Thursday, May 10, 2018

Whites Now Less Than Half Of US Population...

 Whites, aka ‘non-hispanic white’, are officially estimated to be 61% of the US population as of 2016. So yes, it’s two years behind.

In 1965 Whites were 90% of the population.

But that 61% is (((official)))).

The census has two problems: it under counts illegals and it has a, ahem, rather liberal definition of White.

15 years ago The Heritage Foundation estimate that there were around 30 million illegals, where the us census put the number at 8 million. Most everyone agreed the former number was correct.

Today the actual number of illegals is probably around 50 million and growing as they continue to pour across the border -around 25,000 cross every week. And add to that those let in legally or as asylum seekers or refugees.

Officially the US is at 327 million. In reality it’s at about 360 million and rapidly headed for half a billion.

The US census counts north-Africans and west and central Asians as “white”.

That means Arabs, Turks, Jews, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Iranians, Libyans and others are added to the “non-hispanic white” count.

So yeah, you can subtract at least about 20 million “whites” from the actual White demographic.

So if you do the math, there are about 178 million actual White people in America vs. 182 million non-Whites. Non-White children outnumbered White children several years ago.

Which means Whites are 49% of the US population. Less than half.

But that’s not the end of it.

A significant portion of Whites are over 65.

And as Whites continue to refuse to have large families, the percentage of Whites will collapse to around 25% of the total population in the next 20 to 30 years.

Now you know why White monuments and statues are being torn down.

Now you know why streets and schools are being renamed.

Now you know why the American flag is no longer welcome at an increasing number of public venues and gatherings.

Just as Europeans didn’t become Comanche Indians, the new inhabitants of the land are going to transform it to fit their identity -their ideas of law, customs, norms, government and so on.

A nation is an ethnic group, not a place.