Saturday, May 26, 2018

Defending Western Civilization?...

The fact is the only countries putting up any resistance to globalism are non-Western countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Russia -pretty much all of eastern Europe, aka non-Western counties.

Another interesting fact is that the resistance to the decadence and perversion of the globalists is found exclusively in the form of the singular, strong-man leader.

Democracies tend to become the playgrounds of Marxists, Homosexuals, Transvestites and worse. Which probably explains why Marxists, Homosexuals, Transvestites and worse have been the most ardent promoters of democracy and equality

Freedom and Equality allows perverts free reign to engage in their revolting acts without fear of prosecution or a guilty conscience. 

Western Civilization was created by two vile entities of the ancient world: the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church.

Both institutions were globalist. And both institutions were(are) known to be cess-pools of psychopathic  perverts and mass murderers.

Personally, I’m fighting for and defending Europeans and European-descended peoples, not one of their socio-political fashions.