Saturday, April 28, 2018

Where Now Alt-Right?...

If the alt-right had a function in 2013-2016, it was punching holes in The Narrative and showing that The Narrative is false and shaky.

Now What?

The Narrative is still out there -limping though it may be.

An alternative to the Narrative which simply parallels its structures is no real alternative.

In other words, running “our guy” for political office in the system type of activity isn’t really an alternative.

The system itself is that which needs an alternative -not its management.

The opposite of The Narrative (of The System) is to break it all down and break it apart.

To Tribalize, in other words.

The Tribalizing Movement.

Because The System, The Narrative, rules and subsists upon our willingness to huddle under its wing.

Look away from it and its power begins to diminish.

Walk away from it and it dies.

Is that a broad assertion?

Not really.

Even the most tyrannical dictatorships must ultimately play the whore to those whom it terrorizes.

Ironic, ain’t it?

You participate.

When you stop participating, it all falls down.

It dissipates like a puff of smoke in summer breeze.

Tribalizing is already underway.

The winds have shifted.

Let’s build our sails.....and our flags