Monday, May 14, 2018

Trump, Vikings, Jesse James, the KKK & 1776...

America was founded and created by people from around the North Sea: mainly England and Scotland, but also Holland and the northern states of what is today, Germany. (many of the so-called Irish are actually Scotch-Irish, which are people from southern-Scotland and northern-England who briefly settled in northern-Ireland before moving on to the New World).

Yes, French and Spanish ruled parts of the South and West were, unfortunately, absorbed later on by greedy merchants and their puppet politicians, but the critical phase of American identity was the first century of our history, 1607 to 1707.

Let me repeat, the key phase of American history is its first century of existence: 1607-1707.

And let me be specific: Americans are people descended, wholly, from English, Scottish, Dutch & German Protestant settlers who arrived in the New World between 1607 and 1707. If that isn’t you then you are an ethnic (a hyphenated American) citizen, not an American.

Other North Sea peoples came later and fit right in, but they are still Johnny-come-latelies.

Some might argue that there were Catholics in Maryland, but you’re missing the point. I’m not talking about zip-code identity. There were Indians here too, but they were Indians, not Americans.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, a nation is an ethnic group, not a place.

The Revolutionary War of 1776 came late in our history and most Americans were opposed to it.

In fact a very good case could be made that real Americans lost in that war. 1776 was a Merchant’s Coup against the American people.

Basically, 1776 was the East India Company as a land-based empire. Maybe this is why the US flag is a near exact replica of the East India Company Flag -with stars instead of St. George’s cross in the blue box.

Again, the majority of Americans were opposed to the Revolutionary War of 1776. This is most likely why no one wanted to claim authorship to the Declaration of Independence. Today, it is generally accepted that Jefferson wrote it. He hinted at it decades after the fact, but it is still not known for certain who the authors were. They were afraid to owe up to it because the average American despised the perpetrators of the Revolution for generations after it.

 The Civil War was (or became) an attempt to overthrow the yoke of oppression caused by 1776.

So yes, the Civil War was not a simple North vs. South conflict. A great many people in the north were sympathetic to the rebels and their cause, which was opposition to the ‘globalism’ ideology of the Seventy-Sixers and their ideological offspring who ruled out of D.C. and New York. It may not have been articulated in those terms at the time, but in retrospect that is indeed what it was.

The one percent who fostered 1776 ruled the north via industrialism, which blackened the skies of northern cities and herded children into their ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ to labor unto death, literally.
The South had its own one percent who imported Africans to labor in their more agrarian-based economy.

Whites didn’t benefit from the presence of African slaves. No, it drove down wages and pushed all but the richest one percent into the wilderness to scratch out an almost pre-historic level of subsistence. Exploration of the West was actually a flight to survive by dispossessed Southern Americans.

The wild and violent conflicts of the Old West of Jesse James and Billy the Kid was the result of ever expanding globalists snaking their way into the realms that previous generations of Whites had fled to, to escape globalism.

The outlaws of the Old West were the folk heroes of the common people because they were the despised (yet dashing) foes of the globalists, aka the one percent.

And the KKK?

A people with the power to rule over a society do no resort to the tactics of the original KKK. If the so-called W.A.S.P’s were in power they would have used the military openly to resolve their problems.

You’ll notice that the military was openly authorized by the United States Government to re-arrange and remove Indians. ‘Trail of Tears’ anyone?

No, the KKK was the result of the little people, Americans, fighting for survival against the Globalists, who were using everything from the U.S. military to freed African slaves to numerous immigrant groups (mostly Irish, Italian and German Catholics) to make war on them.

This is why the original KKK targeted mostly Whites (carpetbaggers). The blacks that were targeted were seen as the useful tools of the Globalists.

The original KKK was a manifestation of a last resort; a desperate fight for survival, not a representation of political and economic power.

The early 20th century version of the KKK became more of a social gathering centered mainly in the North (the midwest). Post WWII, the goofball incarnation of the KKK is comprised of drug addicts and runaways and seemingly run by the FBI and the ADL.

But the original KKK was a final, desperate push-back against the globalism of both Northern Industrialists and Southern Slavers, both of whom were driven by a universal mercantilist worldview. Today theses two globalist factions are importing Muslims and Mexicans for the same purposes.

In this sense the rise of the original KKK was similar to the Vikings, who are now thought to have been motivated to attack mainland Europe as a reaction to the expanding reach of Christendom.

And this is a historical pattern.

Those original North-Sea settlers were fleeing Europe to escape this growing Babylon. It might be dressed up as “religious freedom” but in truth it was more about the survival of their people, as a people, free from the universal machinery of globalism.

Before that came the Protestant Reformation, which was essentially a move by the North-Sea peoples to free themselves from the clutches of the global Catholic Roman Empire.

And before that you had the Saxons, led by Widukind, resisting the growing globalist-minded  Kingdom of the Franks.

And before that it was the Scandinavians resorting to Viking to push back against the encroaching universal “Kingdom of God’.

Going all the way back to antiquity, it is said (by Saxo Grammaticus, I think) that the North God, Odin, was in fact a powerful Chieftain who fled north from his black sea homeland to escape the growing realm of the Roman Empire.

We come now to the great irony of all this: President Trump.

These Americans, these descendants of the North Sea peoples, who have forever and anon been at war with the one-percent globalist merchant class have, overwhelmingly, chosen a one-percenter globalist merchant to be their spear-point in the fight against their enemy!

And as there is no place left to go to escape, we seem to have reached the final battle.

The analysis and potential historical ramifications of that would be a whole other thesis.

So, I’ll end here.