Thursday, February 22, 2018

Form & Manner...

Have you ever, in your life, come across a single woman who exhibits, in any way, the mannered characteristics of the seductress or vixen of stage and cinema?

I don’t mean characterizing or role playing here.

I mean everyday natural form and manner, even in the bedroom.

No, you havn’t.

The makeup heavy, lingerie wearing, “sensually posing” characters of the musical/cabaret/moulin rouge presentations is not an over the top exaggeration of seductive women, or even hookers.

Theatrical/Media “Sexy” is presented in a form and exhibiting a manner that has no corollary among even the most randy of actual human females or their ready-for-action characteristics, period.

Or put another way, the music video slut is NOT an exaggeration of the real life slut because the real life slut has no semblance of the manner or form of the music video slut.

The media slut is not an exaggerated female as it has no link, what so ever, to actual, real sluts.

Even the most attractive of women participating in slut walks carry no resemblance whatsoever to the theatrical/media slut.

So what the hell is it?

And who created it?

It is interesting to note that the men currently claiming to be women present themselves in the fullness of “transition” by neither looking nor acting like an actual woman, but by dressing and mimicking the theatrical thing that is supposed to be an exaggerated representation of  a woman but which has no corollary in the real world.