Thursday, January 11, 2018

“Just See What Works”...

No. Please don’t follow that axiom.

Lot’s of things work.

Lot’s of things are practical.

The problem is, there are no solutions.

Life is, for every man, a series of problems -not “challenges”...PROBLEMS.

Insurmountable Problems.

That’s what life is.

So you can either find a path through the forest, or you can be practical and “see what works” and burn down the forest.

See that’s what looking for “what works” and “being practical” is, in practice. In a word, insanity.

Because, obviously, if you burn down the forest you have only created a variant of the problem which will multiply new problems even faster.

In other words, "being practical" is really about attempting to make things easier for your lazy-ass self.

But as your personal experiences in life are neither a novelty nor particularly substantial, seeking to
make things easier for yourself is an exercise in futility.

Again, life is problems with no solutions. That's what life is.

You hopelessly adapt, you pointlessly struggle and you desperately cling with your last ounce of strength till the bitter end, when you too will be swept away like dry leaf on a windy autumn day.

This is not pessimism or nihilism.

I’m describing the reality of our humble place upon this rock, in juxtaposition to the unfounded hubris that the fool entertains in himself.

There is, after all, nothing new under the sun.

And there are no solutions.

Be at peace with that and you’ll find peace within yourself.