Sunday, March 25, 2018

Re-Up (Affirmation Consultation)...

Liberals, Conservative, Libertarians, Social Justice Warriors, Missionaries, Etc,

Where do they come from?

What drives them?

Who cares.

But they are all of the same vine in one way: the need to have their beliefs affirmed by other people.

Whether it’s social justice warriors, new atheists or bible thumpers, they just can’t be content in themselves with what they assert. They have to find the nearest soap box.

That’s because they “lack faith” in what they preach.

Case in point: the other day I found myself conversing with one of the Brides of Christ and he-she (it was a man, but he is a bride of jesus, so...) attempted to go all C.S. Lewis,

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Do you believe in God?’

Me: ‘No’.

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Why not?’

Me: ‘Gut Instinct’.

He-she dropped the matter. It was an insurmountable brick wall for a member of the harem of Jesus.

But it also works for the other ideologues.

It’s a devastating blow to the presuppositions of post-enlightenment nut-cases, but logic and reason not only do not factor into how people live their lives, it also does not persuade people to “change their minds” on anything.

People are driven by instinct: Hunger, Desire, Need & Want. Emotions such as love and hate are utilized by instinct for function -which is why they come and go, based on Needs and Wants.

Logic and Reason are used and applied in much the same way. The use of them is driven by Gut Instinct and applied wildly as befits hunger, desire need or want.

You can make special appeals to “muh jesus” or “muh science” all day long, but the reason you are even making the appeal is your own personal hunger, desire, need or want.

“Just Because” is, actually, the most honest answer to the challenge of “why”.

People believe in something or disbelieve in something on gut instinct alone.

Evidence is not applied to appeal to reason to persuade. Evidence is a crude weapon you wield when your gut shouts, “Charrrrrrrge!”