Monday, May 28, 2018

A Degree, But A Superstar In The Making...

Some people can survive college. They can emerge on the other side with principles intact.


The problem with higher education is that what it fundamentally does is teach you to market your education.

And yes, that’s a problem.

This is why those brave few who come out the other side okay still have that fallback-speech they lapse into when they begin telling you about a new idea they have to somehow make money off of the time they spent in college.

I don’t mean  a speech, I mean a way of speaking; the pitch of the voice -the news anchor cadence -the rolling deep tones which intone uncertainty and confident assertion in the same  frequency.

And their ideas about their forthcoming pursuit/dream/service are always extravagant and pragmatic is equal degree.

The experience of college has convinced them that there are now three new social classes,


And maybe that’s true within the current, predominant, social structure.

However it’s not a divinely ordained order. Nor is it universal.

It’s not even the point.

Generally speaking, higher education is for the purpose of fitting into a particular field.

Higher education is not meant to turn you into the agent/publicist of you own untapped talent and rising star appeal.

And that’s the problem.

A lot of well educated people are well educated in marketing themselves, not in filling a spot in the particular field they were educated in.

So when they fail to find a spot to put their degree to use they fall back on self-marketing 101.

It’s the slightly less glamorous equivalent of a has-been athlete doing commercials for some insurance company or something.

Selling yourself is not a good or honorable thing.

Life is not a talent show.
Life is not a runway.
Life is not the office of Louis B. Mayer in which you pitch your latest, shitty, desperate idea for a star-making vehicle for yourself.

Stop trying to “make it”.

Just get a freakin job!