Saturday, February 17, 2018

“We” Hold These truths...But Who Is “We”?

Freemasonic egalitarian ideas are so “self evidently” true that secret societies had to be formed to perpetuate them.

And then they organized and financed violent mobs to overthrow and murder the monarchs and priests by conspiring in secret and operating from the darkest of shadows.

Then they used an endless stream of propaganda to cover up/excuse their crimes.

Not to mention that “we” now tolerate open borders, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism and god knows what’s next, via judicial judges that were appointed, not elected.

Self-evident my ass.

It’s been less than 250 years since the American and French Revolutions and the enshrinement of freedom and equality by “we”.

"We" are called the Deep State today.


take a good long look around you and ask yourself if the rest of us share in the victory of this revolution, or if we are its victims.