Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Are You Doing Your Part?...

Not that I’m an expert on this, but a little reading and research on the subject will allow anyone to glean a thumbnail.

A casting agent/and or director  doesn’t look for actors who are going to “get it”, in regards to a part in a movie. If an actor “gets it” then they overplay it.

No, what a casting agent/director does is look for an actor who will, unbeknownst to the actor, project qualities that the camera -and therefore the audience- will pick up on.

In other words the casting agent sees that this actor can project ‘asshole’. He’d be great at playing Friend #1 to the film’s antagonist -the sort of creep who hangs out with the jerk that is the story’s villain.

Of course the actor imagines himself to be the next Sean Connery, in terms of persona. But, no, he’s actually the next Billy Drago.

Similarly, you will often hear an actor who is being praised for their performance talking about how the director “got that out of me.”

What they mean is that, “I had no fucking idea what was happening and just trusted the director up to the point that if he told me to stand on my head I would’ve have done it. But when it was all edited together I looked like fucking Brando!”

It is never a helpful thing for the performer to “get it”.

The performer is Cast and then is Directed by people in a process who see the attributes they can project to an audience following an already written story.

The only people who “get it” are behind the camera. If they’re in front of the camera they mug.

I point all this out for an obvious reason.

We live in a society of round the clock media.

You are watching a movie every day of your life.

And when you are not looking at the screen you are talking to someone next to you about what is on the screen.

Politicians, Scientists, Doctors, Pop Stars, Authors, etc, etc,....

All who are shown on the screen have been cast for the part.

And those who cast them know what sort of persona they will project and what sort of emotional reactions it will get from the audience.

Now that we live in a time when “audience reaction shots” are part of the excitement and marketing, that means even you, the audience member, has a part to play.

You too have been cast.