Tuesday, May 8, 2018

About Tomorrow...

It’s hard to take serious anyone who is optimistic about tomorrow.

In case you didn’t know,

Tomorrow you will be older and one day closer to death.

Tomorrow you will be older and weaker -even with “keeping in shape”.

Tomorrow you will be older and thus sicker.

Tomorrow the chances that someone you love will be hurt or die, increases.

Tomorrow something you’ve known will be torn down.

Tomorrow something you’ve built will begin to fall into ruin.

I could go on, but.....

And this is all assuming that you’ve got a tomorrow.
We never know that for certain.

No, I’m not being “gloomy”.

This is about perspective.

The trajectory of your life is fixed. The end, known.

The cult of progress and advancement and “tomorrow” are cons perpetuated by corporations to sell you useless crap or politicians trying to justify their policies.

A man who does not look upon tomorrow with anxiety and trepidation is a damn fool, aka, a good consumer.

You plan for tomorrow in much the same way to prepare for war.