Sunday, April 22, 2018

Could War Break Out This Week?...

Do you know what happens when I use a header like that? Visits to the blog double or triple.

And if I post more frequently page views go up and stay up.

And if I post on topical, news-of-the-day, type of stories, page views go up and stay up.

That must be a powerful temptation to some bloggers and vloggers.

But the problem with being topical is that you feed the beast. Media dominates through saturation of its narrative. And its narrative is crafted by carefully selecting news stories to cover and thus make topical for Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom.

So when the alternative media picks up on official news stories of the day and comments on them, it only empowers the thing that it claims to be opposed to.

As long as we acknowledge the narrative crafted by the media, we’re doomed.

And as to the issue of impending war, have you seen what’s happening on the streets of the USA?

Violence is spreading like a wildfire. Protests and identity-riots are increasing. Robbery, assault, rape and murder are skyrocketing -even as the media hides them and most people are too busy reading about what’s going on in Syria to notice what’s happening right next to them.

Turn off your TV and stop reading “the news” and you’ll discover that your immediate surroundings either are, or are becoming, a war zone.