Thursday, May 3, 2018

I Am Totem! Hear Me Patreon!...

Capitalism reaches its zenith and its nadir in prostitution. People selling themselves (a service) in exchange for money is the bedrock of economy.

The dividing line between slavery and employee is fuzzy,  to say the least. As is the line between hooker and employee.

However, the line between artist/entertainer and hooker is, well, non-existent.

Some artists draw in exchange for money. Some artists write in exchange for money. Some artists sing in exchange for money. Some artists dance in exchange for money. Some artists preach in exchange for money.

Some artists give blow jobs in exchange for money.

To be a successful artist you need to sell yourself. You must have a certain personality and the innate ability to exaggerate, or understate, its proportions at opportune moments.

In other words, you must be really good at manipulating your audience.

You give the audience what it wants, but only after teasing it to excite its expectations. You become their Elviseque totem.

Celebrity/artist/performer/preacher/entertainer = Prostitute.

The Internet, via social media, has allowed everyone to attain a modicum of totem-like celebrity AND to potentially earn an income off of it.

It was bad enough when people would sell their bodies to, say, contractors to build houses or something, but now there are people selling themselves towards no ends other than satiating  temporary sensation.

Oh wait....

It really is the oldest, and most enduring, profession, ain’t it?