Wednesday, March 7, 2018

They Want To Divide Us?...

Conservatives like to claim that the left are trying to divide us.

Is this true?


It is the left that pushes for the end of borders, nations (ethnicities), religions and the family because those things are divisive.

It is the left that sought to decriminalize race mixing, homosexuality and cross dressing because to do so creates inequality and division.

The left’s entire purpose for existing is to unite all the world under one government, religion, culture, language and ethos.

Trying to divide us?  Please.

As I’ve said before, conservatives have no beliefs or principles of their own.

Conservative political and social language is derived entirely from Liberal language.

Because conservatives are the right wing and liberals are the left wing of the same hideous beast.

American conservatives in particular don't seem to realize how radically leftist they are.