Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Aristotle Was Not A Pagan Philosopher...

Because he was not a pagan.

Pagan: from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

“Pagans” were non-urban people.

They had neither organized society nor centralized governing. And they certainly had no categorized or articulated cosmology or philosophy.

Did they have cosmology and philosophy?

Not in the way we think of them.

Because Pagan also means “district limited by markers” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag -”to fix”.

A fixed place, in other words. Something rooted.

As opposed to cosmopolitan, which implies either implicitly or explicitly, rootlessness and universal.

The world of the Pagan does not extend beyond the country of their particular, specific, people. Their rivers, forests, lakes and mountains are all solid boundaries of their existence, physically and spiritually. Which is why they can never be truly universal, cosmopolitan or civilized.

Pagans have also been called (condescendingly by the urbanized) Provincial -having a provincial worldview, notion of culture, music, art and so on.

Provincial of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded

You can see how all this might make defining pagan cosmology and philosophy-there-of, difficult.

In other words, an outsider might observe the pagan’s culture, society, organization, religion and philosophy, and describe it.....but the Pagans themselves do not observe or reflect on those things and thus do not contemplate them, let alone describe them. Because the pagan world is not planned. 

Again, the problem there should be obvious for a cosmopolitan (a civilized man) attempting to assign urban categorization to people who have no such self-aware categories.

Aristotle was a city boy espousing an urban world view and ideology.
Just like monotheists.

Thus Aristotle (and Plato, et al) was not a pagan.


Monday, January 29, 2018

How To Achieve Your Goals...

Step 1: Plan an action.

Step 2: Then provoke a reaction from a designated foe.

Now you can justify your action (goal) based on their re-action.

Of course you have to look for weaknesses in your target. Things that you know will piss them off, or stir their sympathy or provoke outrage and cause them to react as you anticipate.


you’ve now had a crash course in US internal and external politics, foreign diplomacy, the banking system, police ethics, the court system and, most importantly, democracy.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

You Can’t Beat Them If You Are Them...

Globalism, aka,  a One World Order functions towards one overarching end goal......Personal Freedom.

Every individual man and woman being able to decide for themselves -to live as they choose, is what the project of a one world order is all about.

Do you support the notion of Personal Liberty and Personal Sovereignty?

If so, then you are a globalist.

If you value personal freedom, then you have no coherent argument against open border, mass migration/immigration, gay marriage, “gender fluidity” and so on, etc, etc.

Hierarchies cannot co-exist with equality.


Class cannot co-exist with equality.

Race cannot co-exist with equality.

Biologically determined genders cannot co-exist with equality.

Borders cannot co-exist with equality.

The Family, as a biological unit,  cannot co-exist with equality.

And equality, aka Personal Freedom, cannot exist without an all powerful, trans-national, government supporting and enforcing it.


Friday, January 26, 2018

In A Democracy...

The following is a point made by Christophe Buffin de Chosal in an interview he did that I came across on youtube.

How many elected officials -congress, governors, senators, presidents -have ever been held accountable for their disastrous policies after they’ve left office?


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Freedom Is Another Word For Gluttony...

Where Personal Freedom is enshrined, the only recognized authority is Force. 

Or as N.G. Davalia put it, "When hierarchies abdicate the appetites rule."


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Isis Are Dreamers Too...

Isis are

1. Undocumented Immigrants/Migrants living and traveling abroad.

2. Just Children. Yes, Isis are just kids ranging between the ages of 15 and 45. Just like the Dreamers lining up to come to America range between the ages of 15 and 45. Not kidding.

2. So strong because they are so diverse. Isis are from African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, Turkey and even east-Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. And diversity is a strength after all. That’s probably why they’ve been so successful!

3. Hard workers. You never see a member of Isis just lounging around. They’re always working and contributing.

4. Have old fashioned family values. One thing you can’t accuse Isis of, is being hipsters.

5. Visionaries. You always see Isis tearing down statues and symbols of the past to make way for the new, new, world that represents the new reality.

6. Economic Stimulators. In their new countries and abroad, they stimulate the economy via building projects, re-building projects and military payrolls. They’ve single-handedly kept Toyota afloat during the recession.

7. Dreamers! Yes, Isis are dreamers. They are young, racially diverse, stimulate the economy and are challenging the old ways of doing things.

Now granted, Isis are still not as progressive as America is. After all, Isis has yet to legalize abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality or dressing children up as drag queens. So Murica still has the edge on them.

But they’re dreaming!


Avenging Tradition...

Traditions are not concocted. They are organic. They grow naturally -like a tree.

Progressivism is ideological conquest and imperialism dressed up as technological advancement, all for the blessed sake of practicality and convenience.

And practicality and convenience are excuses used to cultivate apathy and dependency, all for the blessed sake of diversity, which always looks like homogeneous corporate culture. Funny that.

To the Modernist there is nothing more violent than saying, No. To not give your assent to their depravity makes you an oppressor. Which is why they hate tradition, as it restrains.

Interesting bit of history,

In pre-enlightenment Europe a Tyrant was not a ruler who denied the people their rights. A Tyrant was a ruler who denied God God’s rights.

But “we the people” did what satan couldn’t -we overthrew God and placed ourselves on the throne.

Now oppression is merely prohibition of any and all human appetites.

FYI....unrestrained appetites are always, ALWAYS, destructive.

“Freedom Loving People” are like arsonists running around burning down the forest to satiate their appetite for the exhilaration that comes from the liberty to destroy. They won’t stop until every last tree is turned to ash. And of course, by that point, they’ll have all choked to death on the fumes and smoke of the fires they fanned.

As for the rest of us....

You avenge a burned forest by planting a tree.

You avenge tradition in much the same way.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Response Culture...


Constructive vs. Exploitation

How much of the media cycle is response/reaction to (fill in the blank)?

How much of education is response/reaction to the past? (“They used to do A and that was bad”)

How much of movies/music/etc. are a response/reaction to yesterday’s fashions? -In fact, now that pop-culture no longer has any current moral institutions or people to rebel against, it must go back and attack/mock/re-write the past.

How many dramatic reaction shots are used as promos for movies, reality-TV and so on?

And the really sad question is, how much of the alternative media is monetized reaction to “outrage of the day”?


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Always Lie A Little...

Lies are never simple. They’re always complex.

Because people think a lie works best when it is layered and piled high and deep.

They believe that the more convoluted and complicated an “alternate truth”  is, the more difficult it is to unpack and see through.


Bullshiters always have a lot of details.

Truth (which is to say that which is real) never needs to be explained or defended.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Proposition Nation...

                                  ....Proposition Family.

It’s as simple as that.

A Nation is NOT a place.

A nation is an ethnic group -a biological family.

Again.....A Nation is NOT  a place. A nation is NOT a culture, creed, set of principles or form of government.

A nation is a race of people.

If you redefine what a nation is, you redefine what a family is.

Which is why America is the #1 promoter and financier of the normalization of homosexual “marriages”, drag queen children and “gender neutral” birth certificates all around the world.

But yeah, keep repeating those jingles -support “our” troops, give us your tired and weary...and USA! USA! USA! etc, ad infintium


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why Christianity is Dead, Dead...

Forget “faith” in the supernatural, Christians (all Christians) now lack conviction of even basic principles and philosophical worldviews.

For example,

How do you tolerate and understand and show compassion for something that is perverse?

For example: Some guy likes to walks around stabbing people, at random, with a rusty knife.1

This is not normal.

This is a perversion of normal.

So how do you show tolerance for this?

And remember, it is the act itself -not just the person, that is perverse. To show tolerance and understanding is to show it towards the act, not just the person doing it.

Things that are perverted are abnormal and thus destructive. Period.

There is no gradient to it.

Me thinks the Christians are full of shit hedonists masquerading as pragmatists.

1. note: a great many people would like to limit the use of perversion to abnormal sexuality, but the word has never been constrained to such a narrow usage. So if you're going to show tolerance, understanding and compassion for one perversion, then you must do so for all that falls under that


Friday, January 12, 2018

Perverts For Peace...

Or, Cursed Are The Peacemakers.

(Following from the last post)

Life, in particular and in general, is war. Be it the struggle between your immune system and the flu or between  tree roots and high winds or between you and time, life is war.

The desire for a life without conflict is akin to the desire for a life without exercise.

It may be nice to sit around in that big comfy recliner all day listening to your favorite music or reading your favorite book, but your muscles are deteriorating and your immune system begins to nod off.

A nice quiet life ends in the most terrible ways.

Peace-makers are always, ALWAYS, deviants.

Because to engage in unnatural deeds (and I don’t just mean sexual), one needs a certain amount of time, comfort and safety.

Or to put it another way, there are no perverts in foxholes.

And this goes back to the last post on “what works” and “being practical”.

Being practical is a perversion. It is a justification for seeking an easier life, which is not in the cards for you or anyone else. It’s unnatural.  It is, thus, a perversion.

For example, lot’s of people today are practical when it comes to the economy and family.

Big family =low standard of living, shithole neighborhoods and low quality of life.


Two kids + nice home = fucked up, broken apart, LGBTQ franken-families doped up on antidepressants and dumbed down on non-stop Roman Colosseum style mass media.

See how that works?

The only peace you can experience in this life comes by accepting that this life is constant war and struggle.

Which is to say, be at peace with the fact that you will be at war.

You can be absolutely certain of one thing: those who desire to “co-exist” and live a dignified life of peace and prosperity have some weird, sick, shit floating around in their minds.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

“Just See What Works”...

No. Please don’t follow that axiom.

Lot’s of things work.

Lot’s of things are practical.

The problem is, there are no solutions.

Life is, for every man, a series of problems -not “challenges”...PROBLEMS.

Insurmountable Problems.

That’s what life is.

So you can either find a path through the forest, or you can be practical and “see what works” and burn down the forest.

See that’s what looking for “what works” and “being practical” is, in practice. In a word, insanity.

Because, obviously, if you burn down the forest you have only created a variant of the problem which will multiply new problems even faster.

In other words, "being practical" is really about attempting to make things easier for your lazy-ass self.

But as your personal experiences in life are neither a novelty nor particularly substantial, seeking to
make things easier for yourself is an exercise in futility.

Again, life is problems with no solutions. That's what life is.

You hopelessly adapt, you pointlessly struggle and you desperately cling with your last ounce of strength till the bitter end, when you too will be swept away like dry leaf on a windy autumn day.

This is not pessimism or nihilism.

I’m describing the reality of our humble place upon this rock, in juxtaposition to the unfounded hubris that the fool entertains in himself.

There is, after all, nothing new under the sun.

And there are no solutions.

Be at peace with that and you’ll find peace within yourself.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

You Might Be The Illuminati If...

If you believe that your non-conformity to either traditional social standards or modern conventional narratives makes you somehow More Evolved or “awake” than the “sheep”.

That’s what separates the special assholes from the run-of-the-mill assholes.

It’s not that they think they are inherently better, it’s that they think that what they know makes them better, or, “more evolved”.

Call it Jethro Bodine Syndrome.

The desire to transcend the average is what makes some people really successful at being destructive.

You can see this in the followers of the one-god -they just know they’ve found THE truth and they are going to establish it’s reign over everybody else whether they like it or not. And to those ends millions will die and death and destruction will have their way.

You can also see it in the SJW’s and Progressives. They have the exact same mentality as religious zealots. They’re enlightened and they are chosen by fate to spread the flame of progress until the whole world is engulfed by literal flames.

And remember, Secret Societies function on the premise that they have a more advanced understanding and that their destiny is to guide destiny from a higher vantage point.

So when you talk about the illuminati, what you’re really talking about is delusional people high on narcissism. Which is about 50% of the population today. That's a lot of Illuminati!

Parable of the Grass,

Normal, Healthy Perspective: “I’m a blade of grass in this field of grass.”

Enlightened/aka, Insane Perspective: “I have seen the birds soar through the air and know that there is more to life than being a blade of grass. I too will transform from grass to a bird and fly through the heavens. I know not how it shall be done, but just speculating on the possibility is enough to make me more than a blade of grass.”


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vote, Buy & Die...

The rise of the merchant class culminated with The Black Death.

Trade ships and their owners -who were an increasingly powerful group of merchant families based originally in Italy- brought exotic products and diseases to the peoples of Europe.

About half of the population of the continent died as a result.


It was great time for new economic models!........once you factored in the tens of millions of dead people, of course.

And the upshot of the calamity caused by the Black Death was that the traditional pillars of society, the monarchy and the church, were badly, and permanently, crippled.


Such circumstances merely allow opportunity for the smart and ambitious!

Reformation and Revolutions followed and are still on a roll to this day.

And now we have democracy!

But, inequality -still. Gender, ethnic and racial. Bummer.

Sure, groups of people have never had LESS freedom (that would be discrimination), but individually, a man can live as he chooses -or as a woman!

It’s worth remembering that the great crime of the monarchies was not that they were tyrants, but that they stood in the way of commerce. Too old fashioned.

And that’s true today, even in the post-monarchy ruled world.

From Hitler to Kim Jong-un, what the merchants call “dictators” are all those who stand in the way of the progress of commerce.

The merchants have a model, a plan, and anyone who deviates from that or attempts to go their own way, is a tyrant..a dictator....a racist....a homophobe, etc.

The lesson learned from the Black Death was,

Personal freedom breeds external dependency = insatiable consumer.

The old farmer with 10 kids rarely went to a store.

But the freewheeling bachelor and strong independent gurl depend 100% upon a merchant ruled nanny state for their every want and need.

Interesting thing about democracy: the system and the people you are voting for have the power of life and death over you and everyone you know.

But we’re free and stuff!!!!   Yeah!!!!