Friday, January 12, 2018

Perverts For Peace...

Or, Cursed Are The Peacemakers.

(Following from the last post)

Life, in particular and in general, is war. Be it the struggle between your immune system and the flu or between  tree roots and high winds or between you and time, life is war.

The desire for a life without conflict is akin to the desire for a life without exercise.

It may be nice to sit around in that big comfy recliner all day listening to your favorite music or reading your favorite book, but your muscles are deteriorating and your immune system begins to nod off.

A nice quiet life ends in the most terrible ways.

Peace-makers are always, ALWAYS, deviants.

Because to engage in unnatural deeds (and I don’t just mean sexual), one needs a certain amount of time, comfort and safety.

Or to put it another way, there are no perverts in foxholes.

And this goes back to the last post on “what works” and “being practical”.

Being practical is a perversion. It is a justification for seeking an easier life, which is not in the cards for you or anyone else. It’s unnatural.  It is, thus, a perversion.

For example, lot’s of people today are practical when it comes to the economy and family.

Big family =low standard of living, shithole neighborhoods and low quality of life.


Two kids + nice home = fucked up, broken apart, LGBTQ franken-families doped up on antidepressants and dumbed down on non-stop Roman Colosseum style mass media.

See how that works?

The only peace you can experience in this life comes by accepting that this life is constant war and struggle.

Which is to say, be at peace with the fact that you will be at war.

You can be absolutely certain of one thing: those who desire to “co-exist” and live a dignified life of peace and prosperity have some weird, sick, shit floating around in their minds.