Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why Christianity is Dead, Dead...

Forget “faith” in the supernatural, Christians (all Christians) now lack conviction of even basic principles and philosophical worldviews.

For example,

How do you tolerate and understand and show compassion for something that is perverse?

For example: Some guy likes to walks around stabbing people, at random, with a rusty knife.1

This is not normal.

This is a perversion of normal.

So how do you show tolerance for this?

And remember, it is the act itself -not just the person, that is perverse. To show tolerance and understanding is to show it towards the act, not just the person doing it.

Things that are perverted are abnormal and thus destructive. Period.

There is no gradient to it.

Me thinks the Christians are full of shit hedonists masquerading as pragmatists.

1. note: a great many people would like to limit the use of perversion to abnormal sexuality, but the word has never been constrained to such a narrow usage. So if you're going to show tolerance, understanding and compassion for one perversion, then you must do so for all that falls under that