Saturday, January 20, 2018

Isis Are Dreamers Too...

Isis are

1. Undocumented Immigrants/Migrants living and traveling abroad.

2. Just Children. Yes, Isis are just kids ranging between the ages of 15 and 45. Just like the Dreamers lining up to come to America range between the ages of 15 and 45. Not kidding.

2. So strong because they are so diverse. Isis are from African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, Turkey and even east-Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. And diversity is a strength after all. That’s probably why they’ve been so successful!

3. Hard workers. You never see a member of Isis just lounging around. They’re always working and contributing.

4. Have old fashioned family values. One thing you can’t accuse Isis of, is being hipsters.

5. Visionaries. You always see Isis tearing down statues and symbols of the past to make way for the new, new, world that represents the new reality.

6. Economic Stimulators. In their new countries and abroad, they stimulate the economy via building projects, re-building projects and military payrolls. They’ve single-handedly kept Toyota afloat during the recession.

7. Dreamers! Yes, Isis are dreamers. They are young, racially diverse, stimulate the economy and are challenging the old ways of doing things.

Now granted, Isis are still not as progressive as America is. After all, Isis has yet to legalize abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality or dressing children up as drag queens. So Murica still has the edge on them.

But they’re dreaming!