Monday, February 12, 2018

Between An Alt-Right & An SJW...

Look kids,


there is no such thing as progress.

There is no utopia.

There’s not going to be cyborgs. Okay!?

Take a deep breath.

This is where the SJW’s and Alt-Right reveal their common element: youth.

19th Century painter Thomas Cole created a series of paintings called ‘Voyage of Life’.

The second painting in the series is called, ‘Youth’, in which the subject is a young man who sees castles in the sky. It’s a stage of life we all go through. For a while we think anything is possible and that life is full of endless possibilities. We’re stupid.

The third part of the series is called ‘Manhood’ and shows the subject in fear and desperation as he encounters reality -the turbulent and uncertain waters of his life’s journey.

The final painting depicts him as an old man being led to heaven by an angel.

Technological progress is not a result of advancement.

Technological progress is a stage all civilizations go through.

It is a stage created by accumulation of shit loads of gold, via war, murder, slavery and general exploitation.

When the money dries up -and it will -we go right back to donkey drawn carts.

Older, wiser, men know they can exploit your naivety about reality. And you may suspect that you are being exploited, but your enthusiasm and naivety is a biological reality -like hunger -so no matter how much you know about it, it is still there to be exploited.

You can’t escape it. You can only outgrow it by growing older.

Life is brief. Life is simple. And life has not changed in 30,000 years. And it will not change in another 30,000 years.

We are born, eat, shit, re-produce, grow old and die.

That’s it.

No castles in the sky.

No cyborgs.

No equality.

No progress.

Today is no different than yesterday. And tomorrow is exactly the same.

Hope is an emotion that evil men manipulate.

Optimism is cowardice.

Be wise and keep your eyes to the ground in front of you.

Be prepared.

Live life.

Keep it simple.