Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Limitations Of Language...

Many questions have no linguistic resolution.

Language is a sufficient tool in around 10% of inquiries.

Experience, on the other hand, sufficiently answers 90% of your inquiries. (this is why youth is equated to ignorance. No words can explain, or attain to, most answers. Only the long, hard road of experience will suffice)

“What does it matter what race someone is?”

“What does it matter what someone’s sexual preferences are?”

“Why are borders important?”


Take away your luxuries. Take away your dependency on a system. Remove the safety nets you take for granted.

Struggle from day to day to acquire the basic necessities of existence and you will know the answer to these questions. 

The 20 year old loves science, or religion, because it posits an alternative to the hard, grueling strife of experience. Twenty-somethings love instant gratification and are easily manipulated by platitudes about how “we” are “smarter today” or some such syllogism. You never run out of ‘todays’ until you do.

This is why they become panicky snowflakes and crumble into despair, bitterness or hysteria when they finally encounter reality. They expect easy answers to their problems and find out the hard way that there aren’t any.

Only through the trials of life -which kicks the shit out of you for the whole trip- do you come to understand some of the answers.

And the real kicker is that the answers you discover don’t make it any easier.

Then one day you begin to clearly perceive death standing on the horizon. Suddenly you understand what your parents and grandparents truly meant when they would say, “if only I had more time.”

And that too is an answer which can not be explained with words. It can only be experienced.