Saturday, April 21, 2018

In Spite Of Our Differences...

It’s always interesting to see how a diverse group of people can come together and become an amorphous blob that exists only to serve the mechanics of the corporate state.

You’ll notice people never come together for any other reason than to server a corporate state.

They all have the same sense of fashion. Even their anti-fashion is trendy.

They have the same New England schoolmarm lilt of speech, beginning ever sentence with, “so”.

Their political world-view is fundamentally monolithic, be they conservative or liberal.

Ditto their social world-view.

Their understanding of history is kosher.

Their knowledge of philosophy is based in and around current identity politics.

I could go on.

The point should be obvious.

It’s like feminism telling women that they can’t be truly free until they go to work for a corporation.

All hail the corporate-state.