Saturday, January 20, 2018

Avenging Tradition...

Traditions are not concocted. They are organic. They grow naturally -like a tree.

Progressivism is ideological conquest and imperialism dressed up as technological advancement, all for the blessed sake of practicality and convenience.

And practicality and convenience are excuses used to cultivate apathy and dependency, all for the blessed sake of diversity, which always looks like homogeneous corporate culture. Funny that.

To the Modernist there is nothing more violent than saying, No. To not give your assent to their depravity makes you an oppressor. Which is why they hate tradition, as it restrains.

Interesting bit of history,

In pre-enlightenment Europe a Tyrant was not a ruler who denied the people their rights. A Tyrant was a ruler who denied God God’s rights.

But “we the people” did what satan couldn’t -we overthrew God and placed ourselves on the throne.

Now oppression is merely prohibition of any and all human appetites.

FYI....unrestrained appetites are always, ALWAYS, destructive.

“Freedom Loving People” are like arsonists running around burning down the forest to satiate their appetite for the exhilaration that comes from the liberty to destroy. They won’t stop until every last tree is turned to ash. And of course, by that point, they’ll have all choked to death on the fumes and smoke of the fires they fanned.

As for the rest of us....

You avenge a burned forest by planting a tree.

You avenge tradition in much the same way.