Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Commies Will Win...

Under the current paradigm. 

It’s simple: Once industry and technology become the structure of society, Marxism is inevitable.

The Working Class is NOT a traditional class or social structure. There was no working class prior to the industrial revolution.

And the industrial revolution is the social restructuring upon which Marxism gestated.

Working class refers exclusively to factory workers, both in the old and modern sense.

A bit of history,

The Bolsheviks in Russia targeted the working class with Marxist propaganda and activism, but they didn’t bother with the peasants.

Because the peasants of Russia had a pre-industrial sub-society and culture. They were farmers. No factories. No mills. No electricity, etc.

There were no “workers” among the millions of peasants, just farmers -as they were living an agrarian life and in an agrarian culture.

No factories = no communism, globalism and so on. This is why the third world is targeted for “progress” as Marxist ideals cannot take root unless every man and woman is turned into a worker.

So the Soviets (aka, the working class and the intelligentsia) simply mass murdered millions of peasants, directly and through seizing farms and produce and causing an artificial famine.

I point all this out to make the obvious point. Which is, every American is a “worker”. Thus every American is a Marxist to one degree or another. It’s just a question of degrees.

This is why the left is predominant. It’s their world, based on their ideology and rooted in their socially-engineered construct.

Conservatives are nothing more than the right wing of post-industrial Marxism.

You want to defeat the commies?

Shut down the power grids, close the shops, destroy the factories....

Oops, I suddenly hear crickets.