, the alt-right and alt-media in general. AKA, fake news -aka, Russian subversion.

Go to youtube and search - 'Godfather of extreme nationalism' Clinton blames Putin for rising popularity of right-wing leaders’ from RT. The entire narrative of what is unfolding was laid out by Hillary Clinton in August of 2016 -three months before the election.

Is such a plan by the Deep State airtight?


But then so was the Titanic.


Friday, November 23, 2018

The Proud But Not White Nationalist Boys...

So how did that optics conscious virtue signaling work out for you?




The fact is, if you are White (as in descended from native Europeans) then you are a White Nationalist.

Like it or not, that is the way it is.

The Proud Boys was just another in a long line of neo-Marxist groups who asserted that ideology transcends biology, but who found that they could not hide their race behind token members of their ideological clubs.

You are hated because you are White.

It has nothing to do with ideology or religion or politics.

It’s all about race.

Poor dumb Christians are still in denial of this, believing the persecution they are increasingly facing is because of their faith.

No, it’s because they are White.

This is why the “refugees” and illegals are being welcomed with open arms by the radical far left in spite of the fact that the “refugees” and illegals are overwhelmingly Christian.

The commies love Christians -if they’re brown or black.

The commies hate Whites, be they Christian or Atheist -liberal or conservative.


learn to live outside of the system.

Form a tribe where you are at. Try!

Pay out of debt.

Hunker down for the long, cold, winter our people are now in.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dogs & Trash Cans...

Not that long ago you would, on garbage pickup day, see one, maybe two, 3 ft. tall garbage cans with lids on them sitting at the end of driveways to houses that had two parents and 5 to 7 kids.

Over the past 15 years I’ve noticed a trend of people having giant, five feet deep and five feet wide garbage bends sitting at the end of their driveways. And these bends are often overflowing with garbage bags.

And these in front of houses that might have two parents and no more than two kids.

And keep in mind that the economy was 10x better (due to lower cost of living, lower inflation, etc,) 30 to 40 years ago than it is today.

Americans today have less money, fewer children and more garbage.

Seems poetic doesn’t it?

And then there are the dogs.

What does it say about modern American psyche that people have increasingly abandoned Golden Retrievers for Pit Bulls?

When the Roman Empire was on the offence and expanding, its soldiers had small shields and short swords.

When the Roman Empire was collapsing, its soldiers wielded long shields and spears.

The signs are all around folks.

From the rise of defiant sanctuary cities, to the need of troops on the borders to utilizing the threat of sanctions as geopolitical weapons to mountains of debt, etc, etc,...civilization in North America is rapidly collapsing.

You’re not going to vote your way out of it.

From Reagan to Obama to Trump, all politicians can do is try to reverse engineer the status quo.

Pay out of debt now.

Form a tribe. Try.

Hunker down and get ready for the long cold winter ahead.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

One Million...

One million LEGAL immigrants pour into the US every single year.

On top of the 700,000 illegals that pour in every year.

America is 22 trillion dollars in debt.

Household debt is back up and at record highs.

Stock Market highs are predicated on a tech bubble.

Minimum wage jobs account for the majority of jobs.

A MAJOR recession is right around the corner.

Keep all this in mind as you go out to the stores this holiday season.


Cut back.

Look ahead.

Plan on living on a lot less than you are now.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Snowflakes Vs. Hot House Lilies...

Many on the left are indeed oversensitive snowfakes in search of a safe space, but just as many on the right have become hot house lilies who have insulated themselves from any reality that is contrary to the myth of MAGA.

Some of them were panicked and crippled with despair over the Republican loss of the House.

As I’ve said before, this forebodes bad, bad things to come.

This sort of emotional fragility could very well end in a Jonestown type of scenario.


It will lead to them all becoming something altogether different.

It’s interesting to see how this is impacting the working class, aka the slaves.

Their entire worldview -their perception of themselves- is now tied up completely, wholly, in their purchasing power.

They've gone beyond crude materialism. They now see the dollar bill as a transcendent thing. They literally worship the dollar bill as a god.

If you talk of the inevitable recession to come they take GREAT umbrage and act all wounded.They look at you as if you've committed sacrilege.  After all, "Trump has turned things around”. And “this is the best economy ever”. And anyone who says otherwise is just “attacking the working man”.

You can see where this is going.

These MAGA hat wearing Americans are emotionally tied to the Stock Market, and their perception of a “booming economy”.

Their identity as workers, in contrast to the decadent ruling class (The Swamp), is nearing October 1917 levels.


The Danger Of Being Rational...

Applying rationality to any situation is always a risky move.

Being rational is an attempt to apply calculation towards the end of a supposed personal/social solution.

 In other words it’s trying to reach a mathematical outcome to that which is organic and always evolving and mutating.

Think the Vietnam War for example. Or the US “occupation” of Afghanistan.

Or just try to nail jelly to a wall.

There is no solution.

The pursuit of a solution is a dog chasing his own tail.

Or as Mark Twain supposedly put it: “life is just one damn thing after another”.

Or as an old timer I once knew put it: “life is one big giant shit sandwhich. And everybody gets a bite”.

Spring Summer Winter Fall and round and round it goes till you expire.

The pursuit of solutions to life’s problems is nothing but a snipe hunt.

Always go with your instinct. Day to day.

And then you’ll never regret anything.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

How Trump Nurtures Defeatism In Whites...

Trump’s White supporters are thrilled to have someone who throws them crumbs from the multicultural table.

That, essentially, is their worldview.

That’s all they want.

White Nationalism, on the other hand, is the understanding that race = nation. White Nationalists are, by definition, White Separatists who seek to create their own homeland apart from the United States.

White Nationalists recognize that the United States is the 2nd greatest enemy the White race has.

The United States political and philosophical foundations are antagonistic towards White Nationalism, as has been explained here before.

America is fundamentally, inherently, opposed to White Nationalism. Or any kind of nation for that matter.

Thus White Nationalists work towards carving out a piece of land from the United States for their people to live on.

We work to inform our friends and neighbors that America is an enemy and to prepare for an in-the-middle-of-the-night type of migration to the designated area where we will make our stand.

Anything less than a 100% White country is defeat. Period.

So the pursuit of a chunk of land for our own kind is the goal. That’s what White Nationalism (Separatism) is, by definition.

The “white nationalists” who are Trump supporters are integrationists

They want to remain a part of the United States as long as they are “free” and their “rights” and economic pursuits are recognized and protected.

These “white nationalists” want to join jews, blacks, hispanics and lgbtq as a recognized and protected group within the Murican umbrella.

In other words, they see surrender as victory.

When you encounter these “white nationalist” Trump supporters ask them this question:

Since White Nationalists recognize America as an enemy and ultimately seek a weakened, dysfunctional, America, from which we plan to seize several states from (and perhaps a province or two from the Canadian government)  by hook or crook -and facilitate a mass exodus of our people out of America and out of Canada and into that seized territory -how does supporting Trump’s Make America Great Again Project help that cause?


Friday, November 16, 2018

The Problem With Information Warfare...

Is that, generally speaking, the right have no info-weapons of their own. And they’re always on the defense.

The right is constantly trying to wield other people’s sources as their own offense-by-way-of-defense instrument.

That’s like asking the army you’re fighting against if you can borrow their tanks for a few minutes.

Ultimately you have to ask yourself if you are really fighting over the same thing that the other side is fighting over.

Do you really, actually, want the piece of ground that swamp is on?


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

“You’re Anti-Trump!”...

No, I’m not.

I’m anti-Trump boot lickers.

Trump is what he is -a self-serving businessman.

And ambitious businessmen are like ambitious lawyers -a plague.

But they are what they are. You recognize them and then you avoid them.

Most sane people know this.

But Trump boot-lickers do not, unfortunately......and comically.

White nationalists who support Trump do so because of a misguided support of America.


Trump declares himself a nationalist and faux White Nationalists cheer.

And yet what is the nation to which Trump is expressing his nationalist support of?

The word nation means ethnic group. Nation is a particular people, not a place or form of government.

America has never had an official ethnicity.

America has never had an official religion.

America has never had an official language.




And that’s revealing since America was created on paper in the 1770s-1780s.

The creators of America took the time to enumerate the “rights” they wanted for themselves and their private businesses, but they neglected to define who and what were to be American.

The United States is not a nation.

It’s an anti-nation.

It’s a generic, prefabricated, mock-up of an actual nation.

So you cannot be nationalistic towards something that is, by its nature, in opposition to nations.

America, like Trump is a self-serving, artificial, construct.

Getting emotionally involved with either is a mistake and a waste of time.

Once more,

let go of America.

It’s not your friend.

It’s not any one's friend.

Try to form a tribe where you are in the real world.

That will be your nation.

America will continue to morph and mutate and dissipate.

It’s destroying itself.

Let it.

Don’t attach yourself emotionally to such a thing.


Caravans, Elections, Russian Collusion...

Point 1. 

Folks, law is not black and white.

 It’s gray.

And it's a tool to enforce a particular worldview.

Deny it. Go ahead.

Reality is a bitch, though.

Point 2. 

There are no Good Guys and Bad Guys.

There are only sides.

One side will win and the other will be ground into the dirt.

Do you have a side? Or are you desperately trying to cling to fuzzy, delusional, universal notions of “right and wrong”?

(what is wrong for some is right for others)

Again, deny it all you like.

Reality IS a bitch with razor sharp fangs and she bites.

Point 3.

“Ought” is subjective.

What “ought” to be done depends on your perspective and circumstance. Which is to say, it depends on which side you are on.

Dear conservatives,

Are you really trying to object to globalism and a world without borders with appeals to objective, universally applicable, standards of right and wrong?

If you believe race, ethnicity, gender, etc don’t matter then that belief will manifest in the real world with race-mixing, transgenderism and open borders.

You want to find the evil globalists pulling the strings behind the curtain?

Go look in the mirror.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Slightly Right of Far Left...

The irony of seeing so-called conservatives lamenting that their conservative woman candidate lost to a liberal woman candidate is revealing.

Dear conservatives,

women should not be holding any office. Period.

Women SHOULD be at home raising children and helping with grand-children.

Equality, gender, racial, religious, etc, is a far-leftist concept.

Men and women are not equal.

The American way of life is not a good thing.

America is not a good thing.

You are doing nothing more than voting for the most conservative Marxist.

Good luck with that.

For the non-delusional out there,

keep prepping. Keep paying out of debt.

Keep learning to sustain yourself outside of the American System.

Form a tribe.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Definition Of A Booming Economy...

A “booming economy” is where international corporations are allowed to use your home town/county/state like a cheap whore for the night and then toss them in the gutter when they’re done.

In this analogy,

manufacturers are the John.

You are the whore.

Donald Trump is your pimp.



Thursday, November 8, 2018

How A Good Economy Hurts Us...

1. Whites are a minority in a country of 360 million people.

2. Cheap gas and an interstate system that stretches across the continent are the rule of the day.

When the economy is booming in a society such as Murica, people move about and are sifted.

What few remaining pockets of White majority communities were left are being destroyed by an outflow of those looking for “better” jobs and an inflow of non-Whites pursuing local jobs.

It’s that simple.

Again -Whites are less than 50% of the population in a society with lots of roads, cheap gas and laws that forbid communities from restricting who can live there.

And spare me this unbelievably asinine argument that a better economy means Whites will have more babies.

The US economy has been on steroids for the past 70 years.

For seven decades Americans have lived like gods, with unprecedented personal wealth and unprecedented access to goods, services and medicines that no potentate in history had access to.

And all during this golden age of peace, prosperity and luxury, White birthrates declined.

If you are under 100 years of age the economy has never been bad in your entire life.

You’ve been spoiled to death.

FACT: poor people have big families. Rich people have small families.

FACT: a manufacturing/buying and selling of goods based system (aka jobs) is not the only option.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018


So, dear Murican, what now, sans House control?

Many people expect more Russian collusion investigations.


Mueller may very well give the dems a present before Christmas.

But I would look for some “fake news” hearings which will be used for more censoring on the internet.

That will be one of the new House’s major goals: a complete purging of all non-kosher conservative voices from (not just social media, but) the internet completely.

And you can expect the GOP to support such a move. The RINO’s won’t forget being called “cucks” and other such taunts and will relish the opportunity to crush all those of the “new right” who opposed them and thus distance themselves from the “racist” and uneducated hicks, who’s demographic free-fall makes them irrelevant in the long term anyway.

Remember, the liberals don’t believe their own bullshit. The Republicans, on the other hand, believe all of the left’s ideological bullshit with a religious fervor.

What the left regained was a more assertive place on the platform of power.

And just remember that for the past two years they have been at a complete disadvantage. Now they have more power than before and a Republican filled Senate that is terrified of them and hates their own President.

And yes, 10,000 to 15,000 illegals will continue to pour across the border every single week.

And yes, neither Trump nor the democrats will talk about immigration, illegal or otherwise -because Trump doesn’t give a shit and only uses it to prod votes from his supporters for elections and the left knows that the demographic shift will forever enshrine them in power eventually.

One last thing, watch for the alt-right to fade away.

Not only because the internet will be severely restricted and controlled, but because the alt-right was always comprised of opportunists and trolls.

Immature, time wasting, “memes” and t-shirt sales by hucksters will be one of the alt-rights legacy.

The alt-rights other legacy will be the complete destruction of White Nationalism and the presence on the internet of pro-White Communities.

Every single person who put themselves out there as alt-right proponents were con artists. EVERY SINGLE ONE. (and yes I know that by writing that I've forever burned bridges with some people who were once close to me and helped with this blog. So be it. Truth is truth.)

The Alt-Right was always a jewish movement.

Its crudeness. Its crass trolling. Its allying with non-Whites, homosexuals and the like should have sent up some flashing red lights, but the hype over MAGA hit all the right emotional buttons and the warning signs were ignored.

Enjoy your t-shirts, coffee cups and comic books. That’s all you got out of Pepe and MAGA.

The real world around you continues its nightmarish transformation.

Get off the grid!

Get off the net.

Organize in the real world.

Form a tribe.


Who’s Paying For The Illegals?...

You are.

Keeping working hard!

Thousands of 30 year old Pedro’s cross the border every week and the government gives them free food, housing and medical care.

Keep working hard!

Black and Hispanic women have incredibly high numbers of tax payer funded abortions.

Keep working hard!

The US military has hundreds of tax payer funded military bases all over the world to protect the interests of globalist bankers and internationalist corporations.

Keep working hard!

Tax payer funded public schools are busy teaching your children the values of Marxism and the sacredness of homosexuality and crossdressing.

Keep working hard!

Keep that economy booming!!!!

Keep financing your enemies and subsidizing their plan to enslave you and your family.

Keep working hard!

Keep voting!

Jobs are the most important thing!

The Stock Market is the most important thing!

Tax breaks are the most important thing!

MAGA is the most important thing!

There are no other options!

There is only one kind of system!

There is only capitalism or marxism!

There is only democrat or republican!

Watch more television!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018


You’re voting for who gets to play referee in a rigged game.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Alternative Management Is Not The Point...

The internet may have provided the alt-media a chance to express its quasi-alternative views (most alt-sites simply react to daily mainstream media talking points).

Yet, the internet is a tool that functions towards one end -the breaking down of borders and cultures and the creation of a monolithic media for the whole globe.

Pre-motion picture and TV,  White Americans were divided by regions with distinct cultures and had little in common.

Three things destroyed that America,

The Interstate Highway System.

The American Dream propaganda, which led to jobs chasing from state to state in pursuit of modern conveniences via “better paying jobs” -and thus broke up regional homogeneity.

Mass Media through radio, print, film and TV.

All three things served to assimilate disparate regional peoples and cultures into a single mass culture based around consumption of goods and entertainment-media.

This process is already well underway on a global scale, via ever-cheapening and increasingly available international travel, US dominance of the global economy and US dominance of media culture, via Hollywood.

It’s happening. Like it or not.

And the fact is, when you watch TV, you’re participating in the eradicating of borders and cultures.
Ditto when you listen to the radio or read a magazine.

When you contribute to content on forums, youtube podcasts, social media or just commenting on an old song in a comments section, you are participating in the eradicating of borders and cultures.

Because you are creating and partaking in the formulation of a new, and universally shared, language of touchstones.

You like some old rock song and go to youtube to listen to it. And there in the comments section are people from Japan, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and so on also enjoying it and expressing their appreciation with commonly recognized lingo that you too recognize, intellectually and emotionally.

The point is,

You cannot win by trying to take over this system to make it do what you want it to do.

Because this freaking thing is mostly organic. It’s a natural process. When you participate in it, you become it.

And ‘It’ is, by nature, global and fated to engulf all peoples into a single system.

The only real alternative will be an altogether alternative system -not simply alternative management of the current one.

How, when, where and what that will be is anybody’s guess.

But you can still try to live differently now.

Get out of debt.

Home school.

Turn off the tv. Stay away from the movies and the music.

And yes, ultimately, we need to cut the internet out too.

Form a tribe in the real world.


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Flares Above A Calm Sea...

If we were serious about survival. If we were honest about just how dire the situation is,

White Americans would, right now, in the middle of the night, quickly pack up and head for a particular state or two to make our last, desperate, stand.

We would literally leave our homes and most of our possessions behind -grab our families- and make a mad dash for a rallying point.

Right now.

That’s not hyperbole.

The situation is really, truly, that far gone.

This is not cowboys and indians or ‘Zulu’ where we’re defending our fort from an enemy “out there”.

No, this is a sinking ship scenario in which our ship hit an iceberg a long time ago. The stern is already completely under water and the ship is listing starboard about 45 degrees.

The music continues to play to keep the 2nd and 3rd class listless and docile  even as the richest have already filled the lifeboats and escaped.

And all throughout the ship voices can be heard declaring, “Relax. We are far from sinking. There is still hope."

We are, in truth, in a state of shock and unable to react to what has actually happened.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Military On The Border...

Enjoying the circus?

Around 14,000 illegals cross into the US every single week.

This “caravan” is a highly orchestrated, multi-million dollar, theatrical presentation.

And so Trump is countering it with his own multi-million dollar theatrical presentation -putting the military on the border and making a big media spectacle out of it.

Is that smart?

Meanwhile, 14,000 illegals will cross the border anyway this week -just as the did last week and just as they will next week.

And their disruptive presence aids the machinations of both the left and the right and the powers that they represent.

You are being had.

You are sheep watching a staged drama created by wolves.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

An Enemy So Small...

When I tell people I’m not voting because it will accomplish nothing, that always ask me, ‘then what is your solution’?

To which I respond by asking, ‘to which problem’?

The conversation quickly goes in the direction of the economy or the 2nd amendment or immigration, etc. But it always ends on the mountain of “muh rights”.

For example,

they want the 2nd amendment protected so that they can protect their homes and families,


shrug their shoulders on the issues of no-fault divorce, the role of women in the home, gay marriage, abortion, a hierarchical family structure and so on.

You know?

The very definition of what a home is is one they intentionally avoid considering, because to do so would reveal them to be a liberal too.

What if one of your kids wants to marry someone you don’t approve of? What if they want to pursue a career you don’t approve of? What if they want to change genders?

Can you exercise your God given authority to countermand their will?

Would you?

You can’t even rule your own household -nor can you actually own your own property, and yet you want Uncle Sam to give you permission to protect it?

You’re not allowed to even have a Home, nor do you really want to have a home in the true sense of the word, but you want the 2nd amendment to protect it?

That     is     insane. 

The full gravity of the societal breakdown continues to escape most conservative White Americans. 

We are at the 10th level of hell people.

And yet many are salivating at the prospect to see the democrats “go crazy” over a rearranging of the deck chairs on election day. 

What a tragically small and petty enemy so many people have created for themselves to distract attention from the wide scale societal destruction that they themselves continue to indulge and revel in. 

We’re not going to vote our way out of this folks. 

It’s too far gone. 

The forward deck went under water a long time ago. 

Right now the thing is snapping in two right in the middle. 

My solution?

Head for the life boats.


Monday, October 29, 2018

The Caravan Approaches...

You know this caravan cost about 25 million dollars to organize and finance right?

The images of the walking are staged for cameras. When the cameras stop rolling the “migrants”  get onto buses and ride.

Again, how much does it cost to feed 15,000 people a day -every day, for weeks?

Where is that money coming from?

Why is no one, even the President, asking that question in public?

Constant calamity not only legitimizes the power and necessity of the state, but the anxiety it engenders -and the solutions that it begs for- keeps people’s minds plugged into media 24 hours a day looking for resolutions.

You are being had


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Lament For A Company Town?...

So many people are weeping for the America that was.

But what they are weeping for is a Truman Show-esque, pre-fab, pre-planned imitation of a society.

None of it was organic.

The towns, the cities, the suburbs, the grids, the entertainment, the “culture”  -all of it was prefabricated crap created by corporations.

Crying over its loss is like crying over the demolition of an old saw mill.

American society has always been a synthesis of opportunistic merchants and a treasure-hunting worker class.

This is why nobody balks at the monstrous notion of a property tax. Nobody protests because we’re all migrants moving about for “better opportunities” and that chunk of land we pay taxes on can be sold at a profit.

It’s not permanent, in our eyes. What we call our home is nothing more than an investment. That's a sad and twisted way of perceiving life.

As I’ve asked before, how may of us are living in the town we grew up in -and that our parents and grand-parents grew up in?

Not many.

How many of us are living in 4,000 sq. ft. McMansions with just two kids - and dad and mom in a “retirement home”?

Far too many.

This is America. It’s what it is. It’s what its always been.

It’s why the most popular candidates in the last elections were a wealth redistributing socialist and a real estate mogul.

Let go of America.

It’s a giant company town. It’s always been that.

Pay out of debt. Build a small, cheap, house.

Get a milk cow, a pig and raise a vegetable garden, etc, for food.

Settle down permanently. Network with like-minded people. Barter and trade.

Build a tribe.

Want less and need less.


20th Century Coal Wars...

In the early 20th century there were three groups caught up in the whirlwind of the industrial way of life.

On one side was the coal companies, who wanted money and power and would do anything to get them.

On the other side was the unions, who wanted money and power and would do anything to get them.

And in the middle was the workers, who believed food grew in company stores.

Yeah, I know that’s not completely fair, but, it does get to the root of the overarching problem we face.

Life was tough in the coal mines and the company towns exploited the workers and their families - effectively enslaving them.

Meanwhile, there were hobos and “mountain people” who lived in shantys and crude cabins along creeks and on remote mountain tops and ate possum and skunk and dandelions and cattail roots and made their clothes out of flour sacks.

Both lifestyles were a choice -for the most part. Ethnic/cultural considerations played a part.

Nevertheless, it was a choice.

Just like our modern lifestyles are a choice -for the most part.

The miners were above hunting and eating possums and “grass”.

So they ate coal dust instead.

But they got a shabby proximity of civilization in the bargain -house, streets, law (ahem), stores, entertainment, etc.. A little city life in the wilderness.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You want a great economy and lots of jobs? Then be prepared to be a corporation’s slave.

You want technological advancements and luxury and convenience and comfort? Then expect to be ruled over by the corporations that will give them to you. Nothing is free.

You want a high standard of living? Be prepared to be flooded with migrants who will provide cheap labor to keep it all going.


You have to choose:

A technocratic multicultural police state that exploits and enslaves you.


Possum dinner in your shack in the woods.

Want less. Need less. Have less.

Want more -need more -get nothing.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Just Stop Worshiping Money...

That’s all I’m saying.

And yes, too many are doing just that.

Life (and society) is more complex than your personal economic circumstances.

People want too much.

They’re spoiled. And thus easily bribed with promises of comfort, convenience and luxury.

Learn to live with less.

Learn to be happy with less.

Find peace and contentedness in the simple things.

It makes all the difference.

The pursuit of money and power is a dog chasing its tail.

And get away from TV and social media and the rest of that brain-rot.


“Muh Tax Cuts!”...

Tell your friend he is a goddamn idiot.

The tax cuts are because of the trade war and the two cancel each other out.

That’s why he’s paying more for everything from materials for his business to food for his family.

If Trump wins the trade war the tax cuts disappear overnight.

And the manufacturing that has come back to the US has done so because Trump promised them your money and blood if they did so.

Do you understand the incentives used to bring them back?

You and your family are the collateral. Not only that, Trump promised these companies that they would have access to lots of cheap labor -so he will not deport the 40 million illegals here now and will, in fact, allow millions more to flood in.

Trump isn’t merely selling the rope that White Americans are hanging themselves with, he is loaning it to them one at a time.

Whites now look at Trump the way blacks looked at Obama.

And no facts will change their mind.

Get off the grid!

Pay out of debt.

Buy an old mobile home and few acres of land and an old car and build a cellar and learn to live like it's 1850 again because that's where we're headed.


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Plowshares Into Bone Saws...

A Saudi, who is reported to have had connections to the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood AND who worked for various CIA-backed newspapers, was murdered and chopped up with a bone saw by Saudi officials at a consulate in Turkey in broad daylight.

It was brazen. No attempt was made to conceal the deed.

And the world doesn’t care.

Saudi Arabia is signing big defense contracts with America, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, etc.

Big smiles all around.

We have entered a new era.

In times past such deeds were done in the shadows by third-party affiliates and then, hypocritically, denounced by governments.

No more.

Now cold blooded murder has come out of the closet. And no shame is attached to it.

Business is business.

And it’s telling to see how many people, on both sides of the political spectrum, are defending such a paradigm, assuming (I suppose) that it will never come back on themselves.

The first person to shrug if off and excuse it was Donald J. Trump. 

Yes, this sort of thing has always happened.

But now the taboo is gone.

Governments can now boldly murder people and then giggle about it afterwards in public with no fear of repercussions.

Law and Order have now officially broken down.

And you wonder why we are seeing brazen censorship and seem to have no borders?


The Bad Ass With The 401(k)...

Starting to see these types again.

They scurry in recession, but always come back out after.

You know -the “my business has never been better” types.

Guys who talk un-ironically about “my business” and “my 401(k)”.

Big house. Small family.

They equate being opportunistic backstabbing with working hard.

They believe strongly in things, buuuuuut “you gotta make deals sometimes”.

They abhor wealth redistribution but demand cheap gas and lifestyle convenience.

They love personal freedom and independence.......and vote for the guy who will most likely give them both.  Yeah.

Sure, they’re blow-hards. They tend to be doughy, lazy and prone to panic. Petty, but not spiteful.

When the going really does get tough they tend to end up slouched over in a room filled with carbon monoxide and a note containing a “sorry" that actually blames friends and family for letting them down.

If you run into one of these “my business has never been better” types, steer clear of them! They are more emotionally volatile and criminally minded than a gang-banger. Cowards who attack from the shadows.

Life is more than temporary financial gain.

If a person doesn’t understand that, then they’ve got a major malfunction in their programming.

The financially ambitious are psychopaths. Do not follow them.

Trust me. I've seen these types come and go over the decades. They are disloyal and treacherous to any person or cause.

On the other hand, the poor guy with the small old house, vegetable garden, old car and 5 kids  -that guy you can trust and rely on.


I Really, Really, Really...

Really don’t care what the latest drama on the interwebs is/are.

If there is a scandal, it’s not that social media is censoring people

it’s that people are using social media.

If you’re using social media -shame on you.

What is wrong with you?

Unless you’re housebound or a little old lady.

If you’ve been burned by social media censorship, congratulations -you’ve been given a crash course in Murican Society.

In Murica, people flock to whatever is new and shiny and convenient.

And then it enslaves them.

People once flocked to Sears for better options and lower prices, and, subsequently, drove the local mom & pop stores out of business.

Then along came Walmart, with more, cheaper, stuff, Sears is gone.

Now we all bitch about having to go to Walmart because A. It’s there. And B. It’s the only game in town.

The internet once had forums. And lots of search engines.

But Google was better and easier.

And who needs forums to gather and talk when you have Facebook and Twitter?

Lesson: Convenience has an expiration date.