Friday, February 23, 2018

"Don’t Blame The 2nd Amendment"...

"Blame the unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies for not doing what they were created to do....which is violate all the other amendments."

That’s the conservative response.

Conservatives are actually criticizing the completely unconstitutional FBI for not being an effective enough tool of an out of control totalitarian state.

Oh, and they’re also blaming the ineffectiveness of the Big Brother “school security” and local police.

Apparently, we need a bigger and better police state.

I guess that’s because conservatives are also too frightened to bring up the fact that public schools are now, as they always have been, a meat grinding factory that the state uses to take children from parents and away from family culture.

And conservatives are too frightened to bring up the media onslaught of attempting to normalize homosexuality and cross dressing and race mixing and all the other accoutrements of cultural marxism and globalism, and how that is destroying people’s spirits and minds.


This is what it has been since 1776.

Murica was founded by a bunch of oligarchs who were backed by international merchants.

It had no official race, ethnicity, language, religion or culture.

Sort of like Babylon, isn’t it?

“Personal Freesom” is the rallying cry.

And so Muricans celebrate the right of a man to call himself a woman but cry in outrage if a town declares itself White...or Anglo-Saxon....or Baptist -that’s discrimination.

Thus conservatives have no arguments.

All conservative arguments are liberal in nature.


The opposite of marxism and globalism is not Trump or Reagan or George Washington.

No, the opposite of marxism and globalism is Arminius and Queen Isabella.