Friday, April 20, 2018

You Can’t Bombadil Forever...

In Lord Of The Rings there was the mysterious, and seemingly god-like, figure of Tom Bombadil.

In the ever darkening world of Middle Earth, Tom and his wife Goldberry lived in an island of peace and tranquility where the forces of darkness dared not go.

Tom was “master”, you see. And the One Ring of power held no appeal (and thus no power) over him. He neither desired it nor did its power have any effect upon him.

There has been much debate over Tom. Some have even theorized that he was God incarnate in Middle Earth.

But this is missing the point entirely.

We learn from the wise Elves and Gandalf that Tom is “master” within the borders he has set for himself. And we also learn that if the whole world would fall to the powers of darkness, Tom would fall too.

Tom’s power, you see, was his aloofness. He and Goldberry had set up their own reality within the world and simply ignored the encroaching darkness.

In modern parlance, he and his wife sold the family home, bought an RV and travel the country in self-absorbed, self-centered bliss.

There are a lot of Bombadils out there today.

Today’s Bombadils have found ways to redefine their own existence so that they don’t see the encroaching darkness all round them. Or they find ways to dismiss the darkness as the mere shade of a passing cloud.

They may be happy and at peace for the time being, but the enemy will find them too, even if he finds them last.

There are indeed ways to redefine your own parameters so as to insulate your world from the real world.

But it won’t work forever.

You may not see the darkness, but the darkness sees you.