Friday, April 27, 2018

Why Modern People Love Pets So Much...

Domestication: To tame (an animal), especially by generations of breeding, to live in close association with human beings as a pet or work animal and usually creating a dependency so that the animal loses its ability to live in the wild.


The dog or cat is made dependent and docile by having its needs provided for it without having to exert its instincts, which the pet owner interprets as affection. The pet gets food and shelter in exchange for suppressing its survival instincts, which is to hunt and compete for territory and mates.

The domesticated animal knows no competitor or threat. It views other animals gathered at the troth passively.

As such they tend to be fatter and with slower reflexes than their natural counterparts and are often de-clawed and de-fanged and neutered.

The domesticated animal is utterly helpless and, functionally, useless for all purposes save to amuse their masters.