Thursday, February 22, 2018

Media Induced Sensation...

I remember on September 11, 2001 somebody came and told me about the attacks and told me it was on TV.

I stopped my work and went in and saw a replay of the building falling.

I thought, ‘it‘s a crazy world’ and then went back to work.

You see I never have, nor never will, live in New York.

I know of no one who has or does.

And I didn’t own the buildings.

So why should I give it much thought?

Because it’s a human tragedy?

I know of lots of human tragedies locally -happening all the time.

People within my little corner of the world die every day. A lot of them I don’t know and never met and so their death doesn’t impact or bother me in the least.

When someone I know dies it does impact or bother me, in varying degrees -feelings that range from being heart broken to thinking, good riddance.

It is unnatural to be distraught and have your thoughts filled with an event that does not immediately impact you.

Empathy is no excuse, because in reality

even when it does impact you directly, you’re over it in a few days -a couple weeks at the most.

Life goes on.

That’s reality.

The world keeps right on spinning round and round.

Media is theater.

It takes real things and turns them into generic pretenses for the purpose of manipulating the audiences emotions.

And having your emotions manipulated can be a very addictive drug.

Today the world is nothing but theatre.

You are either on stage or in the audience.

Be it in front of your tv, in school, in church or at the movies, you are spending far too much of your time in front of some sort of stage.

We might amend Shakespeare’s take on it to read,

‘All the worlds a stage, and 99.9% of us are in the audience.’