Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Who Won WW II?...

You are living in the ARW, Allied Ruled World.

Like it?

For over seven decades we have been conditioned to sing the praises of the "good guys" defeat of the "bad guys".

The Third Reich, we are told, was the embodiment of evil and oppression; of tyranny and bigotry.

Yet for over six decades the children of the ARW, even as they sing the praises of the Allied defeat over the "evil" Nazis, have watched, as year after year, their freedoms have been taken away, their rights diminished, their nations bankrupted and dismantled and flooded with hordes of foreigners (who rape and murder people on their own streets), their culture attacked and derided, their numbers diminish and their hastening extinction celebrated as "diversity".

For 70+ years the peoples of the Allied Nations have been celebrating their own demise.


Who really won WWII?

And who really lost?