Saturday, January 6, 2018

You Might Be The Illuminati If...

If you believe that your non-conformity to either traditional social standards or modern conventional narratives makes you somehow More Evolved or “awake” than the “sheep”.

That’s what separates the special assholes from the run-of-the-mill assholes.

It’s not that they think they are inherently better, it’s that they think that what they know makes them better, or, “more evolved”.

Call it Jethro Bodine Syndrome.

The desire to transcend the average is what makes some people really successful at being destructive.

You can see this in the followers of the one-god -they just know they’ve found THE truth and they are going to establish it’s reign over everybody else whether they like it or not. And to those ends millions will die and death and destruction will have their way.

You can also see it in the SJW’s and Progressives. They have the exact same mentality as religious zealots. They’re enlightened and they are chosen by fate to spread the flame of progress until the whole world is engulfed by literal flames.

And remember, Secret Societies function on the premise that they have a more advanced understanding and that their destiny is to guide destiny from a higher vantage point.

So when you talk about the illuminati, what you’re really talking about is delusional people high on narcissism. Which is about 50% of the population today. That's a lot of Illuminati!

Parable of the Grass,

Normal, Healthy Perspective: “I’m a blade of grass in this field of grass.”

Enlightened/aka, Insane Perspective: “I have seen the birds soar through the air and know that there is more to life than being a blade of grass. I too will transform from grass to a bird and fly through the heavens. I know not how it shall be done, but just speculating on the possibility is enough to make me more than a blade of grass.”