Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vote, Buy & Die...

The rise of the merchant class culminated with The Black Death.

Trade ships and their owners -who were an increasingly powerful group of merchant families based originally in Italy- brought exotic products and diseases to the peoples of Europe.

About half of the population of the continent died as a result.


It was great time for new economic models!........once you factored in the tens of millions of dead people, of course.

And the upshot of the calamity caused by the Black Death was that the traditional pillars of society, the monarchy and the church, were badly, and permanently, crippled.


Such circumstances merely allow opportunity for the smart and ambitious!

Reformation and Revolutions followed and are still on a roll to this day.

And now we have democracy!

But, inequality -still. Gender, ethnic and racial. Bummer.

Sure, groups of people have never had LESS freedom (that would be discrimination), but individually, a man can live as he chooses -or as a woman!

It’s worth remembering that the great crime of the monarchies was not that they were tyrants, but that they stood in the way of commerce. Too old fashioned.

And that’s true today, even in the post-monarchy ruled world.

From Hitler to Kim Jong-un, what the merchants call “dictators” are all those who stand in the way of the progress of commerce.

The merchants have a model, a plan, and anyone who deviates from that or attempts to go their own way, is a tyrant..a dictator....a racist....a homophobe, etc.

The lesson learned from the Black Death was,

Personal freedom breeds external dependency = insatiable consumer.

The old farmer with 10 kids rarely went to a store.

But the freewheeling bachelor and strong independent gurl depend 100% upon a merchant ruled nanny state for their every want and need.

Interesting thing about democracy: the system and the people you are voting for have the power of life and death over you and everyone you know.

But we’re free and stuff!!!!   Yeah!!!!