Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Where's The Dissent?...

Church & State

The state licences churches.

The state licences and regulates the accreditation (and finances) of seminaries and Christian universities.

The state taxes churches (unless the church is granted corporate tax exemption by the state).

There is not a single aspect of churches that is not regulated by the state. From building codes to marriage officiations to funeral arrangements, the state rules the churches.

And, strangely enough, there is not one issue upon which the churches dissent from the state.

Imagine that!

From abortion to gay marriage the churches support, 100%, the state mandates.

Of course the churches hide behind the claim that abortion and gay marriage are individual choices

and yet

it was the state that legalized, endorsed and codified both.

Without state recognition and protection, abortion and gay marriage would not be possible without sever recrimination and punishments.

And yeah, I know Christians will parrot the question-that’s-not-a-question talking point of, “is it the churches duty to get into politics or save souls?”

The problem is that those “saved souls” are,

A. participating in abortion and gay marriage

B. financially or morally supporting abortion and gay marriage

C. remaining neutral about both

And all three options are sanctioned as acceptable positions by the state.

Imagine that!