Sunday, February 18, 2018

Understanding The Plan pt. II...

Trump fans are claiming that the the most recent indictments are vindication of Trump.

The Powers That Be are not operating in that sort of paradigm.

Back in 2001, immediately after the twin towers fell, vice President Dick Cheney was asked if Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the events.

Cheney answered in a firm and absolute no almost before the question got past the lips of the interviewer. Afghanistan was the immediate target.

A year later a large portion of the public was suddenly under the firm impression that Saddam and Iraq were (in some way) behind the attacks of 911 and therefore supported the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

First no.
Then yes. Or at least, maybe.

This is a classic tactic. You deny it at first so that you can be all shocked and “saddened” later when the evidence forces you to affirm.

This way it looks less like a planned agenda. And it works.

There were no Americans named in the 13 indictments.

But how much you wanna bet a month or two from now Americans WILL be indicted for interfering in the elections?

Hey, it’s just where the ongoing investigation led.

And if you cast a large enough net you can catch anybody. Six degrees of separation sort of thing.

But what about Nunes and the memos and OIG report?


the RINO’s want Trump out.

The memo’s and the OIG are meant to embarrass the Democrats for the mid terms and bargain the Deep State back over to the other side of the aisle. Nothing more.

The GOP sees the opportunity as follows: the bad ol’ democrats take down Trump, legally. But hey, he made his own bed so boo hoo. But the good ol’ republicans take the lefties to the woodshed on their misuse of the FBI and State Department.


Democrats sidelined for an election cycle.
Trump removed from the Whitehouse.
GOP RINOs reign victoriously.

This is why Trey Gowdy said the memo had nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation.
It doesn’t.

The GOP -Nunes, Grassley, Graham, Gowdey, Sessions- are downright giddy at the prospects of the dems taking down Trump via Mueller.

What Nunes, Grassley, Sessions et al are working on, is the breaking down of the Democrat-dominated FBI and State Department.

If all goes well, Trump will be impeached and the FBI (and Deep State) will become exclusive tools of the GOP at right around the same time period.

There is no investigation.

There is a coup in progress.

The investigation is theater to justify the coup.

All the GOP are doing it trying to leverage their own position for the aftermath.

Could the coup fail?


But the above scenario appears to be the plan in progress.