Thursday, March 8, 2018

They Aren’t Working With Them. They Just Are...

We all know who (((they))) are. That semitic tribe who’s hatred of Europeans knows no bounds...nor constraints. And the list of crimes they’ve committed grows ever longer by the year.

But what about Them?

Them are the ideologues of The West.

Some of us have, in the past, referred to The West as though it were synonymous with Whites and our way of life.

But to many, ‘The West’ is an ever evolving, ever expanding, project representing objective and inevitable progress from ignorance and primitivism.

For these people, The West is the vanguard of progress, rather than one of many different ways of living.

This mentality was inherited from the Roman Empire who, in imitation of the Greeks, declared all those not within the empire to be barbarians and savages. Uncivilized, in other words.

And this worldview was passed down to Christendom where all those who would not bend a knee to Christ (usually rural people) were deemed pagans and heathens. Uncivilized, in other words.

Today, this worldview is seen among the fey, decadent, rulers of “the west” who view as unsophisticated and uneducated hicks any and all who do not abide by their cosmopolitan code of ethics, such as they are.

The elite of the West want to impose a monolithic political and social culture upon the entire world, because it’s civilized and in opposition to ignorance and backwardness.

Coincidentally, jews just happen to believe they are ordained by their god to rule over the whole world.

So the rulers of the west are working to bring about the infrastructure that the jews will then be able to utilize to rule.

Is this evidence of a vast conspiracy or of convergence of disparate goals?

As I’ve said elsewhere,  White people have an unhealthy need to have their notions validated by other people.

From supposed satanists turning to Jesus, to dictatorships becoming democracies, White people convulse in relieved ecstasy at having their own ideas and beliefs confirmed by the actions of others. And they crumble into tears and scream at the heavens when others reject their ideas and beliefs.

This pathology has played a large part in not just the destruction of White people’s societies but other races’ cultures as well.

One might say that the ‘Two Towers’ of the Dark Lord are Rome and Jerusalem.