Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tyrants & Heretics...

Did you know,

that heretic derives from the Greek hairetikós, which means able to choose?

A heretic is someone that has rejected natural authority and makes his own decisions about his life.

No bowing to hierarchy, parents, patriarchy or traditions. No, just you deciding how you will live “your own life”.

Freedom, as it is defined in America, is heresy.

Personal Liberty is not only heresy, it is also unreasonable, selfish, destructive -or in other words, insane.

Forget that the First Commandment forbids religious freedom and just consider that the enshrinement of the concept has, in practice, led to the death of religion.

Forget that marrying whom you please and moving from state to state in search of a better job destroys large scale extended family society and community structures and just consider that fact that the children born into such circumstances grow up atomized and willing to embrace multiculturalism, open borders and globalism.

I could go on.

Take a good long look around you.

Fat, stupid, self-absorbed and easily manipulated worker drones are everywhere.

Families are gone. Permanent, multi-generational communities are anathema. Christianity openly mocks and denigrates whats left of itself. Homosexuality is openly paraded around. Men are dressing like women and women are increasingly acting like brutish drunken sailors. The joint two party system ruling the land makes clear their contempt for those who vote for them and hordes of thridworlders are pouring in to rape, pillage and plunder what they can see is a dying ugly, bloated empire ripe for the picking.

In closing I would point out that in the middle ages a tyrant was defined as a ruler who rejected God’s law (traditions, hierarchy, nature) and did what seemed right in his own eyes.

One of the descriptors of the Anti-Christ in the bible is “the man of lawlessness”.

Which is to say, a man who is “able to choose”. He is a tyrant and he is lawless because he lives “his life” as he chooses and leads others to do so too.

Sound familiar?

Look in the mirror.